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  1. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    just saw this on nbc nightly news-----something smells. Its called a sailboat for a reason...
  2. Back Surgery -- Who's had it done?

    Been over 25 years now - i blew two disks in lower back - was in a fetal position for weeks - got shots - went to a smart "cutter" he told me flat out - I can make the pain go away and you will feel better but sooner or later you will fuck it up and squish out the jelly in the jelly donut. Told me that in his experience it will eventually heal but it takes time. Told me it is all about keeping the core strong and not doing stupid movements. He was right, the two disks are dessicated and I am stiff after sitting but I am just fine - I exercise the core every day if I can. Sure, its not like I am in my 20's. Do not do the fusion...
  3. New York State Anarchy

    George Eastman House
  4. New York State Anarchy

    This is great - keep them coming...
  5. New York State Anarchy

    Will have to be in Rochester in a week - wondering what to do in upstate NY? Thought maybe after Eastman house I would check out finger lakes area - Seneca, make my way East to the Adirondacks - but have no clue on the best way to go and what to look at on the way. Any ideas - prefer pretty nature stuff and hikes - kayaking is good too. Thanks
  6. Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    So far so good at our place on west side - part of ceiling fell down - 2x3 - same spot that has been leaking for 40 years - most of downtown is under water - terrible - first responders hand carry a man over head cause of infected foot - no doubt to diet, diabetes, and alcohol. Sitl a life is a life. Most displaced are not high tax contributors to society for services. Yet the state and the government want to cut pension contributions to first responders. Its all fucked up...
  7. Irish Hiking this May

    Bugger - indeed this is what we are doing - using hill walk tours - kind of funny, all the transportation company we call, its like the same guy on the phone...funny
  8. Irish Hiking this May

    interesting turn - Antrim in May is going to have a major motorcycle race/rally event during our time - nope. Looks like we are going to take a chance on the Beara. Looks cool. Will be going to Cork, any anarchist there?
  9. Irish Hiking this May

    Aye, Now after many pints - the crew is interested in the Antrim Glens trail in Northern Ireland - Looks really beautiful...
  10. Irish Hiking this May

    Many thanks for the replies, guys. Probably will do the Dingle way - (right now at least) Here's a question for the travel agents, Dublin to Holland, path of least resistance would be to fly, but as always I tend to over complicate. I think it might be fun to ferry across the sea to Britain, train across it to (where the ferry would be) and ferry to Hoek van Holland. Am I crazy?
  11. Irish Hiking this May

    Heading to Ireland this May - would like to do some hiking (weeklong) there is a ton of info on hikes but It would be nice to have some local knowledge - some tell me the dingle way is a good one. I am up for any advice. May head over to Wales for some more hiking. Thanks in advance
  12. Vintage Streaming Audio Anarchy

    Crash Thanks - that is good info.
  13. Vintage Streaming Audio Anarchy

    Listening to Harold Budd now - sounds pretty good - ouch on the 901 comment - so, what do you suggest for a similar setup? I have the speakers on the hanging on opposite sides of the room - about 20 feet apart. SW is in the middle under a table. Regarding the 2245 Marantz, it really should be cleaned and gone through, I am getting prices in the 600-700 range to have a complete rehab. If i decide to go new in that price range will it be as good as the Marantz?
  14. My newest project

    James McCurdy had a really good eye. Always liked his designs,
  15. Vintage Streaming Audio Anarchy

    thanks, I did find a bluetooth device from logitech - will see how it works only 25 bucks - i found the google audio cast just after I ordered the bluetooth - will see how it works