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    Whats it rate?? -5 for better vis?
  2. shaggy

    water bomber run... too cool

    Yea, impressive. Unfortunately, they have been getting a ton of practice lately.
  3. So we are gonna officially be empty nesters in 2 or so years. Work from home so we have options. Wifie was looking at places to go after the kiddo graduates college. We were looking at places around Lincoln beach?? Good, Bad, Ugly?? Not so worried about school districts, but, taxes, quality of life, distance to shopping, restaurants and beaches is important. Obviously have the 20 to play with, so YC access is key. (Fern ridge and Kalamath have a bunch I hear) Have lived in CO since 88 and the 300 days of sunshine is driving me nutz. Will do decent on the house here so $$ is really not a prob, but prob want to stay under 1,000,000. Looking around the google machine, there are some pretty sweet lake houses in the area, but noticed that there weren't too many yacht clubs on said lakes, more like summer camps that had sailing. Are the lakes around there decent for swimming/fishing and obviously sailing? Any and all advice appreciated.
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    Flying Tiger

    WOW, No offense, but that thing looks like it has been beat to shit.. Afraid to ask how the sails look. 49,000 is still way high, the original 69,000 came from the owner sniffing glue me thinks...
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    Estimating Sailing Time?

    +1 In this day and age you probably aren't going to be out of cel range. This obviously changes once you actually go offshore.. I really can't remember ever quoting a specific timeframe in the 40 or so years I have been sailing. It's just sometime Friday, a couple of hours, sometime in the afternoon or in the big races, well, I donno. Hopefully by Monday night for last call at the Pony...
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    Bode Miller / Tragic

    Not theirs, The neighbors. They were at a party.
  7. shaggy

    These guys are higher then Rick James

    She is gorgeous. She used to race the Chicago Waukegan every year while I was growing up. It was always a treat to get on board and check out below. Had a dance club down there 1 year but I digress.. The sea scouts ran her back then. Who turbo'd her and when??
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    Snags, You are a gentleman and a scholar... Cheers
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    Trump got rolled

    OMG, He got played, wait till the next news cycle... NK is gonna claim victory and he is gonna have to ether suck it up or start a war... The orange one is gonna be stuck in a corner and it is gonna be fun to watch.. Even Kim aint gonna resort to nukes, Scary part is the orange one might try in order to save face...
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    Wait, you read Donnies book??
  11. shaggy

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    Dream Weaver I will just leave that here to sink in...
  12. shaggy

    Weed or Hash ?

    Pan-galactic-gargleblaster.. It's the only way foreward, If you want to live in the past... well. That's on u...
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    Researching move to Oregon

    So Mike, Is the Lincoln beach area nice?? Never really been west of grand junction(flown to SD and skied at kirkwood oh yea sailed in LB race week and in SD for u20 nats once, but never spent much time up north. Again, hate the 300 days of sunshine and the wildfires, burned out grass and the receding res levels. Would love to go somewhere to start anew and put some roots down before I am 70ish..
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    Researching move to Oregon

    Jesus, I thought we were bad, All I got is a Square... Notice the blue going down the only place civilization resides, that would be the front range. . I assume the population is about the same on the OR coast?? No? donno why the second map took.. god bless..:)
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    Protection or pressure - kid decisions

    Dude... He's 11.. Geez
  16. shaggy

    Fucking Uber

    Saw that on news the other night. Apparently 10 shots were fired. Fucking 10. He is claiming self defense, but they are holding him and testing for drugs etc. Weird shit going down around here lately, stuff that never happened is happening since spring arrived. Stabbings, lgbtq racism, 3 or so weird shootings in last couple weeks and now this.
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    Interesting new DIY Catamaran build

    Hi Tom, Thanks for the reply, I enjoyed your pics as well and besides the normal ribbing, I hope I never crossed a line. You do you.
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    The NFL Tells Trump to Shut Up

    Glory Glory Hallelujah teacher hit me with a ruler, met her at the bank with a loaded German tank, shot her in the but with a rotten coconut, now she don't hit me no more... That pic looks suspiciously like a friend of mine. She is a reservist with the army band and does logistics when they travel. Plays flute I think... Good stuff.
  19. shaggy

    Interesting new DIY Catamaran build

    Oh, please tell me that he used 20,000 leagues under the sea as his "research" Book...:)
  20. shaggy

    Interesting new DIY Catamaran build

    Dude, we all did and the thread went to 600 + pages. Was that really the last straw??
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    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    Heck, I remember my mom and dad smoking on the plane (her cigs, Benson and hedges menthol lights, and pop smoking a pipe) on the way to Europe, I was 10... Heck, Even when I went to NZ (93) after graduation, the back of the plane was smoking and by far, the smokers in the back were a ton more interesting than the general population. At that point, I think it was only allowed on intl flights.
  22. shaggy

    An explanation for Jeff on visiting the US

    Jeff, In the ultra conservative states that you frequent(as far as I know) no, the orange one is just par for the course. Now in the more liberal locals across the country, yes, he is a frequent topic on the news and in fact, with the midterms looming, he will be a topic for months to come. Oh BJ, Congrads, You are going to be here for the lead up to the midterms.
  23. Pennsylvania lawmakers invite Eagles to Capitol after Trump snub Man are the D's gonna take any and all Philidelphia voting districts.
  24. After the USFL mess and the ass reaming he took yes. He will stick it to them every chance he gets. But Trump’s plan was typically audacious and risky. Rather than organically grow a new league, he hoped to force an immediate merger with the NFL, which would provide huge returns for surviving USFL team owners. That goal hinged in part on an antitrust lawsuit alleging the NFL was an unlawful monopoly.
  25. HAHAHAHA . First ruined keyboard of 2018.