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  1. A new account set up after they won the election. And according to him it was mostly used to RESPOND to emails. How did the sender's get this new email?
  2. In his defense....he did call some of the protesters very fine people. Wait...those we're the Nazi's.
  3. Suddenly the team won't make it. "Scheduling conflict"
  4. I'm colorblind. I see only 3 colors there.
  5. Gr8 b8 m8. I r8 8/8.
  6. Who has been convicted of tapping Trumps phone?
  7. In Charlottesville, Trump said he waited until he got the facts before he commented.
  8. It's not always clicking on the ads. When you try to fast-forward, another pop-up happens. Or another window opens with the new site. Heard that from a friend.
  9. The C.E.O. of the largest company in the world will correct himself and apologize if he flubs the name of a janitor he's talking to.
  10. 12 year old girls know the fbomb and middle finger? Another reason to not take prayer out of schools. /sarc
  11. So what is in the bill specifically that you don't like?
  12. An idiot looking for the exact reaction he got. "Oh my gosh!" he replied. Gary, from Howard Stern used to interview celebrities, and he'd always start with "Now, who are you?" as a way to get a reaction.
  13. I wonder if he had a little tug at his heartstrings when he had it read to him.
  14. for 8 years we had to take things out of context, or take pieces from a paragraph and cobble it together for outrage.