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  1. badaka

    Radio controlled sailing

    Just a heads up that the 2018 CR914 Nationals will be held at Redd's Pond in Marblehead, MA August 24-26. Here is a link to the regatta website:
  2. badaka

    Radio controlled sailing

    Das pissa!
  3. badaka

    Radio controlled sailing

    I bought it from a guy in Florida a few years ago. Haven't sailed it yet since I'm busy with Marbleheads, 914s, and EC12s at my club. Maybe this year.
  4. badaka

    Radio controlled sailing

    The one at the very end is a KF II from Canada, anyone know about them?
  5. badaka

    what was it?

    Simon Says 23
  6. badaka

    Fast "safe" boat....

    Voyager you type well with one hand. Enjoy the wet dream.
  7. Hunter gaskets have all been recalled and must be custom made.
  8. badaka

    Radio controlled sailing

    That's an impressive turnout! Nice pics
  9. I prefer the 12's and following the design intrigue leading up to the sailing itself.
  10. badaka

    Radio controlled sailing

    2017 Marblehead Nationals May 20 and 21 at Redd's Pond
  11. badaka

    Radio controlled sailing

    Vintage Marbleheads at Redd's Pond in Marblehead
  12. badaka


    Vintage radio controlled Marblehead
  13. badaka

    around the world in a 3'-6"x3'-6" boat

    Deja vu all over again. I took the attached photo around 1976. Drove to Orleans, MA to watch the "Dream" leave to break the trans Atlantic record. Boat was 7-8 feet I believe, skipper a 29 year old family man. I think ten days out a fishing boat spotted him 120 miles out. That was the last anyone ever saw of him.Very sad.
  14. badaka

    Vintage Tanton 37' IOR Cruiser

    I knew a guy in 78 that got rid of his Ericson 46 and had a new Tanton 57' Ultra light built. Out of Marblehead, jet black with gold letters on the side "Desperado." Fast He had a Tanton 73/76 (not sure) Ultra light built in the 80s, black, etc. That one is still racing in CA as Velos or something like that. Good looking boats