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  1. pa_ubach

    World Sailing Vote ... Proposal M36

    I'll place my bet here. Despite the sailing community is and will continue to be very reactionary, the proposal of a mixed one person dinghy event brings a fresh opportunity to offer a different way to gain audience. I certainly think the only sensible way to make a mixed one person dinghy event is in a relay format. It's the only way, a mixed team can compete as a team. Team racing is out of question for obvious reasons. And racing in separate fleets destroys the concept of the team. However, there is a good point in that this format undermines the possibility of the best sailors to win a medal, unless paired with an equally top sailor of the other gender. And right enough, while in other sports there are mixed events or relay events, or even two people team events (figure skating, tennis, swimming on track running), the competitors in these events do have the chance to compete for an individual medal. In my view, this is what will ultimately happen, but not for 2024. In my opinion, the Committee will not change the equipment for the Men and Women One Person Dinghy, yet. They will retain the Laser for yet one more cycle. They will agree on setting up a Mixed One Person Dinghy Event that will be spectacular, in a new relay racing format, with the men and women alternating in the racing order. Therefore taking turns for fighting at the start, but also showing off their ability to time well their relay start. And after 2024, and having proved the success of the formula and of the equipment selected (which will certainly be not the Finn) they will change the Men and Women One Person Dingy Equipment to the one used in the Mixed Event.
  2. pa_ubach

    GPS tracker for dinghy racing

    I use TRACE for tracking. It's the best for accuracy and frequency of data. I then analyze the GPX file using GPSailing, a free software that generates a lightweight video you can share with anyone.
  3. Option 3 can be solved using differential lift on the port and starbord halfs of the foil to compensate for transiently unbalanced heeling forces.
  4. pa_ubach

    Bora gulari nacra 17 incident

    I send you blessings Bora. I wish you a fast and full recovery.
  5. pa_ubach

    Bora gulari nacra 17 incident

    My thoughts go out for Bora. I hope he can recover his fingers. So far I detect 2 inconsistencies from the different sources: Did he wear full gloves and have the cut extremities remained in them so he may be lucky in the doctors can restate the fingers? Did he impact the rigging or the trailing edge of the foil?
  6. pa_ubach

    what is it?

    Customized gearbox for Comanche's custom made pedestals.