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  1. Timo42

    Broken off cobalt steel drill

    Small carbide burr in a dremel, get a cheap set. Carbide burr
  2. Mother's little helper?
  3. Timo42

    Will Kevlar Edge be here tomorrow?

    Nothing really, especially compared to the time Franklin's Tower left his computer on and went away for the weekend, or a day in the life of Tillerman, or any BG thread...I could go on...
  4. Ah yes, the PDR, think my brother may still have the one we came across as callow youts...I'd like to see him explain that one to his kids.
  5. Pffft, you must be new here, we got over 300 pages on a guy who floated around the world with a big block of cheese.
  6. Karen? Is that you?
  7. There was a guy up around Vancouver who thought the Mac26 was the be-all end-all of ocean cruising trailer sailors... Too soon?
  8. Nice save Ed, for everyone that was here, look into the picture...
  9. Timo42

    How About Some Spring Lines

    But I'm still gonna rig a spring line...
  10. Timo42

    Scissors for high tech lines

    Stole a cheapy ceramic knife from my wife, she gets them at Daiso, (Japanese dollar store).
  11. Timo42


    Bob approves...
  12. Timo42

    Homemade Split Pea Soup Question

    Has it really been over a decade?
  13. Timo42

    Homemade Split Pea Soup Question

    Seems like you guys have the ingredients and cooking instructions covered pretty well, but there is one thing no one has mentioned...if you chose to blend the soup in a blender, for God's sake put the lid on!!! Voice of experience...
  14. Timo42

    Random PicThread

    Think our shop still has one of those lifts...
  15. Timo42

    Santa Cruz 27 owner needs all of your input

    That's how we got it, toe rails are going back on, at least in front of shrouds, probably flat aluminum strip behind.