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    This is a very good question, especially the NS 14 comparison as it has a lot of similarities to the IC. I decided to try it based on Bethwaite's gooswing flow theories using an NS 14 as the example. The only reason I can think of why its not so beneficial on an IC compared to an NS 14 is that the jib has such a short foot so when running at some angle the jib get out of the main wind shadow. I didn't test it thorowly (if gains) and I ran out of time before the worlds so I just decided to remove it. Then I stopped sailing IC after the worlds. If any want to test it, I can recommend my approach. The system worked well, easy to launch, and when not in use it had no impact on the sailing as the jib-stick sat parallel to the boom. Cheers
  2. DC Designs

    I have one, but its really hard to get jib sheet lengths sorted out. I also deplore all the gubbins on the front surface of the mast, and most especially the pole hanging in the slot. I'm still playing with it, but am not totally convinced. I tried a similar system for the worlds in the US 2002 (IC US214). The system was inspired from my 505 days, similar to the pershing spinnaker pole system. The pole sat parallel to the boom when not in use. If I remember correctly an extra jib sheet went through the pole and then to a block on the mast down to a reachable cleat. When launched i just have to pull the one line and the pole automatically attacheed its butt end to the mast and sheeted in the jib to its tip end. When retrieved, uncleat and a chock cord attached to the butt end pulled back the pole to the back of the boom. The front of the pole was attached to the boom through another small shockcord loop. It was a single line system. As I couldn't dedect a noticable performance gain I removed it just before the worlds. But the system itself worked very well. Cheers, Former Swedish IC sailor