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  1. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/12/12/redstone-allegedly-paid-millions-to-mistresses-and-others-while-getting-sexual-favors.html Pitty Sumner Redstone. America should do something to keep their vulnerable billionaires safe from predatory pussy. "He gave one mistress — an aspiring reality show producer — approximately $21 million," "He gave a flight attendant on the CBS corporate jet just approximately $18 million." "He later slept with her sister, who he gave approximately $6 million." "He gave another woman who he had formally met through Patti Stanger [the matchmaker] $10-11 million." "He gave another mistress — who claimed to be a model — over $7 million." "He gave a friend of his grandson's girlfriend a job at Showtime® and approximately $6 million." "He gave another mistress approximately $1.5 million." "He gave an ex-fiancée and Paramount employee an undisclosed amount." "He paid for a college student's tuition at the University of Southern California and gave her an undisclosed amount."
  2. Will you still be active on PA in 8 years?

    I've moved all my internet connection time over to youporn(dot)com
  3. What's in the mind of a Trump supporter?

    That's really hilarious. It confirms what Europeans think of most American voters.
  4. Don't hold back!!! If you are going to be absolutely wrong about something, give us more!!! How about? Dab's Daughter Bob Perry Wess Random Killery Man Again Guitar Diego Ficking Garcia God President Eisenhower Motorcycle Ajkp Bull Gator Cleveland Steamer I left the sock drawer the day I killed the puppet master.
  5. You got your finger on the pulse of the American electorate dude.
  6. Stairway heaven was playing on the box when I got my first blow job. That was a good one.
  7. I'd like to give Mrs. Trump a butt implant.......... What about Mrs.Obama? Craven suffers from a crisis of confidence. The penis suction pumps haven't worked all that well for him. You're turning into a god damn stalker on here Holly. Don't you have your own message board to cunt on with?
  8. I'd like to give Mrs. Trump a butt implant..........
  9. Asshole Elite 8 - Liberal Bracket

    I'd do her.
  10. Asshole Elite 8 - Liberal Bracket

    OK Holly, I changed my vote from Ed to HOW and I'm waiting for you in the alley behind the polling station. Where are you?
  11. Trump doubling down with White Supremacists

    That's why I ignore endorsements. Made some "contributions" as well. Obviously, trump understands how the system works but will he change it? That remains an unknown. Har Hitlery, on the other hand, represents the system and has used it to accumulate incredible wealth and power for herself and her family and friends. People Like Clinton and Gore that have turned politics into a cash cow and became wealthy selling the influence we gave them offend me. Maybe just maybe a billionaire won't succumb to that temptation. All I am certain of is that Trump is not the same Washington merry-go-round the country has been stuck on. True. Trump is worse.
  12. What If Trump Were In Charge

  13. PA ASSHOLE Poll - Round 3 - Liberal Asshole Finals

    I'd prefer a hotel room Craven. Let's meet for dinner first Holly. The Foul Mouthed Cunt is my fav. What do you think?