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  1. Mike G

    Kane West

    If they're blatantly mixing campaigns, couldn't Kanye's be considered part of the trump campaign as far as finances? And they must have very little respect for the black community to think that this would work. And why are they taking advantage of a bi-polar patsy like this?
  2. Mike G

    New York AG sues to dissolve the NRA

    Ahh. I get it. Let me edit it for you. That thing that's been used for years to dissolve dishonest companies is now a bad thing because I like the dishonest company. I got mixed up with issues facing other trump friends.
  3. Mike G

    New York AG sues to dissolve the NRA

    That thing that has been used for years to prosecute bad guys is now a bad thing because I like bad guys?
  4. Mike G

    Dinesh D’Souza

    He makes them feel O.K. with their own feelings. Much like religion, it's empowering to know that other people share the same disdain for "them"* *them being minorities, or the poor, or women or people from other parts of the world. Or those damn liberals.
  5. Mike G


    Rs are not negotiating in good faith so trump can save the day with swift decisive action. Everything he does is for ratings.
  6. Mike G

    The End of Jerry Falwell?

    Hes not at Liberty to reveal any more. Thank God.
  7. Mike G

    The End of Jerry Falwell?

    A fox vacation.
  8. Mike G


    Seems like pompeo knew...
  9. Mike G


    I think our posters here need to up their game stat! Here's how it's done guys...
  10. Mike G

    “God and Donald Trump.”

    Responding to trumps cheap shot.