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  2. Awlwood? Anybody use that can review?

    I have been using Awlwood for the past 4 years. I stripped all the Cetol off, sanded, and followed the Mfg's instructions. I could not be happier with it. It has held up extremly well and is very durable. Our toe rails look outstanding and the Awlwood has taken the constants wear and tear very well. In the spring I sand any areas that may need to be re-touched, and then apply another coat. I usually apply another total coat to the toe rails. If water gets underneath the Awlwood, the teak turns black and it will need to be removed by sanding. Good adheasion is critical to using the primer. I have the clear gloss on all exterior wood surfaces. My teak has a very deep rich luster. The one down side to it, DO NOT get it on your deck or ANY area that you wish not to. Once dried, it will not come off or wear off, and will need to be removed by sanding. You must tape all areas off very well to keep it where it goes. Best place to purchase is Merrit Marine in Fla. They carry everything you need. https://www.merrittsupply.com/product/awlgrip-awlwood-ma-clear-gloss-finish/
  3. College Football 2017

    More pics of Jake Fromm's mom.....................
  4. LONQR

  5. parts dept anarchy

    This makes no sense......B.S.
  6. For Sale: Used Empty YETI Cardboard Box

    It's just a cynical joke.........................
  7. For sale - One empty, lightly used, YETI Cardboard box. $75. This box is wildly stronger and will store stuff unbelievably better than a regular old cardboard box. It is clearly marked YETI and is sure to impress your friends. After using a YETI Box, you will never go back to using a regular old Amazon box to store your junk in. Yeti sticker NOT included!Notice in the picture how the lid flaps go ALL the way across the box, not just halfway like the flaps found on lesser quality boxes.
  8. PropGlide vs. Velox

    chuso007..Thanks for the detailed response. I HAVE used propspeed and have had success with that product. I agreee, it works the best. I was hoping some of these new "knockoffs" worked, but as I suspected, they do not. Propspeed is $$$$ and I was looking for a less expensive alternative...but No Thanks to snake oil.
  9. PropGlide vs. Velox

    Really looking for a anti foalling prop coating that will protect for at least the summer. Sailing in N.J., Barnegat Bay, in brakish water. Have only had limited success with Tri-Lux 33 or Petit Barnacle Protector. Any info on PropGlide or Velox and how it works in real life would be greatly appreciated...Thanks...
  10. "National Cleavage Day"

    Guess I nees to take a permanet seat......YUCK!!!
  11. "National Cleavage Day"

    Who's the Porn star??
  12. Moving 30 amp power cord outlet?

    Jack Sparrow........Thank you for the info. You are correct, that I moor bow in. I appreciate your candidness and the info re: the safety and routing. It was the info I was looking for as safety is paramount when it come to electricity. I was sure there were flaws in the scheme, and they are life threatening. I can easily run the cord along the deck, I was just looking for a way to avoid it. Thanks again......Much appreciated.
  13. Moving 30 amp power cord outlet?

    My anchor well is quite deep, and also contains the windless. It certainly would be mounted quite high and sealed. I also would cap the end when not in use to avoing further moisture intrusion. You do bring up a point that is a concern of mine.
  14. I currently have a 30 amp outlet at the cockpit side. I would like to move the outlet to the inside of the anchor locker. Can I disconnect from the cocklpit outlet, install a junction box, and run a 30 amp cord to the anchor locker with an outlet? I would leave the 30 amp cockpit outlet installed, it would just be disconnected and would be available should I want to re-connect at a later time. Thanks for the help...........
  15. "National Cleavage Day"

    Wonderful view while you're having dinner at the "Y".