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  1. Rors

    How do you stop a British Seagull?

    As a kid in sea scouts I found the easiest way to stop a seagull outboard was to put my hand over the air intake worked pretty well, starting one much harder
  2. Rors

    Not shy but retiring

    So picture the scene we were over 9 hours and 3/4 of the way through a sweltering and one of the most difficult RTI races for many a year. The wind had been on/off all day, the crew were straining what was left of their eyes and brain to keep the boat going against the tide but there was a problem. Every few minutes a retired boat under engine would power through close by to windward many still with their sails up, some creating a big wash, others just dosing out bad air, one even luffed us. What a pitiful lack of seamanship often from boats with crews that should know better. Perhaps the worst came from a crew that sailed the bigger boat with its A sail all over our breeze and then stopped and as we started to sail through their lee, in the following order; helpfully put up the ensign so that we knew they were retiring, fired up the engine in slow ahead, dropped the A sail, opened a beer and then chugged away slowly continuing to give us bad air. No amount of rule making or protests would have made any difference, but a little respect and some knowledge might.