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  1. pa_ubach

    GPS tracker for dinghy racing

    I use TRACE for tracking. It's the best for accuracy and frequency of data. I then analyze the GPX file using GPSailing, a free software that generates a lightweight video you can share with anyone.
  2. Option 3 can be solved using differential lift on the port and starbord halfs of the foil to compensate for transiently unbalanced heeling forces.
  3. pa_ubach

    Bora gulari nacra 17 incident

    I send you blessings Bora. I wish you a fast and full recovery.
  4. pa_ubach

    Bora gulari nacra 17 incident

    My thoughts go out for Bora. I hope he can recover his fingers. So far I detect 2 inconsistencies from the different sources: Did he wear full gloves and have the cut extremities remained in them so he may be lucky in the doctors can restate the fingers? Did he impact the rigging or the trailing edge of the foil?
  5. pa_ubach

    what is it?

    Customized gearbox for Comanche's custom made pedestals.