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      Underdawg did an excellent job of explaining the rules.  Here's the simplified version: Don't insinuate Pedo.  Warning and or timeout for a first offense.  PermaFlick for any subsequent offenses Don't out members.  See above for penalties.  Caveat:  if you have ever used your own real name or personal information here on the forums since, like, ever - it doesn't count and you are fair game. If you see spam posts, report it to the mods.  We do not hang out in every thread 24/7 If you see any of the above, report it to the mods by hitting the Report button in the offending post.   We do not take action for foul language, off-subject content, or abusive behavior unless it escalates to persistent stalking.  There may be times that we might warn someone or flick someone for something particularly egregious.  There is no standard, we will know it when we see it.  If you continually report things that do not fall into rules #1 or 2 above, you may very well get a timeout yourself for annoying the Mods with repeated whining.  Use your best judgement. Warnings, timeouts, suspensions and flicks are arbitrary and capricious.  Deal with it.  Welcome to anarchy.   If you are a newbie, there are unwritten rules to adhere to.  They will be explained to you soon enough.  


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  1. Jim lahey...... dts

    There's a shitstorm in Heaven right about now...rip
  2. Can anybody translate the Woodeze? I am fluent in Snaggeze, I can order a beer in four languages, but I have no clew here.
  3. Napa Fire

    My brother just called me from Rohnert Park, he is under a mandatory evacuation order, was out of town last night, so all he has are the clothes he is wearing. Cell service is out in the area, call dropped out and haven't heard from him since.
  4. Darwin cheated again

    Nah, looks like a standard ricer seat install, bolts pulled right through the floorboards when he hit, he was holding on to the seat back...until he wasn't anymore.
  5. “The artwork symbolizes the power of humanity over the world and its hypocritical approach to nature.” Hang on, I have to go clean up some "artwork" my dog left in the back yard...Someone got paid for building that? I'm in the wrong business.
  6. Let's discuss the Environment!

    You are brutal LB.
  7. LONQR

    It's an ingredient in laxatives for colonoscopy, so it's got that going for it...
  8. Rules question: the committee boat

    Was out spectating at a women's regatta this Saturday and the committee boat had not one, but two tetrahedrons tied off the stern. Just sayin...
  9. Mr. Clean DTS?

    I nominate Snaggy for co-commentator.
  10. Print this out, carry it around. Refer to it if confused

    Where's El Boothiachi to make sense of it all? According to facebook today, he has other issues.
  11. Pole back! From the FP...

    And then there's the guy down in crew pool who can't even keep an "asso" bowman happy for a whole season... Count me thankful for the people who took the time to teach me how to work the spin pole.
  12. Lighten up Francis, just trying to help give your post a little airtime. Btw, we didn't want or ask for the class split, but that's water under the bridge. Trust me, you aren't the reason we aren't out on the weekends much. Bless your heart.
  13. That would be 23rd overall, over 65 points out of first, and 56 points behind the first place boat in class...but yeah, second in class. Hmmmm, weekend races where maybe 5 boats show up for a 3 race series, or Wed night, where over 55 boats show up for a 21 race series... But I digress, find this man a bowperson! Btw, I don't do asshole, I mean asso., but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.
  14. Boys, boys, boys, the poor guy is just trying to find someone with a pulse to do bow on a midfleet Wed night boat, cut him some slack.