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  1. gelbrossi

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Ineos sailing with a forstay - LR without!
  2. gelbrossi

    Vendee Globe 2020

    You can find all the data from Boris´s boat on: And it is realtime. Look for "View complete dashboard". You have to scroll down a bit! Have fun! Ulf
  3. gelbrossi

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I realize for the first time that the code zero is the forstay! The bowsprit thingy must be very strong.
  4. gelbrossi

    Farrier F-85SR

    Hi Nyker, I hope we will meet on the Ijsselmeer perhaps with Andrè and his F82R. We all have c-foils but they are all different in size and radius. Ulf F82R Tribelle
  5. From Facebook: Update Day 8. 11.07: At 07.25 utc Boris Herrmann on Seaexplorer - Yacht Club de Monaco had an issue onboard. The main headboard car broke and the main came down. Boris is fine and needs no assistance but he will be slower for the rest of the race. He has secured everything and at the moment is still sailing with the head sail and a much smaller main. He is trying to fix the issue with spares we have on board and he aims to continue the race but he will be much slower. The race management has been notified and are monitoring the situation.
  6. In the "Nassauhafen, Wilhelmshaven" in Germany they charge 3x for a Trimaran and 2x for Catamaran. The logic is simple: 3 hulls vs 2 hulls vs 1! In some areas they don´t want to have multis.
  7. gelbrossi

    INEOS Team GB

    The wheels of the cradle are flat! It only goes through the door that way!
  8. gelbrossi

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    The Mod 70s were designed with ability to cant their masts. The rake or AoA of their C foils was only adjustable in the harbour. They had put a row of screws through different holes to change the AoA.
  9. gelbrossi

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    19.4 was the fastest that my GPS recorded: Look at 1:22-2:28 min, something happening at 5:13 and we are fast from min 23:10-23:38 Farrier F82-R Ulf
  10. gelbrossi

    SailGP 2019

    Germany was not geoblocked. I was able to see it live and it was great albeit a little short. They shoud swap the grinders between the races and do more laps/races.
  11. gelbrossi

    having fun F 33 Farrier

    I shoot my videos with a Garmin Virb camera. It has a build in GPS. When you edit the video you can choose wich data you want to see. It´s easy! Ulf
  12. gelbrossi

    having fun F 33 Farrier

    I also had fun with my F-82 R Ulf
  13. gelbrossi

    Antal Hook

    The working load of the Antal Hook is way higher than 200kg! Low friction ring and soft shackle is the cheapest / lightest solution. Ulf
  14. gelbrossi

    Tiller Pilot options?

    Hello all, I have a Simrad TP22 connected to my NMEA 2000 Bus. I also have the ZG100 Antenna from B&G and the Zeus Touch display. You can choose which compass is to be used by the system. You can also control the TP22 with the B&G Zeus. Setting course, engage and disengage it. I connected the cables directly to the NMEA2000 Bus. You don´t need other hardware, it is a CAN Bus after all. But my boat is not heeling that much, it is a Trimaran and I am really happy with the TP22. Only thing I am missing is a remote control. I had vague hopes that my Garmin Quatix can do that but apparently it only works with Garmin Pilots. Ulf
  15. I glued the forehatch of my selfbuild F82 R to the boat with VHB Tape and put sealant around the hatch. The VHB Tape takes the load and the sealant is just a sealant. It is working for 4 years! Ulf