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  1. shaggy

    No collusion!

    Rudi was frankly a relatively good guy up until 2001. 2002 it all went south... Last paragraph is where the downward spiral begins...
  2. Well, they always will have the hats...
  3. Ha ok. Just got my third Imac late summer 2018. Straight out of the box used old wireless mouse from prior Imac. worked a treat. Just got a new $6 wireless mouse as old one was trapped in the xmas decorations boxes in the attic for the holidays. Plug and play works a treat...
  4. Shit, just get a $5 wireless mouse. Plug and play and it works just like the PC.
  5. shaggy

    Stupidest Shutdown in History

    IMHO Pelosi has an out.. She can continue to say no and wait it out, or continue to say no, but provide trump with some sort of out that includes a ton of riders (daca path to citizenship, etc..) and maybe tack on another 500 mil for border security. The Dodard will claim victory and spin it anyway he wants knowing his core will lap it up. She gains 2 or more major victories all while more and more of his followers start to see the light as Mueller gets closer and closer and they start to recognize the lies for what they are. Lies... "I'm guessing that once McConnell counts 8 hard "yeas", the real negotiations start." Yup
  6. shaggy

    Stupidest Shutdown in History

    Again... The house approved a bill opening the govt.. Actually 6. They submitted it(them) to the senate where your guy Mcconnell refuses to put it up to a vote. The bills are there, the govt can be opened by one stroke of the pen. Hell, a bill passed the senate unanimously again, in red crayon, Unanimously... Meaning everyone.. again, in red crayon, Everyone (even the dotard agreed would be a good thing) before x mass. It fucking passed. It was fucking sitting on his desk... and then the ghost of kelleyanne called the orange one a name, he was butt hurt and took his pen and went home leaving the country to stand there like idiots waiting for the man in charge to do something. He has not done anything but act like a petulant child all the while sinking deeper into the muck being uncovered by Mueler. He has managed to paint himself into a corner over 1 tenth of 1 percent of the budget(Your words).. Now, hopefully, the parts in red may trigger some semblance of morality in your tiny , tiny cream of mushroom soup slurping brain and pull you a bit closer to reality. Not to mention the fact that 11 of his cronies have jumped ship so far in the Russian sanctions thing. This goes on much longer, someone in the senate is gonna rally the troops and get it opened with a supermajority in the senate and we will be heading full speed ahead to a resignation or impeachment.
  7. shaggy

    FFS power tools

    U have teenagers?? Just askin..
  8. shaggy

    When Trump held a party and nobody came

    Hell, the house passed 6 resolutions to open govt, Mcconnell is refusing to put em up for a vote in senate and the orange one is taking his ball and going home if he does not get his way. 11 Repubs just jumped ship on the Russian sanctions thing so me thinks the Repubs are feeling the heat... Look for the Senate to put through something that will get a veto proof majority in the coming weeks to open her up. Only counter Drumpf has is to declare an emergency, but me thinks the pentagon is gonna be alittle pissed if he takes their $$ away. Political suicide if he tries to get the fema $$... He really has painted himself into a corner, even Coulter is saying he is a retard and has 0 negotiating skills... Good interview with wicked witch of the west... Saw it last night on the tube. Damning remarks about 1/2 way in. Man that scarecrow can dance around anything...
  9. cause there aint none...
  10. IMHO this is a no brainer if cost is not the defining factor. The Colgate is a tank, it is under canvased (on purpose as it was designed as a sailing school trainer) does it even come with a spin?? Is there anything below that resembles bunks?? and, well, its heavy. The bene = latest and greatest all purpose racer/cruiser. Actually amazed that those 2 are both on their radar as they represent 2 drastically different boats built for totally opposite reasons. Plus $45k for a Colgate??? WTF?
  11. Yes, as long as you can get past that melty facey thing.
  12. shaggy

    For those that mock the great lakes

    well that just sucks. try this one.
  13. shaggy

    For those that mock the great lakes

    I will just leave this here.. Rip the fitz
  14. shaggy

    Worlds most expensive Home Stereo ?

    Oh lordy. Don't get me started. Couple years after we moved in all the bathroom outlets and a light cut out except one. Ran the lines, wet to the attic to trace everything, yanked the sockets to look for a short, checked all the breakers and reset all the gfci breakers at the sockets. Wasted the better part of a Saturday on it. Finally called a electrical engineer buddy and he came by and did the same shit no bueno. So we gave up, went to the porch on the other side of the house to figure out the best way to rewire everything over a couple beers. Flipped the light switch, he looks over at the outside outlet and notices it was a GFCI. Reset and bingo... Who in the fuck ties the entire bathroom to a GFCI outlet outside???
  15. shaggy

    Grilling 2018

    Jesus, just give me the drippings of the shit that has found its way over that grill over the years and i will be happy...