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  1. With what boat does a COR challenge in the first place? Do they always challenge with a 90x90 ft yacht just in case they can't agree on a protocol with the defender so they have a deed compliant Maxi yacht? Has anyone ever seen the original challenges after 1987 except for the DoG Challenge from 2007 that I know?
  2. Team NYYC

  3. Team Alinghi

    Does SNG still have an annual regatta on the sea or arm of the sea?
  4. AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    What is his take on the story that the commodore of the Royal Yacht Squadron was seen running around Bermuda with an envelope in hand?
  5. AC 36 Protocol

    During the build up of AC33 Alinghi at some point discarded the AC90 class and came up with a smaller version of boats that should be sailed should Oracle loose the lawsuit. Anyone remember how long these boats were supposed to be?
  6. As does the Melges 40.
  7. You always mix up the AC numbers. DZ was AC 33 we just had AC 35
  8. AC45s For Sale

    Dude you seriously need to work on your irony detection skills.
  9. Team NZ

    If I were Grant Dalton I would simply say: kids go and have fun and do what I did in my youth. It's a great experience.
  10. The Oracle Speaks

    That was really brillant.
  11. Team Alinghi

    First time I hear this. Any more information on who was supposed to be ETNZ´s COR in 2013? I thought it would have been Luna Rosse?
  12. Team NZ

    Austrian commentator Hans Peter Steinacher on ServusTV said he was adjusting the wing to put more twist in it because the wind got higher. Since Steinacher is also looking after the Austrian RBYAC Team he might have some clue what he is talking about.
  13. Live Racing Thread

    Just saw a glimpse of Ernesto Bertarellis VAVA II on the TV coverage. Wouldn´t have thought that EB would visit an AC organised by Russel and Larry. Talks with ETNZ?
  14. Live Racing Thread

    LOL did that commentator on BT sport just say that the Brits "were unable to finish their race against NZ"?
  15. Live Racing Thread

    cuts to crowd shots on every maneouver can't believe they could do a worse job +1