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  1. Timo42

    Dear Dr. Rules

    There's always next year...
  2. Timo42

    Dear Dr. Rules

    You must be new here...
  3. Timo42

    Don't Pee On The Electric Fence...

    He might bite...
  4. Timo42

    Alien Invasion Movies

    Fish tacos...
  5. Timo42

    Australia Is Not A Country

    You are just North-centric, there's probably some Aussie snowflake that's in it's safe place right now because of this.
  6. Timo42

    Warren Miller, RIP

    The Warren Miller movie at the Santa Monica Civic meant it was ski season.
  7. Timo42

    Ark of Noah insured ?

    300 cubits...
  8. Timo42

    a box of 45's

    Got anything by John Moses Browning?
  9. Timo42

    fixing washing machine

    If you put the spring clips back in the original indentations in the hoses, you should be fine, screw type clamps can work loose because of the vibration.
  10. You've never seen the Santa pic then...
  11. Timo42

    Community Reputation Points

    That would explain a lot...
  12. Timo42

    Community Reputation Points

    Dick Cheney? Knew he was behind it.
  13. Timo42

    Snaggletooth DTS

    Wait, what???
  14. Timo42

    Boat Yard Parking 101

    Had an asshat in a Mercedes park in front of the stable back gate to go down to the beach years ago at Playa del Rey, as he was leaving, someone called him on it and he flipped the person off...bad idea, dirt lot, 4x4 with a tow chain, and a quick drag to deep sand in the wetlands. When he got back, he called the cops who obliged him by ticketing and towing him for trespass in a nature preserve...don't mess with the locals.