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  1. hobot

    Calling out all the MacGuyvers out there

    I would have just drunken one of the cans of beers onboard, then dented, with my thumb, the side of the can down near the bottom but inline with the pour hole at the top, then punched some very small holes in the dented area with my riggers fid, place the "weed", as you call it onto the dented area, struck the lighter and applied the flame it produces to the weed while pulling air through the pour hole on the top of the can with my mouth. McGyer.
  2. hobot

    In-mast Furling

    Not being good at folding clothes, isn't that one of them Husband learned things?
  3. hobot

    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    Instead of using isinglass, this system is really cool; http://www.rainier.com/boat-windows/