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  1. Crump's Brother

    Aluminum Tube vs. Carbon Tube for Mast

    No, fuk that, talk to your local sail maker and get the sails cut down to match what's left. Kb
  2. Crump's Brother

    Running Late for the Ferry?

    That's one good ferry tail.
  3. Crump's Brother

    Is this what we have come to?

  4. Crump's Brother

    Racing in US this summer, whatcha got?

    That looks good! Plus it's at one of the my favorite clubs, the always friendly and fun FWYC. Looking at the SI's from last year it's 60 miles the first day and 40 the second? Got more info?
  5. Looking for a road trip this summer for some multihull racing. So whatcha yall got that isn't cancelled ? Milt Ingram? Tri-point? Florida? KB
  6. Crump's Brother

    Boat Transport from Fla to RI?

  7. Crump's Brother

    cooking a tough business

    I hope he can measure up to GR's standards.
  8. Crump's Brother

    Grafting trees

    Citrus you need to chip bud, not graft. I grow 100k trees a year. Pecans
  9. Crump's Brother

    Great Quotes

    "If at first you don't succeed, keep sucking until you do suck seed" -krump speaking to some chick circa '89.
  10. Crump's Brother

    Train hits boat

    The elusive 4th mode.
  11. Que the legal warning from that Mr Clean fella.
  12. Crump's Brother

    Building a 45ft Alu proa

    Is coal tar epoxy involved in this project? KB
  13. Crump's Brother

    How About A Thread Where We Can Share Our Skills?

    World's only sailing pecan farmer here. I once met and sailed with the world's only sailing Texas Ranger (L.E. not baseball) one time. KB
  14. Crump's Brother

    Armageddon Dinners

    Brisket burgers are a thing around here at the higher end burger joints. Just got to grind to 3/16" hole. I usually mix it in to my venison anyway to give it some fat and mask any gamey-ness.