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  1. The mast track is kind of inside on my mast, but maybe I could drill two holes on the two sides and thread the dyneema in - around the track - then out on the other side. That way the holes would be on the aft, compression side of the mast. I'll think about that.
  2. That's an interesting idea. I'm not sure I can achieve ferrule-like smoothness, but I guess I could try on some aluminum test pieces. I'll definitely contact Sparcraft.
  3. I'd bring it down about 4.5 ft (mast is 31ft long). I think it's be more stable to have the sail area lower.
  4. Yes, there is a weld, and no, haven't talked to SparCraft yet.
  5. Boat is a Santana 2023R, with a Sparcraft FM-67 mast and a masthead spinnaker halyard. I'd like to have a restricter to pull the masthead halyard down for a fractional spinnaker when it's windy. Something like this: The question is how to rig the barber hauler line. I'm a bit worried about weakening the mast above the forestay by drilling holes or putting in a sheave box. I'd be OK with running the hauler line outside with some block or fairlead riveted on the mast, but I couldn't find a beefy enough fairlead for this mast. I'm thinking of using a thru-deck bushing like this one : The smallest ones only need a 3/8" hole in the mast and I'd insert it into the hole from the inside so the round part takes the 90deg turn of the line inside the mast. Maybe I'd glue it onto a piece of aluminum with 3M 5200 and then secure the aluminum piece with rivets like this: The line would then run down inside the mast which is nice, but I'd still need to drill a 3/8" hole in the mast a few inches above the forestay attachment plus the rivets above and below it. Would that weaken the mast too much? Any better ideas?
  6. erdb

    I'm making a rudder

    Thanks, it survived the first season and a few hairy spinnaker rides. So far so good...
  7. erdb

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    This came up before the race, and the competitors were asked if they wanted to do it, but it was voted down. There are no major sponsors here, and there is no obligation to keep fans happy. Those who decided to participate, did it mostly on their own funding for their own enjoyment. I guess they didn't want to spend the extra $$, time and energy to submit video reports from around the world. I have no problem waiting till the end and watch all the video in one movie. GPS would completely ruin this event, and I think the biggest blunder of this edition was that the competitors got their positions from the tracker through radio. Maybe the best way would be to go with sat phone only, so calls can be monitored. Everybody gets the same weather info from the organizers, and they can all make their own decisions on what to do with it. Plus everybody gets a certain amount of free time on the phone to call wife/husband on their birthdays or contact their shore team, whatever. Once they spent that, they're out.
  8. erdb

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Hey Joakim, of course they're harsh, it's SA after all - bunch of clueless posters following a bully. Just ask yourself, what sane person would spend so much time hating on something they're clearly not interested in. Slats' case was handled properly. Nobody should get preferential treatment like moving the finish closer because it's windy out there. Slat was able to get the information he needed to make a decision on his own. He knew the communication rules and decided to break them, so he got a time penalty the same way as VDH and Kopar got before him. It doesn't matter anyway, VDH has finished and Uku is weeks away. Congrats to VDH, what an amazing achievement and a great way to finish under spinnaker. Congrats to Don, too, he put together a great event. There's obviously room for improvement for future races, if it's going to happen again, but despite all the bitching and whining here, the current order, and hopefully the finish order reflects preparation, skill +/- a certain amount of luck (as usual) of the participants.
  9. erdb

    Team UK

    If it's 0.6s and 28' LOA, then it's 27.6kts.
  10. erdb

    Full Main + HW Jib?

    That would be great, thanks!
  11. erdb

    Full Main + HW Jib?

    How do you tie the roll? Thanks
  12. erdb

    Full Main + HW Jib?

    Thanks, I haven't seen the zipper version before, but when I googled, I found a pic on Stan Honey's blog. What I don't understand is that both halves of the zipper seems to be on the same side so one would end up inside if you roll up.
  13. erdb

    Full Main + HW Jib?

    I'm actually thinking of doing this. I plan on getting a 100% jib with a reef to ~85%. Does anyone have real-life experience with sails like this? How much time does it take to put in a reef and how clumsy it is to tack the sail when reefed? BTW I just discussed materials for a new main with a sailmaker and he did say that if I need to reef often (which I do), I'd be better using dacron than laminates, because laminates generally hate to be reefed.
  14. erdb

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Listening to Don's chat with Uku, it seems Gregor's boat is scuttled and Indian navy will try to recover Thuriya.