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  1. Wait for a southerly. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) on Ichi Ban. Forecast is for 15 - 25 knot Southerly all the way home once we get around Tasman. It's not rocket science.
  2. Boats in the Melbourne to Hobart West Coast race will have a bit on. Widytv shows it gusting over 50 knots on the west coast on the 28th. with plenty before and after.
  3. Contact Scott Bradley at East Marine. He should know someone.
  4. XCLR8 always carried Assy kites. Apart from fixing the trim tab, AFAIK the keels have not been altered.
  5. XLR8 and Hartbreaker (originally Secret Mens Business - rebuilt after being severely damaged at Hamilton Island) were sister ships with the exception of the rigs. XLR8 had a swept back spreader rig installed after the original in line rig went over the side on a delivery from Sydney to Melbourne). Neither of these boats could ever sail to their IRC rating even when they had top crews and sails. In recent times they have not even had a sniff of success on IRC.
  6. Big brother Ichi Ban was out there last weekend in the Cabbage Tree Island race. Line honours and a 41 minute win on IRC against a quality fleet wasn't too shabby.
  7. Definitely wheel for long races, particularly if there is a large component down wind. The major advantage is that you can change position - standing up or sitting down. Did the Transpac on a tiller steered Tripp 40 two years ago and it was a killer. Finished with sore shoulders and arms and an even sorer bum from sitting down steering for 12 days.
  8. Coverage on facebook has got a lot better since I stirred them up. Great effort by Beau Geste. I think this record might stand for quite a while.
  9. I had already checked this and just did so again. Apart from some pics of the start the only news is a VERY brief report of this morning's sched (sled?). At least the tracker is working OK.
  10. What happened to "Alive" and "Mates 4 Mates". They pulled out on the first night. The RQYS website is useless - has no news or updates.
  11. I delivered Sea U Later to Hawaii for the Clipper Cup with Russell (Budgie) Evans in 1982 when it was owned by John Taylor. Got absolutely smashed in the Tasman on the way to New Zealand when we got 3 days of 70 knots+ and did 450 miles under bare poles with one massive knock down. Strong boat as it survived all this. We then broke a tie rod on the weather shrouds as we approached Hawaii but miraculously, the deck did not lift off. Very stongly built boat. Raced against it for many years in Melbourne both before and after this. I think the boat also did the Clipper Cup in 1984 when owned by Peter Gourlay. Good memories. Best of luck with the restoration.
  12. I don't think so. Any way, the windward board is up when the keel is canted.
  13. To set the record straight, I am not an apologist for RO's or organizing authorities who cancel races due to unfavourable weather forecasts - I am simply stating the reasons why they do so. How would you feel if your club was sued for mega bucks by an aggrieved widow or one of your clubmates met an untimely end. This is the reality which clubs face. The CYCA postponed the start of the Gold Coast race around 8 years ago due to an impending gale warning. We had left the day before on a delivery but got caught in the front when it came through and had plenty on. Fortunately, we were close to Newcastle and were able to reach shelter before the worst of it hit. If the race fleet had been caught in it, there would have been absolute carnage. It was a wise and proper decision to delay the start. I also remember starting a Grassy race some thirty odd years ago (in June!) when it was blowing 50 knots at the heads. Half way across the Strait when it was blowing 55k we were rolled by a huge breaking sea and very nearly lost one crew and injured a few others. This was not a wise and proper decision. I hate to think what would happen to a modern day fleet in similar conditions. From my limited legal expertise and a fair bit of training in risk management, I have no doubt that a coroner would find the organizing authority at least culpable and quite possibly criminally negligent if they promoted and allowed an event to be conducted when a forecast for possibly dangerous or extreme conditions existed. The problem is, where do you draw the line? How do you give people the opportunity to learn how to survive if they get caught in extreme conditions if they never get the opportunity to race on the Bay in more than 30 knots but at the same time protect organizing authorities from the very real prospect of litigation. It is a quandary to which I do not have an answer. However, I do know that there were many relieved owners and crew at SYC last Saturday when the decision to cancel racing was announced. Perhaps this tells us something?
  14. There was plenty of litigation resulting from the '98 Hobart.
  15. Try telling that to the coroner.