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  1. No rating magic. Conditions suited them well in both races. They also had very good crew onboard.
  2. I would suggest lower stretch halyard than LS yacht braid. I know you're not racing but double braid dacron should probably only be used on dinghy halyards. And even then, the size is so small it's pretty cheap to upgrade to a midgrade line. Look at NER VPC or Marlows D2 club. The outhaul on my Merit 25 was set up like duncan suggests. External purchase, 4:1.
  3. For the main halyard I'd recommend putting it on a winch before opening the clutch. Taking the load on the winch will greatly reduce wear and it doesn't need to drop fast like the jib halyard. The technora will help with grip and wear.
  4. Basically a buried double braid splice. The whipping helps keep the DCS from slipping around. Everything is a bit loose in the photo, things tighten up and thin out a bit after a load is applied and things settle in. Next time I'm in town I'll get a photo of what it looks like now after 6 ocean races and 3 years wear n' tear.
  5. Remove the brummel, choose your cover, and resplice with the cover. DCS is the best stuff out there. But I agree w/ the other, solved the chafe problem first, then add the cover.
  6. I currently sell NER and Marlow. I have used a lot more and feel I've used enough of Samson to comment on them. Not the other brands. NER - good products and selection, a little pricey, but most of their covers are thicker than some other brands, tighter weave than samson, usually means better wear on winches/clutches and less deforming in cleats. Samson - good product but really more into commercial ropes and solutions for ships. Lack selection in covers for leisure marine applications, specifically GP lines. Marlow - I recently started selling and have been extremely happy with customer service, products and selection. Priced similar to NER but allows more GP choices and lets me get the rope to my customers faster. All have similar products. Talk to your rigger and find out what lines will work in your application. I like APS a lot but it's hit and miss on who you get to answer the phone for technical questions and service. If you have those questions, my contact info is below, or you can call The Rigging Company or Annapolis Rigging. We would all be happy to help. Edit: apparently my signature isn't showing on the new site. http://www.harneyyachtrigging.com/ sorry for the spam. Happy to answer questions publicly as well.
  7. Core to core aka class II splice. Best not to bury the cover, just whip it to the line as shown in the video. Some inspectors still want to measure the core thickness for offshore racing, so keep that in mind.
  8. 4:1 minimum, and 6 or 8:1 if using low friction rings or cheap blocks.
  9. Thanks Christian, hope things go well for you.
  10. Yes, the eye is still covered. You just whip it back to the line. You should lock stitch it anyway, and the lock whipping looks nice.
  11. spreader bar, not just found in sailboat masts.
  12. OD Class win in 2015, 2nd in GP26 fleet in 2016, would like to do it again this year. 35 years old, 6’ 190 athletic, comfortable in any position, typically asked to trim or drive. Very comfortable in all position including bow and tactics. Professional calm confidence on the course, easy to get along with on the boat and off. Very versatile, strong work ethic. A2B winner, CRW winner, CBYRA high point winner, PHRF Distance series winner, etc. Have worked in the GP26 fleet, Farr 280s, and raced on HH42, MC38, and others. Full resume and many references available upon request. Can also provide onsite rigging support and setup/breakdown of boat at venue and offer logistics support. Thanks for looking.
  13. 1 - give up on burying the cover on Class II splices. It'll save you a bunch of time and effort. 2 - Endura is easy to splice, tapper, strip, etc. 3 - VPC is similar, just don't worry about burying the cover. I wouldn't strip VPC either due to the vectran core, and it has less flex fatigue than dyneema. Haven't messed with fusion.
  14. Sent this thread to a friend, he might be able to help out. Where are you located?
  15. I never understood the fascination with swiftcord. I never liked it. Not sure what the issue was with salsa, I've put it on a bunch of boats and the customers actually email me after the fact raving about it. Had it on my boat for 7+ years and loved it for a traveler line. Mid 30' boats us it a lot on multipurchase systems like mainsheets and is soft enough to not wear gloves if you need to dump it fast. Endura is nice, but MXL will do the same (for your purpose) for less than 1/2 the price. Cover is tighter so keep that in mind if you're splicing. Fusion is good as well depending on what you want to do to the line (splice, tapper, etc.).