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  1. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    Just to clarify the "fleet was no match for the wetas" comment. One finished first, one weta finished second beating third by 10 seconds, and one weta was dfl I believe the reason I did so well was the two years worth of sit ups I've been doing that allows the ability to hike off the back corners of the amas, hence driving the boat much harder. It's a gamble that you sometimes lose, ending with a pitch pole capsize due to the hotter angle in which lift is decreased thru the bowsprit generated by the reacher. It can lead to a capsize faster than I can react sometimes. But it paid off big time with one eye always upwind with the reacher flying. I flew it much more than the other wetas. I also pre-sailed the course a month ago with a higher north wind, and knew what to expect with the super shifty conditions. I put the time and effort into sailing as hard as I could and truly believe the weta PN is to high for wind over 20+ kts. But is it fair for one sailors results to dictate a ratings change? Heck if I know! https://www.strava.com/activities/522386916
  2. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    Yep there
  3. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    Amen brother, I sail what I sail for fun first, if I win that's cool. But I'm just in it to hang out and have a good time!
  4. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    Any chance to move BRidge to far to Sunday? I have confirmation that others will sail if moved to Sunday instead of Saturday...
  5. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

  6. Caption This in Two Words

    scene whore
  7. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    Will club be open Friday afternoon for setting up camper? Beer can race Friday evening?
  8. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    Make my pn# whatever, I just like sailing against yall........
  9. Hadron H2 dinghy

    seems they made a typo in the naming of the boat...need to flip a couple of letters in it
  10. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    speaking of the 420, I passed a certain yellow one that was heading out to Lake Travis on 620 this afternoon.
  11. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    Wind gust are predicted to be over 40 tomorrow..... great day to go practice!! Dude, I don't drink during the week!
  12. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    I drank lots of practice beer Saturday.
  13. Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    You get a days head start in the 420
  14. bad day at blackrock - clearwater 49er worlds

    wait - you don't think a one armed spencer tracy could beat up some local desert bad boys in a café? plus the bad guy dies, the pretty girl too. I gesse you fellte it to....... and the Jap dude too