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  1. Great points. Isn't Cohen on the hook to prove Hannity was a client? Proof of payment? Or some sort of other "exchange" of services? Hannity's "I gave him 10 bucks" excuse is pretty transparent at this point.
  2. Will Cohen Flip?

    On Friday night Cohen said "Trump? Hardly know him. A coffee boy I think. A bit player as I remember."
  3. Comey's Book

    I don't need to read it. I will wait until I read a review that I agree with based on my preconceived opinion of all things political. Then I will parrot that belief giving the illusion that I've read the book and have come to those conclusions myself. #winning
  4. "Nah, nah,relax, you're not the target of our investigation" said every single person that is investigating somebody that can fire him.
  5. Will Cohen Flip?

    Just so you know, ANY of my friends can flip on me and I wouldn't go to jail.
  6. Drip Drip Drip

    It COULD be possible to come out like a shining start after working for Trump. Maybe. Nobody has yet. I think the taint of working for him will take it's toll on many of his picks. She HAS risen to the challenge, I feel. When she, in her own mind, starts thinking about a political future without Trump, we'll see more of her pushing back on his policies. How she deals with that storm will be her biggest test.
  7. https://twitter.com/brianklaas/status/985980626028388352
  8. So if Hannity denies he's a client of Cohen, then there's no attny/client rule regarding his interactions with Cohen. If he admits he's a client, he probably broke some "disclosure" rules with FOX by aggressively defending Cohen. I'm guessing the truth WILL come out at some point.
  9. I would think that FOX, always wanting to remain truthful and credible, might have preferred that Sean made that "full disclosure" statement before any Cohen news.
  10. How can Hannity have any credibility now since he did not disclose his relationship with the person he reports about?
  11. Bless his horny little heart.
  12. I'm no attorney...but... Wouldn't any evidence be thrown out IF it were determined to be attny/client protected? It would be a waste of time for Mueller to build a case using that evidence, as it would be tossed. Both parties know that, right?
  13. Melania can't be too happy about the newest news.