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  1. I guess this is my fault for telling Woody I took him off ignore today. I put him on ignore due to the crazy signature blocks from days gone by, that and he was rambling a fair bit. Given the signal to noise ratio of this joint lately, the ramblings are relatively decent. Oh well, carry on.
  2. OK that's strange. I come back and your post is 'more' normal. When I responded, it was a 5 minute scroll through a 10 day forecast of large suns. Gone now. What a place!
  3. Holy Fack Woody, I just take you off ignore and then you do that. I should have known better.
  4. Are you suggesting he should put a block and tackle system or just get it close and just shackle it off? I ran a 3030GP for years and did not have an issue with using the hydraulic adjuster, a lot!
  5. Pronunciation

    Ho boy, my FIL is scottish and lord help you if you call scotch, scotch. It is simply whisky. Just to get a rise, I will request a dram of scottish from him.
  6. Yes, although your LONQR thread is going strong, this one has provided many laughs through the years!
  7. Your Favorite Cover

    Over in another thread, Snaggie posted Taking Care of Business by BTO, I much prefer this cover: " rel="external nofollow">
  8. FP hot latin ladies to date

    Welding.... Apparently he met some hot latin chick guy from Comox. FIFY Comox? At least they have sailing there. Rejected seems to be more of a Cumberland type of boi.
  9. Gravity Stroms

    Well you are scratched off the list of people I will sail with. You just increased your chance of witnessing a catastrophic rig failure by 100%. Two sticks for me, but both on small boats >25', so not much excitement. Of note on one, the owner was surprised/disappointed I did not cut the rig away in deep water (he was not aboard). Insurance adjuster was really impressed with the way I had the crew retrieve and stow the pieces on deck. The claim was handled expeditiously and the cheque was larger than the owner anticipated.
  10. Favorite eats, downtown Vancouver, BC?

    Good to hear that the Pink Pearl delivered the dim sum. I don't live in the shitty anymore, so my recommendation was based on fond memories.
  11. Favorite eats, downtown Vancouver, BC?

    Pink Pearl has always been a favourite of mine for a big room dim sum feast. Near to downtown, at least not over a bridge. http://www.pinkpearl.com/
  12. Tell Us How You REALLY Feel About Ocean Sunfish

    They didn't used to. Something has changed, lately. Ocean temperature, perhaps? They make it up here during El Nino's. I was running a gillnetter from Port Hardy down to Barkley Sound and had difficulty slaloming around them. That was 1985. Some spots had so many it was impossible to avoid them, even going dead slow ahead.
  13. Russian Navy

    Don't feel too bad, you are sober now and he is still the village idiot.
  14. "Tunein Radio" Streaming music app

    I really enjoy Accuradio. Very few ads, and they are just for the radio. Tune In radio is good for the more eclectic stations, like the ones that play Banda and Ranchero music for our fish taco nights.