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  1. eric e

    Poll: Next AC Boat

    a design competition boxed by inefficiency? like carbon fibre dhows? do try to keep up evolution does not favour slack-tards
  2. eric e

    Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    ^ am sure there are few nice posters here not many but a few a few accept that jimmy was acting like a cunt because he was paid to others think that removes the only excuse...
  3. those that squeeze seldom blow jimmy blows...
  4. as bill felt dalt's light touch to his ball-sac he coughed $5mil the squeeze has only just begun
  5. halsey wharf extension plans from 2015 also cruise ship extension for super liners
  6. loads more hotels and apartments are currently being built in AK the tank farm cleared, stripped of soil and rebuilt as council owned leasehold, (uk style) hotels for the event that then become apartments would be good for all and a natural expansion of the current viaduct hosting the cup in 4 years will also speed the dolphin and wharf upgrade so more cruise ships can visit and be used as sydney olympic style floating hotels if needed funding will probably end up being 33/33/33% between central gov. for the toxic mess removal? - council in providing infrastructure for THEIR land to make more money through higher valued leases - private investors paying for individual units in hotels with 10yr? management contracts everyone's a winner even blue collar construction workers bludgers may not consider themselves to be winners but when have they? scoring a half full pack of fags, or being paid to do nothing shouldn't count
  7. eric e

    AC36 - The Venue

    real farmers stopped 4mm #8 years ago too soft, needed lots of retensioning, heavier than needed, more expensive etc nowadays, with the addition of a gnat's cock of vanadium, 2.5mm high tensile wire is lighter, cheaper, needs less retensioning BUT as it's as hard as hell it won't do the easy close radius bends that #8 was famous for so it's pants for stitching things together or spanish windlass stuff etc but a surprising # of kiwis have become dab hands with the black magic metal, carbon fibre
  8. eric e

    Team NZ

    the stuff they are halfway through recladding it in very similar to what burned the london tower block...
  9. eric e

    Team NZ

    hey! australians can have cricket + league the usa "american" football + baseball the uk, 3rd in everything they invented we just expect AC + rugby
  10. eric e

    Team NZ

    let's give the cyclors their timeto shine i fear it will be brief So who better to have thrashing the pedals at "100 per cent" than an Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and world championship track cyclist? "But this isn't sailing, this is a war machine," he said. "It's not a sail boat at all, there's nothing like it in the world at all.
  11. just watching the presser interesting how burling credits the luff up at start to both ray davies and murray jones looks like jimmy's become too predictable
  12. will oracle bid strongly for nathan? jimmy's past it and an etnz 80% nationality rule would probably be most difficult for the swedes of course oz would want him but oracle have deeper pockets
  13. eric e

    Oracle Team USA

    jimmy should be put on the little bmx cycle grinder for the next race and encouraged to shout out advice to slingsby on the helm would make great tv
  14. eric e

    Groucho's new wing mast

    another shot of a 10? yr skeletor
  15. eric e

    Corsica 15R

    being the first builder of a drawing of a boat would make getting the astus up to speed look like a cake walk hint; try and work out where the dagger is... where it enters, exits, what it's made of, it's size, construction etc. once you've guessed that stuff start guessing about the case and get your guesses right first time because getting back in there to make changes.....