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  1. eric e

    AC36 - The Venue

    real farmers stopped 4mm #8 years ago too soft, needed lots of retensioning, heavier than needed, more expensive etc nowadays, with the addition of a gnat's cock of vanadium, 2.5mm high tensile wire is lighter, cheaper, needs less retensioning BUT as it's as hard as hell it won't do the easy close radius bends that #8 was famous for so it's pants for stitching things together or spanish windlass stuff etc but a surprising # of kiwis have become dab hands with the black magic metal, carbon fibre
  2. eric e

    Oracle Team USA

    jimmy should be put on the little bmx cycle grinder for the next race and encouraged to shout out advice to slingsby on the helm would make great tv
  3. eric e

    F-22 Update

    give man a pic and you've spent minutes to make him happy for seconds but teach him to google + you'll save time and he'll learn to please himself
  4. eric e

    Grainger 8.5 and hull design article.

    as you say sailing at walking speeds was bad for soul of someone raised on multihulls vindil has left the harbor sailed north with a new owner
  5. eric e

    Ancient Polynesian Navigation

    not exactly related but this newly proposed X migration out of africa 100,000s of thousands of years ago attempts to tie up the loose ends of neandertal, denisovia?, florensian hobbits etc
  6. eric e

    Grainger 8.5 and hull design article.

    thanks Johannos full marks for running with an existing design brief please keep us updated on progress next logical step from your f18? i had thought of an old gbe as the next step from soleing my nacra 5.2 but due to the twitchy nature of flying cats single handed have gone with the old green buccaneer above a logical step from my weta
  7. eric e

    Grainger 8.5 and hull design article.

    fascinating even old buccaneer 24s or hughes 24s can be 8.5s jeez next they'll be claiming russell crowe wait they can have'im
  8. eric e

    Ancient Polynesian Navigation

    afaik the dna evidence links maori to the hill people of taiwan (before chiang kai shek's invasion of han chinese) In May, government representatives of Taiwan and New Zealand established formal ties as a result of genetic research connecting the indigenous peoples of Taiwan and the Maori of New Zealand. The connection between these cultures can be traced back approximately 60,000 years. Chambers maintains that during this time people of the Papuan language group populated Australia and Papua New Guinea as well as various Bismarck Archipelago Islands. Thousands of years later (8,000 to 10,000 years ago) members of the Austronesian language group traveled south from Taiwan and passed through the Philippines and Indonesia. Along the way the Papuans and Austronesians intermarried, giving birth to contemporary Polynesians and ultimately settling in what is now New Zealand. When you wait 5000 years to catch up with close relatives, it's no wonder the family reunion goes off with quite a bang. Adam Dudding reports on a remarkable meeting between Maori writers and their Taiwanese 'living ancestors'. Asian Ancestry and Polynesian Variation: As people moved throughout the Pacific and into Polynesia, genetic interactions took place. The movement of mitochondrial haplogroups represent the migration of people from South East Asia through Near Oceania into Polynesia. B and Q are two such haplogroups which made it through to Polynesia. . The B4 subclade arose about 44,000 years ago in mainland Southeast Asia3 . From there it diverged into many more subclades including B4a1a which is restricted to Taiwan, Island Southeast Asia and the Pacific4 . The haplotypes present in the New Zealand population are most similar to those from French Polynesia, for example haplotype B4a1a1m (see table 1). This haplotype is restricted to the AWC Summer Studentship Final Report: Edana Lord French Polynesian and New Zealand Maori populations. This contributes further to the hypothesis that New Zealand Maori are descended from Eastern Polynesians2,1 In the last few decades mitochondrial DNA research has allowed an estimate to be made of the number of women in the founding population - between 50 and 100.[16][17] There is limited evidence of return, or attempted return voyages, from archaeological evidence in the Kermadec Islands.[citation needed] Evidence from archaeology, linguistics, and physical anthropology indicates that the first settlers came from east Polynesia and became the Māori. Language evolution studies[18] and mitochondrial DNA evidence[19] suggest that most Pacific populations originated from Taiwanese aborigines around 5,200 years ago (suggesting prior migration from the Asian or Chinese mainland).[20] These ancestors moved down through Southeast Asia and Indonesia.[21] presumably the dna evidence you speak of is different to this? if so can you post links to any scientific papers spelling out the exact dna links as above? or is it only available in vague form via a youtube video?
  9. eric e

