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  1. How do, Robert? From my experience specifically with the northern Lake Michigan/Lake Huron cruising grounds anything with 6'5" draft and less won't really limit your options if you are anything less than a gunkholer. If you really like to tuck in it does open up more options, especially now that Michigan municipalities are in charge of their own dredging operations. If the Tartan is on your radar maybe a Sabre 36 would work? Looks like there are a few on the lakes at a similar price point to the Tartan JoeO listed above. The boat has another 3'+ on the LWL which will come in handy under sail and power. And under power, as other posters have rightfully mentioned, is how we spend most of our time on passage in the summer months. Here's an example delivery from TC to Port Huron last season: Day 1) motorsail from TC to Mackinac City in 12ish hours, Day 2) sail from Mackinac City in an northeasterly 20-25 until Presque Isle in 12 hours (ouch), Day 3) wait for conditions to improve at Presque Isle, Day 4) motorsail 16 hours from Presque Isle to Harbor Beach, Day 5) motor 9 hours from Harbor Beach to the Black River. Call it 300 nm, 20% under sail. TC puts you in reach of the North Channel and St. Mary's River. Not to mention single day passages to places like Door County, Beaver, Lake Charlevoix, Little Traverse Bay, the Manitous and Leland, the Fox Islands. Love that area;) So, install a cabin heater, an enclosure and a good anchoring set up to boat with decent tankage and you'll have the spring and fall to yourself, adding another month or two to a short sailing season. Most people recognize that there's a sweet spot when the traffic dies down and marina's haven't winterized and also when they come back to life but the weather still sucks. For example, the DNR website lists Northport's harbor master on duty form 5/15 to 10/31. Few people take advantage of this, however. Kids and school, onset of winter storms and the threat of the freeze over sends boats to storage pretty quickly. 90 days of summer isn't much time to soak it all in.
  2. Irma

    Some surge basics that I read up on based upon your post: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/surge/ From the NHC link above: Surge Vulnerability Facts From 1990-2008, population density increased by 32% in Gulf coastal counties, 17% in Atlantic coastal counties, and 16% in Hawaii (U.S. Census Bureau 2010) Much of the United States' densely populated Atlantic and Gulf Coast coastlines lie less than 10 feet above mean sea level Over half of the Nation's economic productivity is located within coastal zones 72% of ports, 27% of major roads, and 9% of rail lines within the Gulf Coast region are at or below 4 ft elevation (CCSP, SAP 4-7) A storm surge of 23 ft has the ability to inundate 67% of interstates, 57% of arterials, almost half of rail miles, 29 airports, and virtually all ports in the Gulf Coast area (CCSP SAP 4-7)
  3. Random PicThread

    Well look at that, my wife and I met at the Oriental during a Hell's Belles show. 44th and Tennyson, Denver Co.
  4. BYC-Mac

    Velocity depends on which forecast you trust but wind direction looks good for near rum line sailing. Of course I just screwed us all by the mention. sailflow has a stiff breeze from astern and beam after Cove, more velocity than LakeErieWX. Both are somewhat in agreement on direction and timing.Current routing for us (read as among the slowest boats to Cove) is holding at 40 hrs.
  5. Sitting on my Mom's deck in Arcadia watching the parade come by real close. We are right on the beach, 300 yards from the Lake Arcadia channel. Main Street passing by right now maybe 1/4 mile off the beach under full main and #3. Just tacked. Most boats are passing with that combo or a one reef. A few with storm sail and full main. Sagamore went by under power very close to shore headed north with all sails down about 45 mins ago. No obvious rig or hull damage. Clouds staring to break, maybe 20-25 knots now. Most boats look pretty sorted and comfy, really. Seas as predicted, longshore current is in full effect.
  6. RIP Doug Peterson

  7. BYC-Mac

    Frers 33
  8. BYC-Mac

    I hear you, same class. We raced the shore course so we could race against a great collection of boats similar to ours. We submitted our ORR Certificate recently and received the email from BYC stating we rated out of Shore with an ORR 649.7. The cutoff is in the Notice of Race obviously but we never assumed we'd rate faster ORR than it based on the previous year's course splits. So, who else previously in Shore Course Racing will see Cove Island buoy this year? Only about 150 people on the planet may actually care! I hope a bunch of boats receive the notice to race Cove because its has been so fun and challenging to race essentially boat for boat against the X-102, 35MKII, the Olsons, Farr 3/4, 10.3, 9.1, J/34, J/92 etc. Cove offers a lot more options tactically and has that high lonesome twang to it compared to the Shore course drag race, so we are stoked in that respect. I think we all are hoping that 660 cutoff brings in enough boats for the same tense class racing we've experienced over the past few years with boats in the 96-130 phrf, 0.800-0.840ish ToT. range. Right now, I see the slowest Cove class as containing at least the O 29, Mirage 338, Frers 33, C&C41CB, 4 NA40s, C&C 40-2, Peterson 37, 38s5, and 2 Beneteau 42s. Its clear the J/34, C&C 35MkII, Olson 30 are out. Unknowns are the Farr 34, j/92, Hanse 370, C&C 99, and X102, Catalina 470, 30SX. Judging from the O 29 and O 30 difference ORR, its hard to predict. Looking forward to when the BYC scratch sheet reflects the Notice of Race cutoffs and course designations. Maybe that will come only when they release the class breaks after all the certs are in. Right now, it shows ToT ratings and course breakdowns consistent with last year's splits. Side note: Our phrf rating when up for the first time in forever this year which is ironic as our first ORR cert rates it faster. It challenges my on the water witness that a 33' boat weighing 9300 lbs without crew, on a 26'7" waterline with a DL of 215 is faster all around than a Olson 30. Its got greater I, P, E and J measurements so maybe that's part of the answer in addition to modeled wind velocity. Eq
  9. Coolboats to admire

    Crawled around this 1968 Vic Carpenter built beauty on the hard and for sale in Traverse City a decade or so ago. It had me dreaming and wondering how I could ever afford it's stewardship. Not affiliated with this boat at all and I know there is a Vic thread already but just really really dig it. It seems someone picked her up and dusted her off in 2010 so if anyone knows more about this gem, pre or post refit, due tell. Rudder and hull form strongly suggest he designed this one.. Check out the link to God's, i mean Irish's, used boat page for more pics of some Vic awesomeness. http://www.irishboatshop.com/UsedSail Also, Lightfoot's old ride for comparison.
  10. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    did you buy her from jon gregory? my father raced on her with him for several years. they used to take gregory's sons and i along for the ride during red fox regattas in the early 80's. loved that boat and was wondering what happened to her. good to hear she still floats. dave hall had both discovery 1 and half fast built by goetz, i believe (chocolate chips was goetz build #7, discovery #9, fast half #21). the baby blue masts matched his drilling rigs. i'd say discovery's deck was the best looking of the 3/4s. we've got a great family photo of me being thrown off her transom into the drink at the raft-up in the boyne city marina. i was probably 8. the photo shows the heritage 37s, seredipity 43s, tunas, a rodgers 3/4 ton and other dinos in the background. they used to pack them tight after saturday's race. great times.