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  1. Asteroid could strike Earth day prior to election: Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson
  2. This Atlas Guy is a real winner.... Infighting, Exhaustion Deadlocks Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force, New Report Details — 10/19/20, 9:25 a.m. ET Birx recently confronted the office of Vice President Pence, who chairs the task force, about the acrimony, according to two people familiar with the meeting. Birx, whose profile and influence has eroded considerably since Atlas’s arrival, told Pence’s office that she does not trust Atlas, does not believe he is giving Trump sound advice and wants him removed from the task force, the two people said.
  3. shaggy

    NFL 2020

    Nagy needs to stop giving the other team a shot at the end.. The d is frigging awesome, but that shit is just dumb...
  4. shaggy

    NFL 2020

    Yea, On one hand I was loving that the Rog was getting destroyed, On the other i had $$ on the pack coming back, so it was a wash. Happy to be tied though and maybe that gives da brs a blueprint to beat the guy.... The D was stellar... This is BRS football...
  5. White House Puts In ‘Politicals’ At CDC To Try To Control Info
  6. Just on news. Black gunz matter guy that was arguing with the fat guy just talked from a secret location on out of state phone #. He getting death threats... anyway. He said though he never saw a gun, hat guy was posturing and said he would shoot him and did the finger gun to the head thing, so he 100% thought hat guy was packing.. also, new audio you can clearly hear security kid, or someone in the 9 news party, yell 9 news security .. 9 news security 3 times. So. The more you know right? Kid is gonna be ok, but the process is going to suck.. Also also.. As to the licensing thing.. 9 news found that most of their security guys overr the last 6 mo do not have security guard licensing. So this is the norm.. Other newsies had security too. They looking into licensing. Sent from phone so sorry if typos.
  7. You are a duche... It is Common practice if not Policy in the computer world, Just had a refresh and had mine wiped right in front of me, took all of 1 minute. Guy with laptop obviously had some nefarious ideas so yea, CPU guy is a dick.
  8. shaggy

    So, I bought a boat

    Ummmm What's it rate??
  9. shaggy

    The good news

    Mother in law moved in.. That count??
  10. shaggy

    Town Hall Wars 2020

    ABC announced first, NBC scheduled 3 days later. NBC MGMT is at fault. The off brand butt plug will get the numbers cause he is well .. an off brand butt plug. So... Winning!!!!!
  11. see post # 288 Google the convo. it was on news last night 9 news. Fat fuck had clips in his jacket, that is what the kid was pointing at and that is what caused the whole thing. Fat fuck slapped him when he saw said clips. He had a damn gun...
  12. Actually he would, Prob was his crack dealer..
  13. Repair shop owner is a POS.. Should have wiped it as soon as he got it.