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  1. shaggy

    Weber Spirit E-210 grill, yea or nah?

    Got a Vermont Castings grill when we bought the house 15 yrs or so ago. Thing is still kicking ass and pumping out good shit(double walled, 4 burner with ceramic griddle and inferred burner). I have smoked turkeys/ribs in this thing and it is still going strong, (by smoking I mean going low and slow on one burner and intermittently dumping wood chips directly on the burner that is lit. 0 problems so far). The only thing I am kicking myself about is the side burner. I don't have one and miss it. I went through 3-4 grills in our previous houses and will never go back. Spend the $$ for a decent one and just like everything else.. You will be happy...
  2. shaggy

    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    Ok, so ... I used to smoke 1-2 packs of al Capone cheezy cigars on a good wed night, weekend regattas I brought 4 and rarely came home with many left. Love the somoke feel of a good cigar, but could never get through an entire cubano and I never wanted to waste 30 bucks, so the Al Capones were small and good and I never really cared if I had to throw the damn thing overboard if something went screwy. Once I went vape though, my god, I can breathe in the morning, hangovers are 1/2 as evil and my wallet is a bit heftier after buying into the whole vape thing. I am still at 3 mg but could prob go down to 0 without much hassle. The big thing is you gotta get a good pen. Spend the $70- $100 for a good mod(the thing that holds the batteries) and get a good tank. With a good mod you can adjust the ohms and wats to your taste. This is a good thing... I originally went the route of buying the cheep pens first then after a year of replacing shit every week, bit the bullet and got a good one. I have had it for about 2 years and only have had to replace the battery once (lion). As to the juice, I honed it down to chi tea 3 mg from Centennial vapor (10 bucks or so for a btl, YMMV( it lasts a week or 2 depending on partying). I went down the custom expensive road for a while, but landed on that. So pros are you can wake up and be functional immediately without the smoking hangover, cons well, we will have to wait and see.. It has to be better than smoking right??
  3. shaggy

    The NFL Tells Trump to Shut Up

    This is not going to end well. IMHO the players union needs to really step up to the owners and say FU... Only way that is going to work is going to be a strike. Hopefully it does not come down to that, but look for some of the big $$ players to start paying fines for the team if they have the balls... 1 game where Brady, Rogers, Rothlesberger, Breeze or Ryan step up and back theyr o line or D guys in sitting out a couple games will do wonders... It might never happen, but still, it should.
  4. shaggy

    Things to do in IOWA

    Went on a big fishing trip to green lake with my dad, didn't catch anything, but that is up there. Basically Door county...
  5. shaggy

    Interesting new DIY Catamaran build

    Good God I hope so.. It looks like Rimas is landlocked for a while and Jen was a flash in the pan just like tin can... We need a summer thread to look forward to..
  6. shaggy

    Wireless speedometer?

    Speedmate made one years ago, I still have it somewhere. On the 20 we had a hard time getting it to synch to the paddle wheel. I think I used it for 1/2 season. Biggest prob was the synching plus, keeping the flywheel attached to the hull proved to be problematic. The double sided tape never held and once we epoxy'd it on, said synching got worse. Ditched it after failing to get it to work consistently. Not worth the headache IMHO with al the wireless/GPS systems out there nowdays.
  7. shaggy

