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    Swede 55

    Hi (not so) Slowboat Many thanks for the very comprehensive reply, from what you say it looks like the Swede 55 is one of sailing's long lost and best kept secrets, it's a wonder they stopped making them, although I guess this has more to do with racing considerations than any overall limitations. I hope you'll keep us all up to date with your revamp of the cabin sole and any other work you deem necessary, it will be helpful for any future or present owners. Must admit at this point that I'm probably going to go for something wider, with more overall space for long distance cruising, I'm kinda tall and bulky so I like to have room to move around inside without squeezing past furniture, people etc, so the long thin concept may not be to my liking. Thanks so much much for the offer of a look, if I were'nt in Asia I would definitely pay you a visit, but for now that's a little difficult. In the meantime, I'd really appreciate a few photos of your boat just to help with my decision making (one way or the other), internals are of most interest as from your description, above decks is not a matter of any real concern. You can email me on Thanks again Slow Mike
  2. masonmjs

    Swede 55

    Hi Slowboat Thanks for the reply and for your insight into the '55', it sounds like you use the boat mostly for day racing or day-cruising (lucky guy !), so I'm interested to know what you think of the boat for more extended cruising ?, with the narrow beam, I'm guessing that storage space (in fact space of any kind) is at a premium. And how about the possibility of fitting long range tanks (not that I want to use the engine particularly, but you need to plan ahead) and storage space for food, water, diving gear etc (I'm a keen scuba diver too) ??. Last but not least, have you had any serious maintenance issues, any weak points in the design that you are aware of (etc etc). Thanks again for the help, without first-hand experience such as your own, it's very difficult to get a feel for any new boat you might aspire to. Cheers Mikem
  3. masonmjs

    Swede 55

    Hi Mark, I'm new to this forum (and a whole lot of other things nautical). I must admit to having had your boat on my shortlist of desirable yachts for about two months now. I see you are describing her as something of a project, can you give me some idea of what needs doing to make her ready for the water ? I'd also like some opinions on whether the Swede 55 would make a good short-handed (1 or 2) cruising boat. I intend to do a lot of sailing in whatever boat I decide to buy so it would need to be suitable for bluewater cruising in all oceans (and probably in a multitude of weather conditions). Your (and anyone elses) advice would be much appreciated - and go easy mates, we all have to start somewhere Mikem