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  1. shaggy

    Under water recovery ideas?

    Reservoir or nat lake...?? Our res here have a nasty current about 15' down when full.. Something gets sucked in there, well, you aint finding it.
  2. God, Hopefully right?? IMHO I don't think shitstain can stay away...
  3. shaggy

    Garage Renovation Anarchy...

    I have a basement, Anyone want a Formica TV console from the early 90's?? How about a 15 yo stair master, 20 yo Big screen TV?? 10 yo big screen TV... Numerous fake xmas trees?? 5 boxes of legos from the kid.. Xylophone from grade school band... 10 boxes of clothes from high school/college(we gonna loose the weight someday right??) All my suits (WFH, never wear em... ), Set of S20 sails the PO made himself... 3 couches... 5 pairs of Skis I got pro form, (non parabolics from early 90's).. The 210 downhilI 2x4's are fun... Lifetime of ski equiptment for a family of 3. Numerous dog cretes... Official Enza flag from the boat, early 90's, right before they went around.. Ton o stuff for my future man cave... can go on, but I would need to do walk through er... create a path so I can get to the furnace...
  4. shaggy

    Will Biden debate Trump?

    Well, NY has had a hard on for the orange one for forever and there are enough civil cases that will come out of this that he will be busy for probably the rest of his life. Even if he gets a pardon from Pence, He still is libel in civil court. But what would Pense Pardon him for. He has not been convicted of anything, and if they start talking about Pardons is it an admission of guilt? So that basically means that everything he has been accused of so far is true and all his lies are just that.. Lies. How are they going to spin that??
  5. shaggy

    Will Biden debate Trump?

    Make her AOC's assistant... Could you imagine the twit wars... I can't wait till some of the genz'r's come of age and twit all these old fucks out of existence in both chambers...
  6. shaggy

    Will Biden debate Trump?

    $$$ for keyboard plz....
  7. We sailed in that wed night, sans LJ, beer in hand.. Good times...
  8. They took a pic of my kid... . Always said he was the result of some sort of frigging german experiment. He is gen 2 and was slated to be a sooper soldier in the great army..... . Dad came over after the war when he was 18, so totally feasible. Duck..!!!! Black Helos are coming..... Where is my damn tinfoil hat...
  9. shaggy

    Trump’s niece Mary

    Wasn't all the money Kennedy money at one point or another???
  10. shaggy

    Why we as a country (USA) are collectively screwed

    To be fair gov... they have a populus that is 1 billion(carl Sagan voice) % more maluable than the good old USofA.. also that communism thing... agree w rest though...
  11. OK, so unbadged us citizens can now stop a presumed undocumented (or anyone for that matter) person and demand papers etc?? WTF. Are we going to go back to the wild west and round up a posse and deputize everyone?? He is following Mein Kompf to the letter...
  12. You mean I am going to be stuck with my MIL till she croaks?? Fuck, Her damn family lives forever, Great Granny was fucking 100, Gma lasted till 98 or some souch. I gotta get a bigger garage......
  13. shaggy

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    Scurry, go on then, Scurry.... I wanna watch...
  14. shaggy

    Banning Vaping?

    New boat name...:)
  15. shaggy

    Garage Renovation Anarchy...

    My basement is proof of that. 20 yrs o crap. need to purge...