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  1. Merit 25

    Best Sailing Knife

    That might work on 3 strand, but not so much on 12mm dyneema.
  2. Merit 25

    "Y" Mooring Bridle/Pendant Prototype

    +1. I'm with HW on this. There are better ways to load the line. Maybe not more simple, but if simple fails, it's not a solution.
  3. Merit 25

    How do you define Good Crew?

    I'm happy to race with any crew I can learn from. Always a treat to learn new tricks.
  4. Merit 25

    How do you define Good Crew?

    +1 it's a learning experience for the crew to know how much those things cost and hang onto them. Skipper should still pay in the end.
  5. Merit 25

    Offshore routing software recommendations

    But I don't have a kindle.
  6. Merit 25

    New Annapolis to Oxford Race 5.12.18

    To be honest, I can't recall for sure, maybe Kack can chime in? I did notice the RC boat following us most of the way down the bay keeping an eye on progress. They could've parked and stopped the racing at any point. On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know what happened to Orion? CG was looking for them.
  7. Merit 25

    New Annapolis to Oxford Race 5.12.18

    Negative, neither of us had crossed the line, nor the Melges 32. The race should've been shortened at 84 or 80A if they wanted to shorten it. Unfortunately I believe even more would've turned around and headed back skipping the party if that happened.
  8. Merit 25

    Offshore routing software recommendations

    It's amazing how people will spend unlimited amounts on sails just to throw them away in 3 years for 1 degree or a tenth kt of speed. But they won't invest a fraction of that to go in the right direction. I'm a fan of expedition. I just wish you could download Will's book in PDF format.
  9. Merit 25

    Newport - Bermuda 2018

    lol nice. I'm on the Farr 400 and praying for decent conditions. I'll shoot you a PM with dates I'll be in town. I think I'll be up there 3-5 times this season.
  10. Merit 25

    Newport - Bermuda 2018

    Murph, what boat? I'm in as well. I'll be in Newport for the VOR stopover as well if you want to grab a beer.
  11. Merit 25

    Going up the Mast

    Wife won't get you up there. Winching a person aloft is probably the worst possible solution. (with the exception of GP boats and overdrive winches). Climbing rocks and climbing a mast are two very different things. Not saying it can't be done, but do a dry run, w/ the boat in the water, get yourself up and down under your own power, it's a workout. Being able to do it is one thing, doing it with confidence is another, and having the option of having someone else do it, is another option (don't forget about that one). Also, don't go up rigs while on the hard. That's my advice, and I'm extremely comfortable going up masts and working at heights (I do it quite frequently being a rigger). Will the boat fall over? Probably not, but if it does, it can easily whip you around and break lots of boat parts and human parts. And no, under no circumstances will I trust my safety to a yard blocking a boat. I'm happy to discus how I get up and down solo if you're interested. Just shoot me a PM or email.
  12. Merit 25

    Digital Loos Tension Gauge on Indeigogo

    Where is this study? Are you referring to this one?
  13. Merit 25

    Length loss for HS Eye splice 7mm core

    +1 to APS, but I would leave it even shorter. 6" maybe (or 152.4mm). You'll need to take out the constructional stretch for the splices you made. Tighten everything, then re-adjust your lashings. For the total length, I'd measure all marks and total length. Make up the first splice, then measure the total length again. Apply to the next one.
  14. Merit 25

    Spinlock XTR clutches

    In general, it's never a good idea to be at the bottom of the size range for a high load clutch. Keep in mind these numbers are for new clutches, with good line.