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    License To Swill

    Ha.. I don't feel that old anymore. Basically he is saying he gets hammered watching cartoons on cable in his basement every sat night.
  2. shaggy

    onboard coffee??

    Dayum, 45 bucks for a basic percolator. WOW. I think I got mine for 5 bucks at ace hardware back in the day. I assume they haven't changed much since then. The guts were lost long ago though. The retailers are laughing all the way to the bank.
  3. New keyboard on order.. Golf clap....
  4. shaggy

    Good Post-College Boat?

    Shit, People still do that??You are correct, those were the days... Except for camping, I know of no one that actually stays on boat for regattas anymore. Given, I have not raced anywhere (besides long beach and even then the big boys were empty after the party ended.) where the average boat size is bigger than a J24, but we used to do it all the time. 4 up on a J24 was um Interesting...
  5. shaggy

    Unanchored: New TV Show on Bravo

    its on bravo... dvr'd it the other day..
  6. shaggy

    Unanchored: New TV Show on Bravo

    I lasted 5 mins... Figgured I could fast forward through the stupid stuff and maybe see some sailing or cool Caribbean shit... um... no.
  7. Picked up a new 2018 grand Cherokee a couple months ago, love the thing, but I would love to get alittle more power out of the 6. Is it worth it to chip it? Will doing that screw up my emissions, trade in value, or anything else?? If I do it, Which one is best? I see them online at various places for anywhere from 50 bucks to 400. Any advice appreciated.
  8. Holder is gonna throw his hat into the ring eventually. Watch out for Hick... He is sneaky smart. No one ever thought the dorky brewer could win a thing in the beginning. Well, lookie lookie he is now a 2 term gov..
  9. shaggy

    The Maid

    There are those that say all this border bs and everything that comes with it is just adding to the furver. Its a self fulfilling prophesy. If you build it, they will come.
  10. No party this time... Dang..
  11. shaggy

    Is the J/24 worth it?

    Well, If you are going west in the next 2-3 years Den/Oregon Cali Then look into a S20 or 2, or 3.. They can be had for around 2,500 and really competitive for 4. Fleet is growing, 25 at Dillon for nats in 2016. PHRF killer in the light, Holds a cooler and can sleep a couple 20 somethings in a pinch. Heck start a fleet...
  12. shaggy

    what is it?

    3d printed ice.. Allie Fox might need to rethink his grand plan....
  13. shaggy

    Meuller wasn't worth it

    Who exactly appointed the Special Counsel again?? I'll give you the filibuster thing. That was not so smart, but the pendulum is coming back the other way so they will benefit again sooner than later.
  14. DO a google search for the pic.. He whipped his dick out in front of a feminist rally. Classy hu?? Didn't read far enough. Nothing to see here. Cary on..
  15. shaggy

    How to stop block from scrathing deck

    I have had the same setup with a single bullet block on the bottom of my cockpit for the fine tune for our backstay for years. It basically does exactly what you are doing and there is no noticeable damage to the cockpit sole, so you should be fine.
  16. shaggy

    Jeep WK2, To chip or not to chip

    Well, Basically, cause in this SUV class there really aren't any that have much umpf unless you bump the price by 10 g. With a kid in school, well, that aint happening for a bit. I had a 2015 and we upgraded from there. They changed something between 2015 and 2018, probably the gearing as I am missing alittle on the low end and yes I can tell. BTW the sport mode button and the damn eco shutoff buttons suck balls and can't be permanently turned on/off. Car is great though IMHO, I drove em all and it is the most solidly built by far. The 4 runner is close but is missing in the looks department and has less power/towing.
  17. shaggy

    How to stop block from scrathing deck

    Downsize the block and lines. Seems like a single bullet, or carbo bullet block can do the same thing. Switch to Tiny Dynema for the bulk of the thing and splice the cover where it hits the clutch..
  18. shaggy

    A Christmas Story

    Well, If they are lunching on tide pods, this is tame in comparison. Damn Millenials. EMS though?? Really?? Kid probably got a couple days off school to "Recover". HTFU DAMN IT!!! Now get off my lawn!!
  19. Much like turning down the wrong way on a 1 way street a block or 2 away from a stoplight. Deer in headlights comes to mind.
  20. +1 I have made your gumbo for the last 3 years. Brilliant does not explain how good this is... Went to chitown this year, so no leftovers, Though I am contemplating digging out the smoker for a breast or 2...
  21. shaggy

    New Jeep

    Yea, I have a new GC and max with the 6 is 6200. If you go to the Hemi, it goes to 7200, no way is a Hemi standard is it?? If so, for 2018, the hemi is about a 5-10g add on when you throw in the bells and whistles that come with it, so that would definitely bump it up north of 50K if not 60 + once you throw in all the crap....
  22. And it was not designed to be the end all be all of a healthcare system. It was designed to be built upon and grown over the years from the get go. Well, Obviously the repubs threw a wrench in the gears every opportunity and the frigging states that just flat out did not implement it are the worst of the bunch. In Co, where we greeted it with open arms, it is working well, it does still need some tweaking, but you will find that most states, that implemented the original plan, are enjoying the benefits.
  23. shaggy

    Non stick ceramic pans - field reports

    Have a caphalon basic 12 incher that lives on the stovetop. Got the grill pan as well. They both are amazing for basically anything and cleanup is a breeze. Have a bunch of other specialty stuff as well, but do most of the dirty work with those. As an aside, I commandeered my wife's grandmas cast Iron skillet when no one was looking .. She came over with the mayflower and I think the pan was gotten from her grandma. The thing is amazing. It's never seen soap and actually has indentations where she rested her spoons. Good times
  24. shaggy

    A life of sex, drugs and Rock n Roll

    I see what you did there...
  25. shaggy

    A life of sex, drugs and Rock n Roll

    HA... I think they said the same thing 20 years ago...