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  1. Mike G

    Dr. Atlas resigns

    He reached his death quota earlier than expected. Going out on top!
  2. Mike G

    Trump 2024?

    As long as he's running, any investigation into him or his business appears partisan.
  3. He was supposed to pardon a turkey, not a foreign agent FOR turkey.
  4. Is the pardon only for crimes he's been accused of? Or uncharged crimes as well? What happens to the ones that were dropped as part if his plea?
  5. It's impossible to have a conversation with somebody that's not honest.
  6. Mike G

    Biden Nominees

    I feel that the batshit-crazy constituents are under-represented in his picks. #sad
  7. Mike G

    Let the Bitch Burning begin.....

    The whole "elections have consequences" thing should AT LEAST mean he's not immune any longer. The proper agencies should look into and prosecute crimes that may or may not have been committed.
  8. Mike G

    Let the Bitch Burning begin.....

    Then it would happen again, but worse. If trump, and probably many more of the rich were scrutinized as much as the little guy, he never would have made it as far as he did. It needs to ALL be brought out in the open, and charges filed where appropriate.
  9. Making "molehills out of mountains" is about to become "making mountains out of molehills."
  10. Mike G

    Georgia Certifies Results.

    Sometimes things that seem like a good idea at the time don't work out that way.
  11. Mike G


    It's a CIA plot to corral all of the dangerous people into one handy-to-track area. In the name of freedum. Saves them time.
  12. Mike G

    Georgia Certifies Results.

    If I lived there, I would have a tough time deciding who to vote for. The ones that represent and stand behind trump and all his integrity and honesty, or the other ones. To send a message, I'd write in Mickey Mouse or something.
  13. Mike G

    Sidney Powell

    She should refuse to concede her position as his attorney.
  14. Mike G

    Sidney Powell

    He seems normal...
  15. Mike G

    Sidney Powell

    So is Hugo Chavez still guilty or what?