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  1. Bacchus66

    Want to own a ferrari?

    A beautiful red Ferrari shark that goes 150 mph? On the water! Sign me up! Oh wait, there's that minor technical detail of the "millions" it would take to buy it. I have a hard time imagining ever being in a situation where I'd be willing to sell that if I happened to own it though.
  2. Bacchus66

    What Music Pierces Your Soul?

    I didn't even think of bagpipes. I've always said that if god forbid I ever had to go to battle, I'd want to be piped into battle. Still, on the subject of music that pierces your soul, forpipes that wold have to be Amazing Grace. Here's a pretty good version from a Tattoo, though I think not the one at Edinburgh. Amazing Grace Unfortunately the only time I've been to Edinburgh was in late April, so although I loved the city and it's surroundings, and indeed every bit of Scotland I saw from their to the Highlands and out west to the Isle of Skye, I was much to early for the Tattoo. I do hope to get back at some point though and see it.
  3. Bacchus66

    What Music Pierces Your Soul?

    There are more than a few for me, but first and foremost will always be Let It Be by the Beatles: Some others include: Highway of Heroes by The Trews: Ireland by Garth Brooks: Sounds of Silence and I am a Rock by Simon and Garfunkel:
  4. Bacchus66

    Seasickness Remedies

    My brother-in-law used to get very seasick, especially the first few days of a trip. Now he uses scopolamine patches, and they work great. I think he still can feel unwell in heavier seas, but still much better than without the patch. He actually applies it a day or two before flying to wherever they are sailing. He's also tried supplementing with ginger in the past, but I don't think he does that any more.
  5. Bacchus66

    i touch myself

    So at some point the owner clearly kicked the guy off the boat and told him to get lost/go home, right? The owner then reported the behavior to the sail maker and informed them they would be looking at other sail makers in the future if no further action was taken. I mean obviously if a female crew member was being made uncomfortable by some overbearing asshole from some sail company, and that asshole couldn't and wouldn't take no for an answer then the owner, or even someone else on the boat, would step up right? I mean clearly from the story that's what happened, right? (Sarcasm intended. If I'm wrong, then I apologize, but that should have been noted.) This kind of behavior in any sector is unacceptable, and I certainly applaud the call to the sail companies to step up and clean up their act. Which, btw, also needs to include not only hiring some female class experts, but getting rid of any existing harassing assholes of the type presented in the story. However If anything is going to truly change, then the owners and fellow crew members also need to step up. When a crew member is harassed (male or female), or even if the person being harassed is part of some other crew and/or a volunteer at the regatta or whatever, then the rest of the crew needs to step in and ensure the behavior ends. If necessary, ensuring that the problem asshole is removed from the boat and indeed the site of the regatta, whether or not the actual harassment happened on the boat. That also damn sure includes reporting the offender to his bosses when they are representing a company in any capacity.
  6. Bacchus66

    Best Lyrics Ever

    The Trews - Highway of Heroes