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  1. Mike G

    Who would be worse?

    Worse according to? I'd treat people with dignity and respect. I'm not a bigot or a racist. I'd put America first, while also realizing our place in a global society. I'd invest in renewable fuels, and work towards cleaning the environment instead of sustaining dirty energy sources. And I'd make sure everybody had affordable health insurance. So according to many here, that would make me worse.
  2. Mike G

    Trump Right Now on TV

    He's New Yorkin' and extortin' You Trumpers own this fucker.
  3. Mike G

    Trump Right Now on TV

    Don't be a cutie pie, ok?
  4. Mike G

    Trump Right Now on TV

  5. Mike G

    I think I found the critical mass of stupid

    Do they have to take the beads off to put a ventilator on? Do pasties get in the way of an EKG?
  6. It's like the guys that continually root for a shitty football team. They know they suck, but they have the shirt and hat and sticker on their car.
  7. I think he must have used "retarded" previously, and it defaulted to that. It was probably more "predictive text" than autocorrect.
  8. Mike G

    Trump Right Now on TV

    Press the play button...
  9. His stock portfolio and election chances are the most important thing to him.
  10. I was into the "check on your elderly neighbors" thing, until I got knock on MY door. Somebody was checking on me.
  11. I'll get to the "do no harm" part right after I finish my workout in the gym.
  12. Watch people in the produce department. Grab a plastic bag....lick their fingers to get them sticky to open the clear plastic bag...then start feeling apples for a good one.