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    Port Tacking the Feet.

    @Sail4beer, they got a little bit overexcited by what they had pulled off, and pushed on too far into the stronger, foul tide towards the Stbd lay line instead of putting in a covering tack. The CRO, who is an Olympic RO, made up for it by awarding them a special prize for the "best start of the series [... pause ...] actually that I've seen all year" - an engraved glass tankard full of Jelly Beans - a real "chapeau" moment. @shanghaisailor, Your old boat 2808, "Animal" is an early Phil Morrison design (September Girl), and according to class records is still going somewhere - lots of boats get completely rebuilt in this class, so quite a few owners sail in both Classic and a Modern fleets ; ) Clinker or not, they can be a bit of a handful - note waterline beam, he, he, he : ) And, er, some of the owners are "Classics" in their own right. Alan Warren, skipper in this pic, has been sailing in the Merlin fleet since 1951, and was Silver medallist at the '72 Olympics in the Tempest - they still build 'em like they used to : O Only 21 boats out of 120 finished that day ...
  2. Frazer

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    @IPLore, the Merlin Rocket hit 70 years of age in 2017 ... : O The hull shape makes it a very comfortable boat to sail (7' Bmx & 2' Bw/l ?), and if you are close gybing against the tide, down a winding, gusty tree-lined channel full of moored boats (my home turf in Chi Harbour), the last thing you'd want is an asym' & trapeze, so it really comes into its own. The rig rake can be enormous (>1m), allowing huge scope to depower, so husbands & wives, parents & kids race in the class across a wide weight range with little disadvantage. I did mention it was a cult, didn't I?
  3. Frazer

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    Allow an 'old man' a little pride : ) Here are my two lads port tacking (and clearing) a fleet of 105 boats at the British Schools Championships (2016 Chichester Harbour). The photo is taken ≈5s after the gun from a safety RIB upwind of the pin. They had a great race after that, but were a long way out of the running in the event, being only 12 & 14 y/o, and confessed to "bricking themselves then giggling all the way to the windward mark". But ever since they have had the confidence to look for and make spaces where others daren't or can't be arsed - so start 'em young, I say! It might have had something to do with me showing them this Merlin Rocket clip the night before, play 'til 40s in ... As for yelling "fake rules" - sign of the times and deserves no respect - is his name Donald by any chance?
  4. Frazer

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    There's lots of really clever ideas incorporated into this one, the problem is they're all joined up ... in one craft. uh?.tiff
  5. Frazer

    Vestas Sailrocket

    Marketing contact at Vestas ref SailRocket - should you wish to spread some love back to them for funding it: Mikkel Friis-Thomsen, Media & External Relations Tel: +45 4098 3174 Mail: