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  1. gallywinter

    Chicago Area III

    a few shots from Saturday:
  2. gallywinter

    Chicago Area III

    what boats?
  3. gallywinter

    Chicago Area III

    In full disclosure toyou all I'm on the CYC RC. However I was not there on Sunday for the inshore Verve. I was on RC for the offshor Verve. Robin and Sam I respect your opinions and you are entitled to voice them here. There are many reasons to cancel/postpone/ abandan racing for a day. 1. Safety of the racers / RC / RC equipment / fleets 2. Experience of the RC and volunteers that day. ( Experience , age, time on the water, ) 3. Weather forcast and information available to the RC. 4. Fleet captians - yes the fleet captians where part of the processes. ( Did you talk to your fleet captian before voicing your opinion?) 5. OA - Organizing Authority All these variables are take in consideration before cancelling racing for the day. I've yet to see most of you on this forum out volenteering on the water to help RC on regular basis. - Let me know if I'm wrong about this. I got the snot knocked out of me on the Saturday of the offshore Verve on the signal boat - two of my crew ( Sr Flags - Flags ) are 80 and 73 years old respectivley. We had 3 RC members sea sick hanging on - scoring finishes/ between yacking over the side - every single one showed up on Sunday to do their jobs - so you would be able to race on Sunday to get the regatta in.. Come ther inshore Verve 2 weeks later and we're short on volunteers - imagine that. ( I skipped racing on the Etchells to help out RC on Saturday) CYC - ran 3 safety boat classes this spring - two US Sailing Power Boating Classes - Safety at Sea - 1 US Sailing Advanced Racemanagement class. Would you like me to start listing how many events the ( Chicago Area Yacht Clubs) run and days on the water that qualified RC volunteers are needed.. If you don't feel like we are providing good racing - please go join Dennis and run your own races with MORF - they're doing a great job - he tells us that all the time! My rant is over - please come join your local race committee and give a little back to your sport. That's my opinion for what it's worth. Tom Keegan I think Robin was comparing the Friday Verve abandonment (understandable in his explanation) with this Sunday's abandonment (confusing... to say the least) for the offshore racers who were out on the course and ready to race in a bit of breeze and rain (not Verve Inshore)... I could be wrong, though.
  4. gallywinter

    Chicago Area III

    a handful of random shots from Verve Circle A on Sunday:
  5. gallywinter

    Chicago Area III

    re: the powerboat the search was all inside of the outer breakwall, maybe half a mile from the mouth of monroe. not two miles. they had 3 cop boats, at least one chopper, and a big colorful fireboat out looking. quite a scene- glad they're okay, but c'mon man!