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  1. Selden CX-25 with TDF adapter

    Hoppy, this is a question you should direct at Selden. You are correct in your thinking, the spec's are usually for worst case (code 0) loads. However, exceeding the manufacturer recommendations is something that no one will sign off on. At least no one who has any skin in the game. There are obvious safety factors involved, but the bearings and drum size are also considerations. They are sized to operate under certain conditions. And an oversized sail may require addition tension to get it to furl properly, loading the system more than intended. I'd ask the manufacturer.
  2. Which Smock to buy

    In my experience, gore-tex is worth the money if you're going offshore for multiple days. They stand behind their product. HL wanted 6 weeks to review some shorts that I had just to determine if the fabric failed. I had a pair of bibs that leaked from HL and sent them to gore-tex on a monday. They received them, tested them, and gave me a store credit of more than I paid originally for the bibs on the next friday. Five days later. The next week they were at my house. I have cheaper stuff, but for day racing and inshore sailing. But if I was going to be in the ocean for a week, there would be no other choice.
  3. reefing lines?

    I've added chafe sleeve to reef lines on cruising boats that were planning on crossing oceans. Double up on the cover where it goes through the cringles and still use a dyneema core. You don't want stretch when it's blowing 30-40+ kts. Is this a race boat, which will typically hang onto a full main or push the boat very hard and not reef much? If so, you can run 3mm dyneema as messenger lines to pull through your 'real' reef lines, even in 40+, then set the reef. Horses for courses. What are the plans for the boat?
  4. Dubarry Ultimate Boots Beware !

    +1 I'm still wearing mine I bought in 2010 and I do quite a bit of offshore sailing.
  5. Harken Carbo Becket Pin Removal

    There is a difference between tapering and stripping the cover. In any case, glad you got it sorted.
  6. Newport Bermuda Race 2018

    $3400+ raised already. Hope to see you on the line.
  7. Tether to masthead?

    I wasn't trying to suggest improvements cannot be made. Only that proper seamanship/common sense should determine where someone tethers off. Every single argument that says 2 meter tethers are dangerous, jacklines that are run down the sides are dangerous, and yet every video I've seen has people tethering into the low side of the boat, and then they throw the dummy overboard and say look, it got wet. Point being, tether into a location where you won't fall overboard. No need to swing from a halyard or redesign your jacklines. Last thing I want working on the bow in bad conditions is another string to manage.
  8. Tether to masthead?

    I don't understand why people try to come up with new ways to do things safer. You should never ever clip into a leeward jackline. There are 1/2 a dozen other options to choose from that don't run down the side of the boat that's half under water.
  9. Harken Reflex Top Down Furler Anyone using one?

    Rlmike, sent you a PM on my source.
  10. Harken Reflex Top Down Furler Anyone using one?

    UPDATE from October boat show: Speaking with a competitor of the Harken unit, they told me that on larger boats with tight luff code 0 sails they big boats were breaking the cables. I have not seen this, or verified it w/ Harken. The Harken units require a lot less tension than others, so it could be user error. But I could also see it as a design flaw since these bigger hi performance boats usually have good/pro crew on them. So if you have any doubts, I would not hesitate to Harken for an assy kite, but would put a size limitation on a tight luff code 0 sail that requires a LOT of luff tension to fly in its intended range. Just a bit more information to hopefully help someone make a choice.
  11. you make the call

    This why we end up in the room. People nit pic the rules to suit their situation when in reality, port knew they had no rights, knew it was going to be close and failed to give enough room to a starboard boat. We don't see the top mark. We assume it's there. This could be 1/2 way down the leeward leg for all we know. Where exactly did P thing S was going to go after rounding the mark? Reach off into the distance for no reason? This guy overstood the port tack layline. GTFO.
  12. you make the call

    Simple port strbd.
  13. To Be Hosed Or Not To Be Hosed

    I'm pretty sure Kenny Read said Puma was his last. The 70's were wetter. On all points of sail. So much that the crew were lashing floor boards to the decks as water deflectors. There's plenty of footage of this on you tube and they even talk about hiding behind the stacks to protect themselves from the waves. The 65's were designed to be drier boats. I think they are in most conditions. I've toured 65 in St Marteen and saw a 70 in Chicago and in Newport. There's a big difference between the two designs. I'm all for cockpit protection. Keep in mind, it's only "crew protection" if you're on the back half of the boat.
  14. Newport Bermuda Race 2018

    Truth. You'll need an engine guy, electrical guru, medical officer, etc. A rigger on board is never a bad idea either.
  15. Pettit Vivid removal options

    Had vivid for 7-8 years. 40-80 grit on a sander w/ a vacuum hose on it. Haul on friday, sand and wipe down saturday morning. 1st coat on saturday afternoon. 2nd coat on Sunday morning. Wait a week to harden before splashing. Worked like a charm. If you're taking it all off, I don't think sanding was that bad. And no real risk of damaging anything w/ chemicals. Wear the bunny suit, goggles, gloves, respirator, etc.