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  1. True in part, but only in part. It's also always been about the skipper and crew, tactics, sail handling, different weather conditions, etc. etc. IE, sailing. Weird to watch a "sailboat race" during which no one ever touched a sail or line. I'm voting for foiling monohulls. At least they look like they're sailing. And if you think foiling is the sole future of sailing, that it's going to bring the next generation into sailing, then you're going to send the sport down the same rabbit hole wind-surfing disappeared down 20 years ago.
  2. But he does have a point. If your primary goal is to boost TV viewership, the average joe might be able to understand sailing around an island, or even a clearly marked circular course. Just like car racing! Even better, mandate that no matter what kind of boat is used, it must prominently display an enormous internal combustion engine that roars and shrieks and belches smoke at a rate proportional to the boat speed but isn't connected to anything at all. They'll love it!
  3. Robert Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, died the other day. His obit mentioned that he sailed a lot, so I googled around and found this: http://www.moq.org/forum/Pirsig/cruisingblues.html Nut graf: "Change the point of origin to Sacramento or Cincinnati or any of thousands of places where the hope of sailing the world fills landlocked, job-locked dreamers; add thousands of couples who have saved for years to extend their weekends on the water to a retirement at sea, then sell their boats after six months; change the style and size of the boat, or the ages and backgrounds of the participants, and you have a story that is heard over and over again in cruising areas - romantic dreams of a lifetime destroyed by a psychological affliction that has probably ended the careers of more cruising sailors than all other causes together: cruising depression." What think?
  4. Is anyone else getting an incredibly annoying 100-second countdown ticker before they can enter the site? Apparently, it's only for people who haven't purchased the extras, and a rather blatant ploy to make you do so. If this keeps up, I'm done with the race. Screw them. Edit: Oh, and if you open up another tab to go to another website, the countdown timer stops until you return. So they force you to sit through the whole thing. Unbelievable.
  5. Sorry, TunnelRat. The boat is Localdog. Thanks,
  6. Brilliant.
  7. Thanks for the roundup. By the way, I do not have the special sails. And of course I'm convinced that my crappy rank is a function of a game glitch that, when resolved, will allow me to win.
  8. When I was a kid, we learned to sail by crewing with experienced sailors, and moved up to skippering our own boats. Here's what happens now at our club: The sailing program starts out by putting a bunch of kids in old Mercurys, and they all love the experience. They sail with instructors, practice man-overboard, sail to the beach, fool around. The next step--the only next step--is Optimists. Some kids thrive in them, and we've produced some top sailors. But many don't--it's lonely and can be boring, and they don't care about the competition. So they quit. The competitive ones eventually move on to 420s. Why do we allow our junior programs to lose more than half their kids every year? Is this the way to support future sailors? Why don't these programs add a cruising element that can teach less competitive kids about all the many other joys of sailing--seamanship, boat-keeping, just messing around in boats? That's why I dislike Opti's. Give kids other options and maybe so many of them won't burn out.
  9. I just joined the SA group (thanks, Your Mom). Is there a way to show only the boats of SA group members?
  10. In the space of an hour, I faded from the 12,000s to around 68,000. How is that possible?
  11. FWIW, in my experience, gusts in strong northerlies on Long Island Sound and the Great South Bay, always veer.
  12. Anything by Uffa Fox is worth reading--a true and truly eccentric original.
  13. Almost certain that it is the CHEETAH that he is referring to. Native to, and built in Stone Harbor, NJ. Very rare. I doubt that many or any still exist. As to the Cheetah Cat, I stopped by the Stone Harbor Museum this past summer. It has a small collection of boats, including several plywood catamarans, and, supposedly, a Cheetah Cat, which some say were fiberglass. If curious, check out http://www.stoneharbormuseum.org/4.html Also, here's an old eBay listing for a 1960 ad for Cheetahs. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1960-Cheetah-Cat-Catamaran-sailboat-boat-photo-vintage-print-Ad-/361441677952?hash=item54279a5280
  14. Whatever became of the Seascape 18 in the US?