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  1. cpq3

    Random PicThread

    Who farted? was it boggler or the old guy below...
  2. cpq3

    Random PicThread

    big girl. yep can type that. Ya Dickhead
  3. cpq3

    Random PicThread

    I'm just a smug bastard, suck shit Boogler.
  4. cpq3

    Random PicThread

    Had a marine tank years age, a lot of work. Ended up with a snapping prawn move in with the live rock. Took some time to catch the bastard, lost a few fish. Cant find the pics, bugger
  5. cpq3

    Random PicThread

    How many sleeps till Christmas Is it 10 or 11?
  6. cpq3

    Random PicThread

    I miss your Balls, RIP DDAH
  7. cpq3

    Random PicThread

    Cool pic... Did the old saying 'Red skying in the morning sailors warning' ring true?
  8. cpq3

    Who is snaggletooth

    I've worked it out Snaggletooth is......... Denis Leary
  9. cpq3

    Random PicThread

    Wait a second, back the Truck up. GIRLS FART
  10. cpq3

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Very sweet ride, both of them. I like cats. hmm pussy.
  11. cpq3

    Random PicThread

    That is dropped dead beautiful..., Only problem is that the lights arn't on and I can't see a hat in the back window
  12. cpq3

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    +1 [thumb_up] I bet it does
  13. You missed a great day.Bit light but lots of beer and fun.7.5hrs but 2nd on handicap by 4 min to sirocco.Jouvert 3rd Raider 4th Zippy retired at 4am with no wind.

  14. cpq3


    Bin Laden the Truth about his death! Here's the truth............ Imagine living with 3 wives in one compound and never leaving the house for 5 years - It is now believed that Bin Laden called the US Navy Seals himself.