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  1. B&G True Wind Angle calibration

    I guess you haven't seen any of the posts from Banque Pop, Hugo Boss, Virbac etc, all are using the same B&G H5000 pilot as Pieter Herrera! Same B&G technical dealer working with No Way Back as working with many of the top boats in the the fleet. its very easy to publicly blame a manufacturer for a problem, especially when tired. but you should first take a look around, realise no one else has these issues, and then help your support team by going through the tests you have been asked to do, it get things solved much faster than complaining on facebook
  2. B&G True Wind Angle calibration

    Have you put in any numbers into the reaching section of the table. From memory, H3000 and H5000 define upwind as 40TWA, reaching as 90TWA and downwind as 165TWA. these are the angles at which the correction will be applied, so if you are sailing at 145 TWA downwind you will need to enter a greater correction value in the table, to allow for the linear interpolation between 90 and 165. Also sounds like your compass may be heading you when heeled. swing compass, check with a hand bearing when under motor on several points of sail, then go sailing and check with a hand bearing when heeled. I suspect it will be falling off by as much as 4 degrees with heel. Not much you can do about it in H5000, other than correct for it in the TWA correction table.
  3. Vendee Globe electronics - radar?

    IMOCA Class rule is a minimum 2kw pulse or broadband radar, fitted at least 5m above the water line. As Rail Meat says, weight consideration is paramount, as is power consumption. The radar is not switched on very often. Not everyone is using the Furuno. HB has a Raymarine radar, as do a couple of the other boats, I think there is even a Navico Broadband radar in there somewhere. RM, pilot is actually working really well on the foilers, in my very limited experience this edition, it seems easier on the pilot as the bow is not pitching in, so the pilot is not having to fight so much. When you are foiling the boat is on rails and directionaly very stable.
  4. H5000 questions

    WTP3 only feature at the moment.
  5. B&G - Backward Clinometer?

    just swap the green and the blue wires around in your processor ie green to terminal 21 and blue to terminal 24.
  6. You set up the data to go back to the WTP in the Dfw2Exp application. There you have the 10 remote channels that appear on the FFD's under the External Menu. Map the Exp Channel to the Remote Channel and Expedition send the data through Deckman to the WTP. In your case map Mark Bearing to Remote 1 and Mark Time to Remote 2.