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    Vodka and Ambien use by a crew member

    Na, Reality is an illusion created by an alcohol deficiency...
  2. shaggy

    Why the Left Is Consumed With Hate

    Welcome to our world during the Obama age. Unlike the Right, the visceral hatred toward many righties is their nonmotile thinking when it comes to anything mushroom dick does. 90% of the country knew he was a duchebag liar, a crooked business man and a racist womanizer, yet you righties still put him in in an attempt to trash the government as best and as fast as he could. You neglected, unlike many on the left, to see the long game and how his idiotic policies were going to trash our economy and our environment for decades to come and basically destroy any good faith we had built up in the world. Burn it down is fine, if you can keep it inside the firepit, but you neglected to see that he set off a wildfire that has gone wayyyyyyy beyond the beltway you thought would contain it. We hate your actions, and frankly, the more you defend the jackball, we hate you.
  3. shaggy

    Why the Left Is Consumed With Hate

    Why does it matter?? Alittle annoying as they are backing in, but Hate??
  4. shaggy

    strange thought while commuting

    Finally decided to wait it out in Glenwood after Aspen this year. Man that was nice. Short drive from rudi to the hotel. Evening hot tub, sleep in decent bed, morning breakfast and a quick trip down, maybe a leisurely hour with the boat. Couple yrs ago hit 70 outside of Glenwood around 5 ish Sunday. I think we finally hit Denver around Midnight...
  5. shaggy

    Trump should fire entire FBI.

    And on that note, do you think the orange one and his ilk realize that with that one policy decision he is creating the ultimate terrorists?? Fuck, when these kids grow up, they are going to hate hate hate hate the good old USA, the country that destroyed their lives by caging them and ripping them from their mums arms. What are the odds of a couple of em going all terrorist on the whole fucking country? Deep state is gonna be the least of their worries in about 15 yrs.
  6. shaggy

    Show your boat not sailing

    Two, good explanation, I and I assume others didn't know where you were going there. Good Reply. I wanted to comment on your attitude toward things.. I too detest having to handle things with kid gloves. I used to laugh at friends that had to remove shoes when they came into their own house. The immaculate boat that sits in fear of scratches at the slip humors me and the people that have SUV's that drive 1 mi/hr over speed bumps drive me nutz. We recently got a Jeep and when my wife chastised me by saying u better keep this one clean i had to remind her of your philosophy of using things as designed. I have always said that my dream is to get to the point where I can buy a Porsche Cayenne and beat the shit out of it like it was designed to do and not worry about fucking up anything. Cary on good sir and maybe rethink your opinion of our country.. This too shall pass and hopefully, we get the orange Yeti haired mushroom dick out of the damn white house sometime soon...
  7. shaggy

    Puerto Rico

    Funny, we employ the most at DIA, but they still can't get the luggage system sorted...
  8. shaggy


    Golf Clap!!!!!
  9. shaggy

    strange thought while commuting

    Yup... Non rush hour you can make it from Dillon to Denver in about an hour maybe 45 mins. (hell, it's only about 65 mi.) Weekends and rush hour all bets are off. 1 way in and 1 way out, both I70 and 25 both suck balls.
  10. shaggy

    No Time for Golf

    Na, he's in the west wing practicing throwing paper towels down the hall. He has an encore coming up and he has to be spot on. What are the odds the great folks of the Carolina's put up with that shit?? MAGA...
  11. shaggy

    J 70 PHRF

    Anyone turbo one yet??
  12. shaggy

    'I'm going to replace you.'"

    The vid is frigging hilarious.. That kid deserves an emmy for best live performance of WTF face...
  13. shaggy


    Apparently they did, Hense the reason he has not played in 3 years and has a court case working as we speak... MAGA
  14. shaggy


    U quit watching all football because 1 guy protested a bunch of ethnic shootings??? WOW, you really are fucked in the head. Go get your torch and kakis and head south with your other 50 or so kaki wearing brethren and MAGA....
  15. shaggy


    Meh, I suspect you would get kicked out of most clubs for that. The Nikie wearers will make sure of it.
  16. shaggy


    "How often do you see fat, old white drunks running around in Nike gear" All the time on the golf course , cant wait to see those guys burning their shit...
  17. shaggy

    Fear: Trump in the White House

    The silence from the right proves they do actually.
  18. I want this.. Toys = fun... Give me a place on lake Geneva wis, an A scow in the barn, a Melgis Something on a lift, a 1950 something Chris craft on the other side and a boat person to take care of it all and live in the lake house. 5000 squares upstairs, and a place warm to winter with the exact same thing. Oh yea a intl OD to round out the fleet in the winter house.
  19. Stay'd at the golden sails hotel last couple of LBRW. good location and semi cheap.
  20. shaggy

    Damn !

    had a good live work balance thing going for like 10 years. 3 days in 2 days home. Had Mon, Thurs from home and usually had enough hours with Thursday night maintenance every other week, to only have a couple hrs on Friday so most ended up from home. They forced us to ether drive wayyyy north (1.5 hrs easy during traffic)for a desk, or WFH. After about 2 yrs of this, I am considering making the drive. Its fine when working, but after a bit ya gotta get out, walls close in and you never get out. Wifey comes home, lets go out, she has been out so wants to stay home. Weekends are same. I might try going to Starbucks or something for a couple hours a day to break things up. So, careful what you wish for..
  21. shaggy

    True Laptop durability, which MFG

    Yup, I have 4 of em and grew up a mac guy, but make my living fixing MS machines, servers and products. Well aware of the "difficulties", but the way Jeff phrased his comment made no sense. My Offfice for Mac stuff works just fine for the limited amount I use it. The kid just got the new College version on his, after using the old one for over 2? Years and I have not heard a peep.
  22. shaggy

    USS Midway 1, Sea Esta 0

    That got Expensive quickly...
  23. shaggy

    USS Midway 1, Sea Esta 0

    So, doesn't homeland have a conniption fit whenever anyone gets within 100 yds of these things?? I remember stand off buoy's all around the harbor. I realize she is a museum boat, but you would think those boys would need the practice.
  24. shaggy

    True Laptop durability, which MFG

    Dude, how can you ding a mac for MS office?? Totally totally different OS, and the last thing MS wants to do is help the other team.. (Yes I know they are friendly since gates bailed em out), but still..
  25. shaggy

    The Joke of American Healthcare /rant

    Agreed. So when is our exulted leader gonna come up with the replacement??