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  1. If someone gets a chance to demo one in 10-12kts breeze try the veal heel method upwind and let us know how it works - I pulled it off on the 100 and went from 1/2BL below the layline to 1/2BL above in 100yds or so.
  2. 100 should be way quicker around a course unless it's super light. More RM, more sail, more Spinnaker.
  3. Having sailed the 100(obviously much wider but a similar rig in some ways) I was barely hiking in 12-15 with an 8.4m2 sail - and I'm only 5'6" ~155. Even with the narrower beam of the Aero it's an incredibly tune-able rig. And with the light weight of the aero the boat will accelerate quicker rather than loading up and heeling over.
  4. Dampening. As mention earlier, unless the mount is dampened, it will continue to swing after the initial movement stops, and the effect on video is terrible. But as a $5 solution, why not try? exactly. And for a dampening solution to other ideas maybe a small amount of grease in the bearing/bushing - play with the weight(thickness of grease) enough and you can tune the dampening.
  5. Why not a sticky mount on the bottom of a gimbaled cup holder - the weight of the gopro should keep it fairly level, plus you have an extra cupholder. would work great on a stern pulpit.
  6. Makes sense. Reduces some of the shearing load you would see in that situation with a straight beam.
  7. Load of rubbish. Leaving aside the DOG matches, boats have only been accidentally dangerous previously. They are now dangerous by intent of the rule. I love the AC for the organisational/management side, the design and technology and the sailing skills - the danger detracts rather than adds to the spectacle for me. It is just as possible to have a high tech leading edge sailing race without risking the crew's life, and that would ultimately have been a better spectacle. I find the romanticisation of people risking and losing their lives for our entertainment and billionaires egos highly distasteful. It is the modern day equivalent of the gladiator games, and just as barbaric. Do you live in a bubble? Life is dangerous. All of these guys are far more likely to die in a car accident or get hit by a bus than because of one of these boats.
  8. Jesus christ it's like we're arguing about gun control around here. A carbon structure failed causing a death. Isn't the first time, won't be the last. Should they have done more testing after they heard cracking on the first tow test? Probably not a bad idea but I'm not writing the checks. Shit breaks, especially when you're on the bleeding edge of design and construction. Anyone remember Dan Wheldon? Another unfortunate incident but it's not like they stopped racing open cockpit/open wheel cars because of one death.
  9. Noticed that as well Those boards make some serious lift in the turns... but don't seem to make as much in a straight line. Anyone know why?
  10. Interesting flow on those upper fairing telltales.
  11. I think the general discussion before the Alinghi/Oracle fight was that a catamaran would be superior in light wings and a tri in harder wings. As the catamaran would sail on on one board in less wind than a tri. How much less wind do you want than what they sailed in? "Oh I'm sorry Ernie we designed your boat for 2 knots of breeze but unfortunately we had 8, so you lose. Better luck next time!"
  12. Thats a failure too.I mean how hard would it be to properly ban foiling? This hard: 'Daggerboards shall be straight along the main axis, shall have no additional appendages and shall be mounted with main axis no more than 10 degrees from vertical in any direction'. This presents an interesting exercise - you imply that it's easy to ban foiling, but I don't think your proposed rule achieves that. There's plenty of wiggle room: 1. Something can be straight about an axis in one plane and not about an axis in another plane - what is the 'main' axis? 2. Saying 'additional' appendages doesn't prevent integral appendages, where do you draw the line between that which is part of the original board and that which is additional? 3. Does it have to stay mounted in that condition at all times in operation? What about if I 'mount' it at 10 degrees and then cant my whole hull by 45 degrees? Maybe it should be, daggerboards: - Must be symmetrical about a single plane - Must pass through a rectangular slot as long as the maximum chord and as wide as the maximum thickness of the daggerboard - Must have their longest axis within 10 degrees of vertical at all times during which the boat is under sail, vertical being aligned to the gravitational force vector Feel free to poke holes in that suggestion.. Edit: I found several ways to poke holes in that myself, perhaps the best way to close it off would be to tighten up the slot test - "must pass through a rectangular slot... and as long as the length of the longest axis of the daggerboard" Under your proposed rule the board is illegal if the boat is heeled more than 10*, unless the trunk cants to stay within 10* of vertical(relative to gravity)
  13. Looks like a lot of rake to me.
  14. Just a question: why the max weight limit. I can understand the minimum but if anyone chooses to build heavier why not let them? righting moment.
  15. Here we are back at the same chase boat argument - is the problem HP or TQ at the crank or is it prop dimensions, bite, and efficiency? Would you rather have 3 350hp with no more than a 16 1/4" wheel or 1 big diesel making 350 hp with a 30+" wheel when trying to right a 72? If you just want to follow them around and get good pictures then by all means go for the triple 350s. I don't think the chase boat hp or how many newtons (fig or otherwise) you can pull is the issue. Wouldn't any competent ops guy want to have righted a boat successfully, even once, before pushing the limits in training? If you don't know how to get a boat upright without land involved then your options are don't capsize or tow it upside down. A rollover test might be good to add to the class. Competitors must demonstrate the ability to right a boat in order to measure in. That's a vendee rule isn't it? Unless you've got 30 boats on the line, you've got to keep boats in the regatta. Koukel Yes most of the round the world boats are required to self right as long as the keel is intact. And yes I agree. The issue is how do you practice a capsize without damaging anything?