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  1. Excellent comeback, you totally got me. Greenpeace is awesome.
  2. Wow, fucking Greenpeace does not know the name of who was one of their original founders, says a lot about the organization. Who is that Phil Cote they talk about? Most likely Paul Cote, bronze Olympic sailor and corporate lawyer who was not a fan of the mulitnational souless behemoth that Greenpeace has become. Paul Cote - Globe and Mail F@#$ Greenpeace.
  3. Gong Show

    wiper blade anarchy

    I had some paint overspray on my windshield. Found out that XXXX fine steel wool is the shiznit for polishing tempered glass. Way faster than a razor blade and my wiper blades are doing much better too!
  4. Gong Show

    Expedition style motor yacht thread?

    I think that is what the cycle thing is for at the side. Get the crew on the manual generator!
  5. Gong Show

    Calling Assman. That you?

    That was another Assman, Dick Assman. Both Canadian, but two distinct individuals.
  6. Gong Show

    My sister wants a chainsaw

    All this Florida talk makes me reminisce about the Butthole Surfers:
  7. Gong Show

    Boat Hook Terror

    Notice the tip is threaded, this is key. You can pull logs to you, then have to twist counter-clockwise to release.
  8. Gong Show

    Boat Hook Terror

    That one is very purty. Most of the loggers and fishermen use these nasty pieces of business. May have a couple around the house, 6' for close quarters and 10' for when I need a 10' pole!
  9. Gong Show

    idiocracy it's coming true

    Thanks, I can't keep up with how to embed these things. Works on my fishing forum.
  10. Gong Show

    idiocracy it's coming true

  11. Gong Show


    More likely that there will not be a bunch of cruisers in that area, since it is restricted. No reason to get lit up about that comment.
  12. (812): He showed up with a hearse full of beer and is currently shooting pumpkins with a flare gun. Who gives a shit if he's a furry. We need to party with him more often.
  13. Ha, friends and family often tell me that you can't fake the level of wackiness that I exhibit from time to time.
  14. (630): Do you remember seeing anyone put a "my other penis is a vagina" bumper sticker on my car?
  15. (516): Thank God they found balloon boy, I was afraid that Michael Jackson was ordering take out from heaven.