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  1. Mike G

    Jim Acosta...out

    Trump is about ratings. He digs conflicts like this. White House Shore.
  2. Mike G

    Jim Acosta...out

    Acosta should have just gone out to his car and put on a different shirt.
  3. Mike G

    Twitterer in Chief

    He finally had somebody read him the Mueller questions. He's on a rant today.
  4. Mike G

    Jim Acosta...out

    Do they need a "Microphone" summit and become friends again? Over a beer? High road, I know.
  5. Mike G

    Dirty Socks

    I don't ignore a person's opinion. I'll certainly ignore an opinion of a person that has gone to great effort to disguise their opinion as original while suggestion that a fake person also has that opinion.
  6. Mike G

    Dirty Socks

    Really bad lighting. Bad photoshop work as well. Posing is poor. Not the usual quality you'd expect from playboy. She's doing her best, but the starboard one really just doesn't want to be there.
  7. Seems like mandatory tax returns would allow us common folk to see what kind of skin he had in what game.
  8. Nowadays, in this forum, it saves the stuff you wrote. So next time you want to comment, you have to "clear editor" to remove what you THOUGHT was a great response.
  9. Mike G

    they call it slightly drizzly Monday

    It must be quite a comfort to those soldiers that put their lives on the line in foreign countries, or the Mexican border, that if they DO happen do perish in the line of duty our president will, weather permitting, honor their sacrifice.
  10. Mike G

    Trump is losing it

    He is a disgusting, vile, bigoted ass that is presiding over our country in a time of good economy and low unemployment. This allows people that are OK with disgusting, vile, bigoted asses to support him by mentioning the economy and unemployment while not considering that it's possible to have a good economy and low unemployment WITHOUT being a disgusting, vile, bigoted ass.
  11. Mike G

    they call it slightly drizzly Monday

    He just went to meet with Putin. The other stuff was a distraction.
  12. Mike G

    Migrant Caravan

    I hope Soros didn't pay these "actors" in full. They've gone and R-U-N-N-O-F-T.
  13. Mike G

    they call it slightly drizzly Monday

    He only likes to be places where he's top dog, and everybody knows it. He took a hit with the elections, the press is finally starting to do their job and ask tough questions, and the furriners, who have ALWAYS been on to his bullying schtick, are not bowing to him like he wants. Remember he got laughed at not too long ago. He's a bullying coward that is an embarrassment to the USA, and SHOULD be an embarrassment to those who support him.
  14. Mike G

    Jim Acosta...out

    That's pretty amazing. Comparing a few-frame speed up to make a brush look like a karate chop without mentioning it, to a slow-mo replay during a sporting event. This is our White House right now.
  15. Mike G

    they call it slightly drizzly Monday

    Trump requires a bigger caravan footprint than the others, so I've heard. What's the deal with the rain and helicopters though? What if it's nice when they take off, then starts raining at their destination?