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  1. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Just by eyeballing it from the tracker, it seems he should be able to catch a front and if he can hold onto that low, it's going to be a nice shortcut from Coville's track. Weather at +48h:
  2. Team NZ

    That's probably the most interesting article I've read about AC35. Lots of little secrets such as that their foil autopilot could outperform the sailors in straight line, whereas the sailors were better in the turns. A consequence of the capsize - they had to delay work on the wing to copy Oracle's slack lower shrouds and more twisted platform. They could only test this one day before the match, plus many other interesting details. BTW this is Gömböc: Gömböc is Hungarian for dumpling...
  3. The Presser

    I wasn't sure I heard him correctly on the presser, but he repeated the same in this interview (1:25). I don't think he would slip twice. There may have been an agreement behind the curtains.
  4. Secret Weapons?

    Yeah, or wing-on-wing!
  5. The winning foils

    Yes, this has been discussed before. There's also a Genny Tulloch interview somewhere where Martin Fischer explains the bat wing concept, but I can't find it now - might be on facebook. The only thing that's incorrect I think from above is the idea that more leeway helps downwind. It's a general misconception. How deep you can go depends on the lift/drag ratios of the wing and the foils. The leeway only influences how much the boat is rotated relative to it's course. It does change the relative positioning of the jib and the wing, but that's a relatively minor effect I think. The main goal is to find the angle of attack for the foils where the lift to drag ratio is the best.
  6. Live Racing Thread

    Exactly, PB actually won the last 4 starts, he just didn't have the setup to hold on to it yesterday. Maybe he's gonna get into it just in time.
  7. Live Racing Thread

    Wind is picking up, but the next cloud is coming fast
  8. Team NZ

    What you see there is active camber control. The wing angle is still controlled by sheets, it's just that those sheets are not adjusted by a traditional winch + wing trimmer, but hydraulics. There was simply not enough wind to push out the wind against the windward sheet, so Glenn grabbed the leeward sheet and pulled it by hand.
  9. Live Racing Thread

    Hopefully the wind comes back once this cloud passes
  10. Live Racing Thread

    Big blob of rain is coming...
  11. Live Racing Thread

    That's what I was wondering... If so, then the 1sec delta yesterday decided who goes on for the AC... Crazy!
  12. Live Racing Thread

    Absolutely awesome race, I feel a little bad for Barker, but after so many times failing to finish off, he can't have any excuses. Kenny didn't notice, but when Artemis stuffed up their last jibe and Jpn had a chance to cut in, they dug their bows in just as hard. They were on starboard, they could have come back without that. LVC finals will be great, but with the wind dropping, especially on Sunday, I don't think ETNZ should have a problem. OTOH, it's really time for PB to learn how to win some starts.
  13. cyclors advantage?

    That's funny I think they have probably the hungriest boat in the fleet. They always look totally exhausted and in the big breeze they clearly couldn't provide enough oil. JPN and Oracle on the other hand seem pretty comfortable with their setups.
  14. cyclors advantage?

    The heart rate monitors clearly show the advantage. The grinders are totally maxed out during the whole race, whereas the cyclors are around 75%. It's not surprising that when ETNZ are behind, they usually make a pass at the end of the second upwind when the grinders are getting exhausted. That's when BAR, JPN and ART start to plunge into the water during their tacks. On the other hand, Oracle didn't seem to have such issues, so either their crew or their systems are better. Slingsby's bike didn't seem like a serious solution, but I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up with a much improved setup for the cup.
  15. Artemis?

    Yes, maybe they're less forgiving or they are somehow limited in tweaking them with changing tips and trailing edges.