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  1. I personally think they will bring out the pie-warmers again. kind of missed them on the kiwi boat so far
  2. This is the way we are leaning to. Have a 2nd grimder that is on the new leeward side that grinders until the sail comes over(being really careful not to be in the trajectory of the main sheet and traveller). And then have the main mainsail trimmer on the new windward side, first grinding like a Chris Brittle wannabe and then realeasing lots of sheet. having a guy sweating the German setting system would be nice. But none of us could pull that of 10 in 10 times without falling overboard or getting wacked. Better to break some blocks than to break some crew :-) a
  3. Quick question hoping that someone familiar with larger J's can help. (used to sail a J/105 and this was never a problem there as we gybed the aso first in heavy wind and then the main on the next wave/surf, and i had enough power to control it) The last two weeks we have had massive winds on our local regattas (mid 20 knots to low 30 knots in the puffs). Since we are big boys (and girls) on board we of course always put a asymetric up at the top mark, and other than the occasional dirty takedown there has not been an issue with the kite. The problem has been the main. With the relatively low gearing on the winches there is not enough time to winch the main in enough to be able to let it out controlled on the new gybe. And we want to avoid the violent mainsail gybes we have had recently. They are fast, but not good for the boat. In one race we even managed to pull apart a block in the traveler system resulting in ball bearings raining on the owner (who was not impressed). Also, these hard gybes are not pretty to watch and forced us into a ugly broach the other day. We are considering: -putting an extra person by the mast to pull on the German mainsheet system so that the mainsail trimmer can tail only going into the gybe, but in these heavy winds we'd really prefer not to have extra people up there, especially considering you have to pull with both hands on the sheet to be efficient and the high load on this sheet when the main comes over or -winching from both winches going into the gybe. The problem with this is that the person on the new leeward winch is in a pretty tough spot between the rest of the cockpit crew gybing the aso (they have to use the primaries in heavy winds and not the cabintops), and the travller/main coming in very close to the mainsheet winch any tips are highly appreciated Andreas
  4. Norway I am afraid, and my cable package does not have Swedish TV4
  5. Excuse in the App "High demand, not able to support all wanting to stream"
  6. same for me, total crash today after working flawless up til now -On my Iphone it does not recognize my purchase. trying to restore purchases results in an indefinitely loading screen -On my iPad it says that i have to update the app (there is no update available for it that i have not installed) -On my computer when i try to log in with my username and pw i only get the race stats and no livestream or virtual eye AAAARRRRRG
  7. Get Cancellara out of retirement and put him as lead cyclor:) EB has the money to do it. A
  8. Yeah. That was really visible today both Artemis races today were fucking great to watch!(and not just because I am a Artemis fanboy) a
  9. I actually bought a RS vision today for this exact reason. Sail with wife (and kid on light days) add the asymmetrical and traps as she gets comfortable with it . a
  10. A follow up to the barrel joke above: On an old schooner they had a barrel with the perfectly sized hole to relvoe themselves in. This was used by all the men aboard, including the ships cat. One day when the barrel was almost full the guys found it way to disgusting to keep on board and threw it overboard when they found a new empty barrel with a suitable hole. On an Island one day the nuns from a monestary found a barrel full of a white substance on the beach. having not seen anything similar before and not knowing what to do with it they decided to try to heat it up, melt it and use it to make candles. Then the strangest thing happend, suddenly 9 months later all the nuns were giving birth to children, but most suprised was the abbot, she came down with a litter of kittens
  11. Spezialized actually did some fun testing of the aero difference between a casual fitting bike kit, and a TT suit like above all numbers at 40km/h, i.e. well below the speed the AC50s are at. So diff will be even larger Club fit Kit (still not baggy by any means): Race cut normal road kit:2.3 seconds saved per KM compared to club fit TT suit/skinsuit: 2.5 seconds saved per km compared to Race cut road kit For people interested in areo, The WIn Tunnel playlist is enterraining and educational. Linky to the appareal video;
  12. Looks like one more evolution is out. Custom made fordeck and aero package by mastfoot to optimize airflow into deck sweaper rig on the new thinair from Lennon http://www.lennonsails.com/news/thinnair-launch-at-rya-suzuki-dinghy-show Andreas
  13. FUJIMO
  14. This might be a really good strategy. 2 rinders (rider grinder) in each hull, take the righting moment penalty but get continous high power. pedal hard for the entire prestart and tire out the other team
  15. The pedaling gets dangerously close to not beeing sailing when you combine it with an hydraulic accumulator and a rule that allows pumping/fluttering of the wing. you can generate a lot of force with that setup As a ballpark figure lets say pumping is a 50/50 duty cycle. After a manover the guys can easily output 750w each for a couple of seconds to stay on the foil through the deadpoint of the tack. 750x4x2= 6kW~8hp that is some serious pump to continue to stay up! Just enter it into the program, some massive pumps in the middle of the tack routine....(or strivtly speaking the tack asynchronous interrupt)