    Things to do in IOWA

    Had a friend that grew up in some god forsaken town in Iowa. Pop 5,000 or some such. The things to do on a Friday night consisted of drinking copious amounts of beer then go past the grain mill to pick up supplies, Proceed to the overpass and commence the ritual of "Corning cars". Ahh youth. There was a points system based on trucks (Easy) sedans (harder) convertibles come next and Motorcycles garnered the most points... He admitted that the chase was 1/2 the fun.
  8. Meh, But here you go.. Curtesy of the Washington Post By Philip BumpMay 23Email the author “Spygate” made its debut on Wednesday morning during Trump’s “executive time,” the period during which he watches “Fox and Friends” before starting his official day. The term is a shorthand meant to refer to a scandal that Trump has insisted is potentially the worst in American history, easily eclipsing Watergate. [‘SPYGATE’: Trump steps up attacks on FBI’s probes during campaign] Not to damp his enthusiasm or anything, it’s also a scandal for which there’s no public evidence. Trump’s claim is that the FBI put a “spy” in his campaign at the behest of Barack Obama’s White House as part of an effort to undercut his candidacy by alleging collusion with the Russians. It’s hard to square that claim with 1) Trump’s repeated insistence that the Russia investigation began only after he won as an excuse for the Democrats’ loss, and 2) the fact that America only learned about the investigation into Russian collusion after voting had already occurred. If Obama and the Democrats put a spy in his campaign to undercut his chances, they made a small strategic error by not mentioning anything publicly before votes were cast. But that’s the claim, because internal consistency is not a requirement for any conspiracy theory, much less this one. As it stands, the evidence that there was a “spy” — or multiple “spies” — within his campaign is as follows: A professor based in Britain reached out to Trump campaign advisers George Papadopoulos and Carter Page before the election, apparently to evaluate any connections they might have had to Russian actors. The professor also had coffee once with senior adviser Sam Clovis, during which they discussed China. A former adviser, fired in the middle of the campaign, is telling people that he knows of another spy, but hasn’t offered any evidence to that effect. A “lot of people” are saying there were spies in the campaign, per Trump. Update: Over the course of the day on Wednesday, Trump has also pointed to comments made by former director of national intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. on the program “The View.” As The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake notes, Clapper didn’t say what Trump says he did. There’s overlap between points 3 and 4 above, in that the “lot of people” Trump sees talking about a “spy” in his campaign are mostly people on Fox News like Judge Andrew Napolitano. Trump’s case really comes down to that first point, that professor emeritus at the University of Cambridge who spoke with Trump staffers. His name, The Post reported this week, is Stefan Halper, and he did indeed contact both Page and Papadopoulos. resident Trump during his meeting with Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on May 16. (Olivier Douliery/Pool/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock) The argument that Halper was a spy planted in Trump’s campaign, though, early on suffers from two significant flaws. The first, as we noted on Tuesday, is that Halper contacted Papadopoulos and Page only after they were already on the FBI’s radar. The FBI had interviewed Page in March; he met Halper in July, after he’d traveled to Moscow. The FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign began in July; Halper’s outreach to Papadopoulos began in September. The second, of course, is that Halper was never embedded in the campaign. Nor is there any evidence he was ever spying on the campaign. His outreach was to three specific individuals, including Clovis — whose position in the campaign meant that he was a point of contact for both Page and Papadopoulos. It would be a bit like trying to take down the Mob by interviewing street hoods whom you thought you could convict on shoplifting charges. So that’s all the public evidence, those meetings with a guy who was not in any sense part of Trump’s campaign. That and rumors. Now, you may be thinking, Well, maybe Trump has seen other evidence that isn’t public. That’s possible, but it is undercut somewhat by the weeks-long fight that’s taken place over whether to reveal Halper’s relationship with the FBI. Why the focus on Halper if there’s better evidence than Halper out there? This is also an administration that, early in 2017, invited Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) to the White House complex to view classified documents that it believed would help bolster Trump’s off-the-cuff claim about phones at Trump Tower having been wiretapped during the campaign. That “spying” also did not occur, but the White House — or at least White House staffers — had few qualms about sharing material that might help prove it. The “tapped phones” incident is a good reminder that we’ve seen this dance before: Trump whips up a conspiracy theory out of the ether and uses it to suggest that he is an unfair victim. He’s never been terribly worried about backing up his assertions with facts; his claims about seeing Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the 9/11 attacks come to mind. He learned from that incident that he could make a false claim and that his base would throw up enough scaffolding around it that it could stand on its own. It’s happened time and again, with Trump saying that something that didn’t happen actually did and his allies scrambling for scraps of evidence that suggest it might have. So now it’s Spygate. As special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe advances toward its conclusion, whatever that might be, the urgency of having Spygates to offset the political risk posed by the Russia investigation increases. “Spygate” is no more robust a theory than “tapped phones”-gate, but it’s more important now because the political stakes are so much higher. Trump will stick with it for a while — unless something else pops up that might be a more effective foil for him or a better way to undercut the legitimacy of the FBI. That’s really the game, of course: If the FBI is investigating him, then it’s necessary to present as much evidence as possible that the FBI is biased in doing so. Always that need to give people a reason to doubt the negative things being said about him, just like his attacks on the press. Unlike Gretchen Wieners in “Mean Girls,” Trump can make “Spygate” happen. What he has, that Wieners didn’t, is a constituency of people and television personalities willing and eager to make it happen.
  9. shaggy

    Hawaiian shirt season begins this weekend.

    I don't think there is a closet in america that does not have that red and white flowered one on the right hanging proudly. The silk Tommy Bahama's are my fav...
  10. Raced PHRF for most of my youth on lake Michigan. OD the last 20 yrs. Always looked at it as a race against a sister ship or another OD in PHRF. Never much cared how we did if we beat the sister ships. And low and behold, we got better, they got better and we ended up winning a few in PHRF... It is all a mindset, gotta set expectations and sail to your ability... No sense in getting into all the arguments, this is supposed to be fun...
  11. shaggy

    Is football dying?

    Yea.. Because it was in Minnesota, In winter... WTF... If they played in Miami, NO or Cali, it would be packed.. Look at the crowds they are drawing for the frigging draft in Chicago/Philly.. They should make it a traveling game played in 4-5 cities period. The NY outdoor game got lucky, Dallas, not so much..
  12. shaggy

    Is football dying?

    Notice that most of the big hits are also penalties(except in pro BOX)... The refs are quick to stop the hits to the head even on the college level. "can you imagine the way the aztecs played? life on the line.". Iroquois and others in the GL area not Aztecs. and believe it or not it is the national sport of Canada, not hockey, go figure. The kid played the Iroquois nation team in the worlds a couple years ago. Oh boy... They let them play with the real wood sticks made by their tribe.. Most sitcks these days weigh nothing, they are made of titanium and ubatonium, so the wacks around the arms and torso aren't so bad... Theirs were like baseball bats... Heavy as shit, but man when they connected you could feel it on the sidelines. Cross checks and slashes took on a whole new meaning.. Kid was on attack, so he took the brunt of it. At 1/2 time he was putting his arm guards back on (they ditched them in 7th grade).. ...
  13. shaggy

    Is football dying?

    Well, DU has been decent for decades. They are the Ivy League of law schools out west so they never had football. Great at hockey for decades as well. You are just seeing DU Lax out east as they joined the big east in 2014 and got Tierney(Multiple multiple LAX Championchips) so they aint new, but CSU(3-5 Club level Champs in the last 8 yrs) and CU are really coming into their own. Kid went to a crazy competitive HS and played V. He said the level of competition, at, CSU on the club team, is insane.. They are also always talking about going V, but it hasn't come to frition yet. I coached the kid through HS, and the level of play has seriously improved in the last 10 yrs. IMHO, LAX > Football from a kids standpoint as you don't have to be 250+ lbs and a meathead to play. Little guys do well as well and good LAX is fun to watch, kind of like Soccer is better, but for watching, Football (on the pro/college level) just gets better as you get older.
  14. shaggy

    Things to do in IOWA

    Guy we sail with does it every year. If you are into that sort of thing it is supposed to be kick ass...