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  1. Well that beats a poke in the ass with the prod from a J92... When are you coming back down to race?
  2. Timo42

    My sister wants a chainsaw

    I think that's the Caitlyn method...
  3. Timo42

    Well, the front didn't fall off...

    Ooh, the East German judge only gave him a 4.7 because he didn't get all three cranes...
  4. Timo42

    Garbage disposal (US) Anarchy

    Spend another hundred and get an insulated one, night and day difference between the lower end stuff and a good unit. I cheaped out twice in 5 years before I went large and bought a 1hp Insinkerator when I remodeled. Gotta check to see if it's on sometimes, it's so quiet. {kicking myself} And yeah, the big stuff goes in the can.
  5. Timo42

    Car Flooded ??

    Much as it pains me to say it, Woody is ri...r...right... Totaled. Muddy water is almost as bad as saltwater, either way, the electrical system is toast. More importantly, stop driving it, the airbags could go off at any time now that the sdm(brain) has been soaked. The only way to save a flooded car is to immediately disconnect the battery, and as soon as possible, (read within a day or 2) completely strip the interior and set everything out to dry, disconnect everything, toss sdm and airbag sensors, blow out connections, fuseblocks, and anything else that got wet. WD40 is your friend here(about all it's good for imho), then after a week or so of drying, evaluate carpet, seats, trim panels, and start reassembly. It gets very expensive, which is why insurance companies total flood cars as a rule. The two that I've done, I've had a 5/50 success rate with making the customer happy, I don't do them anymore because even though we explained the facts about possible future electrical problems and the customer signed off, he 'eversinced' it to death.
  6. Timo42

    Dude steals a plane

    4.2, just can't seem to impress the East German judge.
  7. Timo42

    that was an expensive commute

    Wouldn't the label 'convertible' indicate some ability to keep inclement weather out? If so, XKE doesn't qualify and can be considered manly. Our 67 Bronco had a soft top, NOT a convertible, especially the time we took it skiing in Tahoe without a functioning heater and it froze...
  8. Timo42

    Dude steals a plane

    6.6, didn't stick the landing...
  9. Timo42

    Normal noise for a Honda?

    Maybe her hemispheres have been separated...or just the prefrontal lobe.
  10. Timo42

    Normal noise for a Honda?

    Meli may be a lot of things, but accusing her of owning a Ridgeline?
  11. Timo42

    Normal noise for a Honda?

    Actually that's the way most shops do it, abeit with a fancy machine. Not a fan of disconnecting hoses, too much chance of breaking some brittle plastic fitting or introducing air into system. Meli...Ten months overdue? Consider this your pre-scolding. Bring your car to your mechanic (not whatever the Jiffylube equivalent is down there) every 10000km (I recommend 5000 miles here in the US) because it's an easy number to remember, or at the oil change interval recommended by the mfg, or yearly, whichever is less for service. The noise might be your turbo encabulator, make sure you mention that to your mechanic.
  12. Timo42

    Aluminum pilothouse motorsailer (for sale)

    I'm going to make some popcorn, there's beer in the fridge...
  13. Timo42

    Santa Barbara to King Habor 2018

    Went from front of the pack in class to 8th after getting kelped at Anacapa, can't really floss with a wing keel, and backing down is slooow. Ah well, next year.
  14. Timo42


    Depends on whether he has an ice pick or an ice axe, I would think...