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  1. Facnor Mainsail Furler

    Long story. But yes, boat is for sale. If it fails to sell, I will ship it to Hong Kong as I have recently "un retired" and enjoy it there. Hence I've been looking for an easy sail handling system for convenient single handed day sails.
  2. Facnor Mainsail Furler

    I agree. Electric winch its going to be. Thanks for all the advice! I can't see the value (cost effectiveness) of a horizontal furler vs my fool proof slab reefing, other than having an infinite number of reefing positions.
  3. Facnor Mainsail Furler

    Yes, I'm also considering an electric winch. Which is also the more economical solution. Boat is a Valiant 50. Main is super heavy duty and thus weighs a ton. I've crewed on an Amel with in-mast furler and it was a dream to use - it was electric so an unfair comparison. Every quality European boat these days comes with in-mast furlers, so they really can't be all that bad. I understand all the arguments against in mast furlers, with respect to lost area and poor shape. No doubt the guy with the $150K carbon laminate sails sneers at my heavy cruising sails as he slides past me. The Facnor furler uses a continuous line to furl the main. This pretty much precludes using a winch does it not? Thus all furling will need to be done heading into wind to unload the sail so that I can furl the sail by hand. This realization is starting to make my thought bubble untenable. http://www.facnor.com/uk/products/mainsail_furlers/fichiers/cf_mainsail_fur.pdf
  4. Facnor Mainsail Furler

    Thinking of retro fitting a behind-mast main sail furler. And am considering the Facnor product. Anyone here have one or sailed with one? Any advice and opinion? Also does anyone know of any other manufacturers of quality vertical main sail furlers that they'd suggest I take a look at. Before this becomes a debate on the merits of the various furling & reefing systems, let me quickly say that my back is buggered, I don't want to be hoisting a heavy main. Hence I ether get a vertical furler with all of its well known performance penalties or I just motor around with the mainsail packed away. Not much of a choice is it?