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  1. He knew what he signed up for

    Good God, Again, Do you people read?? WTF, It has been said for 2 days that the congresswoman was a mentor to the kid and knows the family, she was in the limo because she was grieving with the family. Christ you people spin shit just to spin shit.
  2. Rimas is alive

    Can you read?? It aint about the grifting or any other BS he does. It is 100% about the Coast guard and other entities putting their people in danger to drag this guy around the globe. No one here would ever ever call the CG unless they were in a dire situation. Rimas actually plans on calling on their heroics every frigging time he leaves the dock. Read the damn post by the helo guy. That is 100% why he is bashed on these forums. Oh, and the claim to be doing some sort of record breaking chafes some asses.
  3. Replacing standing rigging w/ boat in water

    Young Dumb and lucky don't make it right.
  4. Pole dancing in line to become Olympic sport

    Good God man, I blame you for my frigging youtube adds now. WTF?
  5. He knew what he signed up for

    So the wifie, could not just turn on speaker phone when the conversation started to go sideways? No way she would have had her phone on speaker so her whole family could hear a call from the frigging president of the US, Right?
  6. He knew what he signed up for

    Boom there goes the dynamite!!! So the soldiers mom, an elected official, the soldiers wife and father all corroborated to lie about the conversation. Um OK. Maybe the ornge one can pay off the driver so he can be vindicated. Oh yea, the wash post is fake news. Winning!!!!
  7. Bolt 37

    Dayum, more footchocks, a winch that is on a pedestal so the grinder does not have to break their back grinding the damn sail and a longer tiller extension needed just for starters. Sheesh.
  8. That will buff right out

    Was thinking same thing. If the inside is ok well, bob's your uncle. Gotta be as good as a tiny house no?? Lots of dipshits are paying good $$ for those.
  9. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    +10000, The man is still a griftingkontikichickenchoker. Glad he is alive, but srsly, a monkey on a piece of plywood with a frigging coconut could have done the same thing without needing a tow.
  10. Back Surgery -- Who's had it done?

    Someone mentioned traction. Before the first hip, I was in PT after they did the Micro disk thing. She had me hanging from a Pilates machine for 30 mins supported by the lines, harnesses on all 4 limbs and a climbing harness supporting my fat ass. she figgured out how to take all pressure off my back and slowly(with gravity) pull shit apart. I think I was in a med journal at one point. Worked a treat until the diagnosed the necrosis in my hips. All the hardware on the machine was Harken BTW. Good times..
  11. Back Surgery -- Who's had it done?

    Just something else to think about. I had lower back problems and sciatica since about 35(47 now) and initially got the shots, a microdiscectamy, more shots, another micro, etc etc etc. Finally I saw a specialist that correctly deduced that my Hips were degenerating at an alarming rate due to osteonecrosis, basically your joints aren't getting any blood flow leading to rapid degeneration. Long story short, they replaced the real bad one with a partial replacement (Birminghamm Hip) and they took a part of my fibula and jammed that into my other hip to get the blood flow going. Well after that, no more back pain or sciatica total 100% success. Was skiing the next winter. Now jump ahead to last year when I did a dumb thing and fell off the damn boat in the parking lot and shattered my femur. Well they ended up replacing the whole hip and I will tell you I feel 10X better than when they just did the partial. I think if they had done that in the first place I would be much better off, but se la vie. Point is, let them take a look at the cause of the sciatica, that may be the root cause of everything. My 2 cents.
  12. Sidestay tension, why does it matter?

    Ok there you go bringing math into a completely settled, tried and true, dead on solid, cast in stone reality of sailing. Way over the top IMHO. It just needs to be that way. That's it. No further conversation or thinking required. Heck, the first cavemen that abandoned land and sailed on a frigging log new this. It just is. Got it???
  13. blooper time!

    +1 . Was always easier to break out the staysail or the light air genny and fly that wing on wing around the cans.
  14. Forum upgrade??

    It is basically SharePoint people, most everyone is going to it. It is a MS product so, well, suck it up...
  15. I had to do it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quu9Uzmjs50