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  1. Once the middle of the pacific and going crazy with all the noise, I launched the tender with 300' line. Sat in it with a book and few beers watching her roll rail to rail.
  2. 48.6 123.4 Was in a boat house half hour before and then came out, the lack of light and cold was spooky. Had the welding helmet and pin holes working. What blew me away was the fuzzy shadows away from the intense light sector side, on the ground from a vehicle or tree.
  3. If its not floating the stern line fouls on all the shore boulders holding the vessel at bad angles and it chafes the line.
  4. Cowichan to port on this pic always has a kind warm breeze all summer.
  5. I put a couple dabs of sikaflex on the inside my small flush side cutters. It lets you one hand and hangs onto the zip tails.
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/cableporn/
  7. Wiring a canoe is complicated these days.
  8. Hi Robert F, lost your number and great to see that ugly mug of yours, Cheers. 'Trip'
  9. Those bull rails are everywhere.
  10. I had no idea there was an issue, thought my life was good till now. When wearing my wireless headphones while making popcorn in the microwave I get a background hiss.
  11. This is just fucking great, I now need to monitor two threads.
  12. Not even allowed below, what a rip off.
  13. thanks and you are correct.
  14. So just entered my dad into full time care. He has copd and dementia. It was a difficult week. He was a commander in the navy and spent many years in mexico on his vessel after retiring. He doesn't know who is son or wife is. I ran out of things to talk about with him and thought Remis would be a good story. I carefully recounted all of his epic voyages, it took 30 minutes. My dad sits up after I had finished and looks me in my eyes and says, " Is that guy crazy"