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  1. Santana 20 keel reinforcement

    Listen to Feisty!! Been parked next to him for the better part of this century. He has many many years in the 20 and is an engineer. In other words, he knows his shit...
  2. UM... Fox News... I just love how you conveniently forget about the media outlets that spew his shit day in and day out. Go to the office net door and report your findings to Putin Komrade..
  3. NEWT GINGRICH SAID IT!!!!!! I can yell too... The orange one is just parroting his cronies.. Twat.. https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/02/20/newt-gingrich-says-only-long-term-solution-to-school-gun-violence-is-arming-teachers
  4. He does realize that this will create an army of armed teachers that will surpass, by a large amount, the number of armed Police Officers in the entire US right??
  5. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    What possible reason would GFM or ourselves have to lie or misconstrue any of this?? Shines a light on GFM business practices.
  6. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    Was born 15 yrs too late.. I would have crushed at skicross. Used to do that shit for last run top to bottom, no rules, last one down buys beers...
  7. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    Never had the chance to go DH in competition, but got on a course for a training run.. OMG you nailed it slow. My wife was constantly asking me why I was cringing at the starts and not during the big jumps etc 1/2 way down... Because that traverse between gate 3-4 is insane.... The rest is well easy...
  8. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    They were Mikaela Shiffrin'a you twat. Easy .01 out of those. Plus the snowboarder was not a park rat, she was a GS snowboarder and one of the best in the world so she knows how to make skis/board run on a course like this. Really Really cool she won, Lindsey is just old, but still quick in DH.
  9. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    Comcast is showing everything apparently, like 15 channels or somesuch. Gotta have it though.
  10. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    Just wait for the ski cross... The snowboard cross is dumb as the only thing they really do is crash so NBC loves it. Skicross is like the fucking Chinese downhill!!! They won't show it tho because there will be ice dancing and we all know that is more fun to watch.
  11. Stupid Airports

    You will need it PB, if only for the hospital visits (worse place for spaces and attitudes btw and the time you are in the chair and or walker after (if they put you in one in the first place). I had a chair for a couple weeks each time and I had a temp placard (if they put you in one get the skinny version.. Easier to get around the house and fits in the trunk...) You will be amazed at the fuckwits that take advantage. I had one dildonic fuckwit that parked so close to my car in the Handy capped space that I could not even open the door. Literally 3 days after surgery I had to crawl through the back hatch of the jeep. If I was not in crazy pain and in a hurry by the time I got to the drivers seat I would have done some serious damage to the guy and his car with my chair and crutches... and this was in the hospital parking lot!!!!!
  12. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Saw that, aint orange and looks small. The orange may have rubbed off in the environment though.
  13. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Probably make a decent slow boat to china. Ba dum dum... try the veal...
  14. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Where did the net and the American themed tarp... Er.... table cloth come from? did they net her and drag her to the final resting place?? if so, I would assume she is chopped up and sold for scrap by now. Dud he manage to grab the ring before he abandoned her??