    Ancient Polynesian Navigation

    ^ didn't they lose a formation in the bermuda triangle?
  10. eric e

    Ancient Polynesian Navigation

    ^ thanks if tv must change because of the internet then universities because of google Terry haven't watched that yet am well aware of Maori oral traditions speak of people already living in parts of New Zealand when they arrived. They are known by various names, but most commonly as Patupaiarehe and Turehu.[3] my personal feeling is that was much like modern icelanders believing in pixies i support the opinions of the academics who have spent their lives studying these things and writing peer-reviewed papers on them Richard Hill, professor of New Zealand Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, said in 2012, "Not one of [the theories] has ever passed any remote academic scrutiny."[8] Hugh Laracy of the University of Auckland called them "wild speculation" that has been "thoroughly disposed of by academic specialists".[9]
  11. eric e

    Ancient Polynesian Navigation

    note also references to the possibility that polynesian navigators may have tried to follow humpback whale migration patterns island group to island group
  12. eric e

    Ancient Polynesian Navigation

    ^ a very good question large migrations legends to islands often mention that there were already a few people there or that local explorers had roughly charted their locations before settlers came the icelandic sagas generally say erik the red was the first to go there and greenland "but for some skraelings and holy men they quickly killed" maori legend says kupe the great polynesian navigator found new zealand empty stayed a year or 2 exploring before heading back to hawaiki to report the biggest land mass he'd ever seen which led to the assembling of the great migration by 12 voyaging catamarans the chatham islands far off the east coast of the south island have a polynesian group called the moriori who say when they got to those cold, windy, great white shark encircled islands there were already people there Current research also indicates that Moriori came to the Chatham Islands from New Zealand about 1500. Moriori traditions, however, hold that there were people on the island before the canoe voyagers arrived. the earliest polynesian explorers appear to have been the lapita people The Lapita people are the ancestors of the Polynesians. They fished, grew taro, yams and breadfruit, and kept pigs, dogs and chickens. Many words for foods in Polynesian languages are very similar, and linguists have used them to help reconstruct the proto-Austronesian language of the Lapita. For instance the word for taro – talo in Tongan – was tales in the Lapita language. who moved into the south pacific with their distinctive pottery all the way to samoa the secret of making the pottery being quickly lost by succeeding generations lots of mystery in the pacific the tongan HaamongaaMaui another The Tongan state was the only maritime polity in Oceania to encompass an entire archipelago and, through long-distance voyaging, to extend its influence to other island groups through political and economic exchanges. Stone tools recovered from the central places of the Tongan state were geochemically analyzed to provide the first archaeological assessment of maritime interaction in the Central Pacific, with a high proportion of tools (66%) identified as long-distance imports from Fiji, Samoa, and the Society Islands. Exotic lithics were an important source of political capital used by Tongan elites, and an important consequence of centralization was the development of interaction centers through which people, products, and information about political organizations reached many parts of the prehistoric Pacific.
  13. eric e

    Ancient Polynesian Navigation

    back to that again the land masses didn't breakup thousands of years ago leaving scattered groups of asians on them the land masses broke up millions of years ago before humans existed as a species however hundreds of thousands of years ago during ice ages there were some land bridges that allowed java man, florensian? hobbits + aboriginals to get to austraia and papua new guinea, probably about the same time peking man was getting into place but that was hundreds of thousands of years before polynesians left taiwan in boats the time scales are completely different as are the peoples being discussed think of hawaii it was never a drifting land mass that somehow sailed across the ocean from japan like most of polynesia it was/is a volcano that came straight up from the sea floor in the middle of the ocean thousands of miles from any other land mass
  14. eric e

    Ancient Polynesian Navigation

    so how did maori + other polynesians reach such far off islands in the last 3000 years? the accepted way is by sailing large voyaging sailing canoes can you provide links to any reputable archaeologists backing the chinese wall quackery?
  15. eric e

    Ancient Polynesian Navigation

    just the 1 glass of merlot at the mo but the bottle's already lookin scared tell me how polynesians walked or skipped the 2,500km to nz in 1300AD or how they walked or skipped between co-joined land masses 200,000,000 years ago well before homosapiens existed let alone polynesians