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  1. AndreasE

    Connecting Raymarine SeaTalk to WiFi

    Closing this thread. Installed the Brookhouse. Works like a charm, easy to connect to the messy ST290 system with a mix of analog and digital on board. would have been a real easy job if only I did not place a screw through the cable to the cockpit displays when I reassembled the cupboard where the CPU was placed :/ Well, one more cable to replace
  2. AndreasE

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Shannon Falcone posted on instagram a suitcase with lots of cameras + a DJI Magic and a DJI spark. Pretty sure there will be some footage even aireal (if they slow down, I have a Spark, wouldn’t try to chase something at 24 knots with’ll probably drop it in the wet trying to land. edit: Falcons is on C if that was not obvious from my post
  3. AndreasE

    Are J/24s Still Fun?

    on a side note someone managed to sink(!) a J/24 in a Frostbite regatta in Norway last weekend when they broached under spinnaker. 5 sailors in the water, but they had luck on their side and were swiftly picked up from the ice cold water by an (even) slower boat who was right behind them
  4. AndreasE

    J/133 or Bene First 45

    Background: Have sailed lots of x-412, F40.7 and one season on J/133. I prefer the J/133 for overall simplicity and stability when it blows. It really takes a lot to get it on its ear and has a good helm feel. somif you can, try to get a test sail on the J a windy day before you decide (BTWyou can get a 412 ,442 or 452 for good value for money now if you want to stay with X but I am sure you know that )
  5. AndreasE

    caption contest

    This boat is so hairy it sounds sounds like Chewbacca when it is lifted out of the water
  6. AndreasE

    J70, cheating and pros

    No Details given in this picture other than the name "j70_keel-nonlegal.jpg". To me it looks like they kept at least one of the keels that did not measure. If that assumption is correct I am sure we will see some rule69 cases when/if it is confirmed by j/boats that they did not build these keels Taken from :
  7. AndreasE

    J70, cheating and pros

    If you are in a competitive J/105 fleet, everyone knows who has a pre-scrimp boat... and not just from hull#
  8. AndreasE

    J70, cheating and pros

    This would be a good time to start shopping for a J/70 for handicap racing, should be some cheap hulls on the market soon
  9. AndreasE

    Black Jack

    He is still a pretty decent helmsman, finished 4th in both Dragon Europeans and Farr40 worlds 10+ years ago
  10. AndreasE

    Meanwhile over in Denmark

    If someone offers you a datenight in their submarine; say no thanks
  11. AndreasE

    New Dive Mask- User reviews

    +1 best out there. I used it both for primary and backup for "sporty" dives. never an issue
  12. AndreasE

    J/133 heavy air gybe

    to close of the thread in case someone searches it in the future. We found a way to gybe it without making a mess. So far tested up to 20 ish knots, but should scale to the high end of our windrange -Changed rope and slow blocks on traveler. -Redid the mainsheet splice so that it is now continuous again. i.e. no risk of running out of sheet when you release -coming into the gybe take the sheet out of the self tailer leave only 1-2 turns on the winch. -Pull like a madman when the sail comes in -Release fast and controlled as soon as the main comes over so no need for the slow winching, or someone to jump the german mainsheet or anything fancy or expensive. I just needed to throw away the winch handle and keep it simple,... Andreas
  13. AndreasE

    Connecting Raymarine SeaTalk to WiFi

    I just ordered an iMUX ST from brookhouse. Will update thread with lessons learned once i have it installed and connected to iRegatta. Thanks for all the help so far.
  14. AndreasE

    Connecting Raymarine SeaTalk to WiFi

    Thanks guys. So now I am a couple of steps closer. Does anyone have experience with this solution from gadget pool? Looks like a suitable replacement for the discontinued Raymarine kit. (site note: I also like it since it is based on the ATmega128, one of the products in my portfolio at work the last 12 years and designed by my colleagues here in Trondheim :)) FYI also reached out to brookhouse to check if their NMEA/seatalk to WiFi can do it buy itself. Need to know if it is seatalk NG or the plain old seatalk from the ST80