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  1. WIRW 2017

    So why only 62 boats. It was a perfect week with excellent weather. No "bobbing", no race day delays and only one day without sun. In the past fifteen years I have seen the boat roster go from the 120's to just 62 this year. Its not the camping arrangements - they were reasonably priced. It's not the cost of the showers - they were free. It might be the lack of a hoist for the smaller boats. It might be the "sameness" of the event is getting old. Thoughts?
  2. Tacktic/Raymarine instruments

    The new instrument is installed and works. Yippee
  3. Tacktic/Raymarine instruments

    Just received a replacement instrument from RAYMARINE. Finger crossed it'll do all it's supposed to do. I'll try and install it this weekend.
  4. Tacktic/Raymarine instruments

    So a remarkable thing happened to-day, and it was totally out of the blue. I received a call from Defender who were interested in the outcome of my second instrument they had sent. When I told them that I had sent it back to RAYMARINE they said they would do the follow up to see what was the status of the instrument was. I gave them a tracking number - worry and consternation lifted from my hands. GOOD FOLLOW UP CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  5. Tacktic/Raymarine instruments

    I played looking for the g-spot and like many other g-spots I have tried to find it was illusive.
  6. Tacktic/Raymarine instruments

    Interesting turn of events. As I said in the previous posts the second instrument arrived from Defender. So this past Saturday I took the new instrument to the boat to join up with the three other existing micronet instruments. Opening the box everything looked perfectly new - pressed the power button and NOTHING. So for the second time in a row I received an instrument that did not work. So fast forward to to-day. I called Defender and had a very productive conversation considering that this was two bad instruments in a row, and they told me to call RAYMARINE and miracle upon miracle RAYMARINE answered. So they are now requesting the unit and are going to replace it. So I'm almost happy - may be comfortable would be a better word - both RAYMARINE and Defender are doing their best. So more to follow:
  7. Hand held vhf

    What predicated this string was the fact that my MC-35, was excellent, right up until it would not charge. It had been a good VHF up till now. So I started looking/thinking about a new one, but a clever friend told me to try cleaning the charging terminals that sit on the outside of the battery. So Isopropanol, q-tips and a little scrapping and now the battery is fully charged. I guess I'm part of the dumb-shit-society.
  8. Hand held vhf

    What are the best recommendations for a hand held VHF with max output power?
  9. Tacktic/Raymarine instruments

    I held the button for five seconds then ten. Both times nada, buttkis. I'm going to give it Monday outside to possible charge then I'm sending it back if it doesn't work.
  10. Tacktic/Raymarine instruments

    Bad news, the new instrument will not turn on. Now wtf do I do? Sat in the cabin with the other instruments turned on and this new thing just sat there doing nothing. I can't believe it is operator error, but it is twice now!!!
  11. Tacktic/Raymarine instruments

    The new instrument arrived. Good job Defender. Couple of days and I'll see if it works. Overall when I contacted the correct person this was not bad at all.
  12. Tacktic/Raymarine instruments

    You guessed it. Defender customer service person just sent me an email with the return shipping label. It was easy to communicate with them. The reason I did not get this label earlier was they had misspelled the email address. So I'll update when the return is in my hands - but so far so good. BZ to Defender.
  13. Tacktic/Raymarine instruments

    This is what I received .. Notice the different sequence in buttons. I called Defender today and they are waiting to see if the can accommodate a swop. Their return policy is 15 days, I went over but they are seeing what can be done.
  14. Tacktic/Raymarine instruments

    I agree - I'm going to return it.
  15. Tacktic/Raymarine instruments

    No sun right now. Snowing. I'm still confused by their product help line. I've called three days in a row and still no answer. Not to concerned about the button placement, more concerned about the dead battery issue. Past posts indicate that once these go they have limited reviveability. I have three other MN 100-2 and they all work as designed (excepting owner mistakes). I'm talking myself into sending this one back and asking for a replacement.