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  1. shaggy

    Bloomberg's complicated taxes

    Well sort of. He wants to win, and he wants to fix what ails this place, but... He is being realistic... His main goal is to beat trump, hot implement a new hca, not blow up immigration, not get out of Afghanistan, Just beat trump. Which IMHO might be the best way to go about this whole shit show. We will see...
  2. shaggy

    Bloomberg's complicated taxes

    I think he was banking on his prior years taxes being out there already along with his foundations. He thought that would be enough for now, but that was a miscalculation. IMHO, I don't think he should be called to the mat until after he is the nominee. He is one of the most giving dudes on the planet and is basically running to fuck trump rather than to change shit. I don't think he was ready for Warren to jump all over him and frankly,, It looked like his view of his fellow frontrunners changed drastically.
  3. shaggy


    Trump just nailed down every frigging centrist in ILL with this move. Blaggo was seen as a not so bad guy with the centrists. same with the SF coach. They are going for the undecideds and IMHO these moves cater directly to them.
  4. shaggy

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    Oh crap, I just got the chills. Hate Bees to this day because of that damn show...
  5. Worked in the industry 90's early 20's Booming was not the word. It was nutz. The amount of $$ and the ease of docs changed drastically at that time. Managers were closing 20-30 loans a month and raking it in. Never mind that we LO's were selling shit that would make your hair curl nowdays. Got out when it got incredibly stupid and went into a .com mtg company that was putting borrowers together with lenders. Not so bad, had an app, (in development) and had a "List"(XXXXX subprime loans) which management was peddling around trying to sell. When shit went south the .com went under. Good times 1 week b4 xmass. It was a shit show till the end and the basically unregulated loans of the late 90's and early 20's absolutely lead to the .. bubble bursting. BTW. Never ever, in the 10 + yrs i was in the industry, heard a peep from any fed or otherwise fed associated person to sell more subprime and I worked for some of the largest lenders in the nation. You just simply could not turn the spigot off.
  6. I will start... Fucking Willy Wonka chocolate river boat scene... Still can't watch that part.. f'd up Jaws, (and I was on the damn swim team). Dreamed of sharks coming out of the grates and under h20 viewing places every frigging lap. Still crosses my mind today.
  7. First hand knowledge I do not have, so good on ya for sharing... If true, well, you have your reasons and that is certainly a good one, but at one point, if you were that close to it, you must have had some modicum of love for this country and now have decided to become a trumpaloo. Agree to disagree, but again, if true, I can't argue with it. IMHO, It seems as if your personal experiences have left you with tunnel vision and you cannot see the forest through the trees...
  8. Because idiot boy is gonna be out of office... Duh... You are an idiot.
  9. WTF??? She was by far the most qualified and well respected member of the us delegation around the world. What are you on about?? She actually beat your boy remember, so by definition her behavior was perfect!!!! Which gives me some hope for our future.
  10. Most of America was not suffering under Obama. Most of America did not vote for your guy.. What part of that do you not understand??
  11. And if he does win, I would expect that he would behave appropriately for the office. Something that the orange one has not ever done. If he does not, and does the same shit, well, impeach his ass. That's how this works...
  12. No, The fact that they are still supporting his actions post election is the disturbing part and most certainly makes them wrong.... The Elk on the right just don't get that.