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    Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Ha ha, I was joking of course, but it's great to have the designer's input on the polars! I figured that you are already hiking upwind at 7kts or so with the boat fully powered up? Regarding gybing, I was guessing that in over 14kts or so you are basically at your gybe point a minute or two after your last gybe. Danger Zone is an Archer/Top Gun reference. like any jet fighter I'm sure this thing has an afterburner in over 20. Also, I would be worried about digging it into waves given its size. The video I've seen it looked pretty flat for the amount of wind you had, is that just my perception? Have you heard feedback on sailing it in wind and waves? In the area we sailed the wind was coming offshore, so no time to build up waves. Weight aft is important - the spinnaker is HUGE! The latest stern pulpit design is intended to give the crew a more secure location when pushing the boat downwind. As the wave size increases downwind, for sure the boat will be launched and punching into the next wave. Now I'll revert to surfing terminolgy, becasue in big waves a fast sailboat is acting a lot like a longboard. If you drive straight down a wave you will most certainly "pearl" (drive the nose deep into the briny - game over), so you need to rotate onto the face and enjoy the ride. You will be going very fast at this stage which helps with stability, but unlike a longboard you have also rotated your rig so you'll be reaching up a bit. Your sail trimmer has to synched with the helmsman to keep the sails sheeted just right - this requires some practice. The extra stability of my design will help a lot in this situation, and the hull is designed to continue planning when heeled, so you can push the boat very hard without control issues. You will probably want your drysuit . . . Like this !!