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    CUBA- I'm confused

    Huge difference IMHO..
  2. shaggy

    Today's Trump Headlines

    OK.. This shit just keeps getting worse and worse.... Who in their right mind thinks this shit ok???
  3. It aint Edrogan I am worried about. Its fucking isis.
  4. So dog?? Do you have another name for what they are trying to do?? Should they not use the word impeach as it is written in the constitution?? Do tell, what should we call the process that removes one from office?? Coffeffe??
  5. then, well..., you, Sir!! are the one that is lying doggy style. Better?? Exclamation points added for effect.
  6. Well, you said dems were holding secret meetings, so if it is secret, it is inferred that no repubs were present, so therefore could not ask questions. a=b, b=c, a=c... so unless you admit repubs were present(which you claimed earlier was not true and have yet to acknowledge even though proof was given upthread) then well you sir are the one that is lying doggy style.
  7. shaggy

    Cease fire announced

    It's a wonderful, beautiful, i am not gonna say the best, but it's the best deal ever negociated by a president ever. Everyone is saying it....
  8. First off, it really isn't one man, yes he is an orange fruitcake, but no, it's not just him. It's the whole damn Republican/right leaning individuals in the Dem party that are making so much $$ off the guy's policies that they are willing to sell out the entire country. As to congress, well, they can only do so much when the other party is blocking everything and anything under the sun to keep the rubber stamp in office (which they arguably have been doing for the last 11 years minus the rubber stamp for 8). Congress is literally stuck in a deadlock and both parties are to blame though one is claiming the high ground and frankly, is doing everything they can to keep it. The other side of this is the corporations (and now apparently other governments) that are funding the retards on the right (and on the left to be fair) to garner favors to make even more $$ off the backs of the taxpayer. When 1 entire party is constantly lying, obstructing and otherwise pissing on the very document that got them where they are, it is near impossible to affect change. So in essence, no it is not one guy, it's the corporations, the politicians and the $$$ involved that are fueling this shit show...
  9. Thank you sir.. Cary on...
  10. So, I assume it's legal to hit the mark with your body, just not the boat??
  11. shaggy

    Trump Porn

    Fair enough, but since it has basically taken over the internet, I expect we will get a full denunciation of the vid from the orange exulted one soon... Not holding my breath...
  12. shaggy

    New Yacht Plows Into Dock At Port Angeles

    If he is smart, he has the boat insured for a ton more than CL and he buys a J22 with the proceeds...
  13. shaggy

    Betrayal-who's next?

    There will always be jobs with the Kochs...
  14. shaggy

    Trump Porn

    Yes, thats my point. I described it for you and posted the original vid as you said you could not see the trump vid.
  15. shaggy

    Trump Porn

    Its the kingsman ll's scene from the church where the kingsman agent goes nutz from an sound from a cell phone that drives people nutz. He basically lays to waste an evangelical church with his mad 007 skills. Heads are replaced with news outlet images and or left wingers faces and trump, who's head is superimposed on the agents body, basically kills everyone gruesomely. Think the CNN wrestling match but much more violent and gruesome.
  16. Hu, Why wouldn't you tie the sheets together on your Laser?? On mine, it was standard practice...
  17. shaggy

    Trump Porn

    Wow... That scene was disturbing in the movie. Not that I did not understand from the beginning, but I thought he was just a corrupt moron. We have allowed the patients to take over the asylum. In what world is that shit allowed to be shown at a public political rally. These people are psychopaths... WTF...
  18. As most threads do on SA...
  19. shaggy

    Live Trump clan rally

    Yea, the 2 birds on the right are cops...
  20. Don't get me started on washer fluid.. Who are the people that think it is ok to make the fluid btl less than a frigging galon. Hate having that last bit in the bottle be too much to just toss, so you end up dragging around a 3/4 empty btl of fluid all winter...
  21. shaggy

    Live Trump clan rally

    Ever notice how the croud in the back keeps getting younger and younger and\or looks more down troden and homley?? In the beginning there were actual believers that would voulenteer, as his base keeps shrinking they are finding it harder and harder to fill the seats.. Wonder how much a starving actor gets paid to play the part?? You think they pay the same rate to the homeless?? Or do they just get to keep the clean set of maga gear handed to them after they hose em off so they look presentable??
  22. shaggy

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    I will guarantee the clientle on those criises routinely wear the 12 pack boxes in their heads and run around the boat pretending to be the Bud Knight.
  23. shaggy

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    Isn't that how the Gronk Bud Lite cruises work today??