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  1. X100,000,000,000
  2. Frankly, it aint gonna crop up outside the AC. The 12's did it in what the 70's?? The tech has been there forever and no one (besides TNZ) has done a thing to pursue it. How many classes allow for stored power or even need it?? Groupama? (i think) had a bike on deck at one point, but that was only to raise and lower sails in solo trim. No way any class is going to go that direction. Plus, How many people actually want to just pedal on a sailboat?? Hey John, come out on a wed night, No you can't touch any strings, just put your head down and pedal, I got the rest... Retarded.
  3. My hope is we see entire teams kneeling during anthem. Fuck the orange one.
  4. +100. I think woofsie is trying to change the perception of his online persona.
  5. Jesus, did the designer ever sail?? Or is that desk made for midgets to pull up a chair from the front. Notice the hinge. Big wave and yo fingers be gone.
  6. Tried to do this for the Chicago mac back when dad could probably still do it. About 10 ish yrs ago. Options were few and far between then and in the smaller size range, I would think are even worse. Might be best to buy something planning on selling it after. Might be better to try and find room on someone else's ride. Maybe check with Irish and see if anyone needs a delivery crew after Chicago(which is first this year?) Might be the next best thing.
  7. Only thing that would make sense is if it has to be pinned before the start or both boats cross the line. That basically solves the major issue of the prestart dance that some want to bring back.
  8. Alittle far to get to Bandimere me thinks woofsie and please explain why runways suck as drag strips for things like this..
  9. Read 1/2 this thread and had to share. This goes deeper than just the school, just the community and just the state that this shit happens in. Columbine happened before my kid was out of diapers, but he has been trained by the school system to fear hallways and always have a safe place at school. We are not gun people by any means, but he said when he gets the $$ he is gonna get a handgun. I asked why on earth?? He explained that since grade school it has been drilled into their heads that they need to have a safe place at school and/or have some protection Mace, pepper spray etc when not in school.. He also said that every new room or building built or renovated since columbine has a cutout by the door so you can lock the door and hide. Made me think long and hard about the whole damn thing. The world we live in hu...
  10. Well, I know the TP exists, gave it to the son of a fan of the orange one for xmass. He places a couple sheets it in his dads bathroom when the tweet storms get too bad.
  11. It is a bumfuck Colorado (no offence B ) airport not an intl like DIA or even Centennial. I think the biggest thing they can get in there is a DC10, so I think the ravines are not much of a concern. Info.. https://www.codot.gov/programs/aeronautics/colorado-airport-system/general-aviation-airports/ga-airports-a-b/AEJ
  12. Question?? every mass exodus has taken place on the outbound road. Why not jump the shark and go to the other oncoming lane??
  13. OMG, who is gong o reao thebenifitw this time,,
  14. Talked to the dude that took us out on a cat for a day trip. Said he raced her, when not chartering. Said that during storms they would sink her and pump out after. Seamed reasonable. It was a local boat so nothing inside. Made sense at the time.
  15. Thought you were supposed to keep shit open as pressure will blow the whole damn thing apart instead of a couple of windows... Maybe that's just tornadoes.