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  1. Looking for sail loft...Ontario

    Kingston Sail Loft (613) 531-9373. Run by Andrew Soper and John Clark. Soper is a true craftsman who does traditional sails for the Great Lakes barques and brigs as well as moderns. Clark is a former Shark World Champion. They are a class act. I have used them on and off for repairs and will be commissioning a new main and headsail from them. To me having a local, knowledgeable sailmaker to deal with vs an offshore supplier is a no brainer. +1 for Kingston Sail Loft, they have done my sail maintenance for years and have always been great to deal with.
  2. All IPads with cell have a full GPS chip on-board. Apple in their infinite wisdom have crippled the GPS setup so that ephemeris (the data about the GPS satellites) is only received over the cell network through the A-GPS service. I am not sure if they have enable ephemeris reception from the GPS signal in any products, The ephemeris is good for several hours and can lead you to think the GPS is going to work long term. Apple devices are outstanding at things Apple want you to use them for. If you want to go beyond that, they suck the big one. The best solutions are a bluetooth GPS or an Android tablet. Just about all Android devices, cell or Wi-Fi only have a fully operational GPS system. I run Navionics and MX Mariner on my Nexus 10 tablet and they work really well. MX Mariner is a great free solution for US and NZ raster charts. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mx.mariner
  3. Guy Clark, DTS

  4. Saga 43

    I talked to Bruckmann about getting a part made from the moulds, they don't have them. I think Terry Gillespie may still have some interests in the moulds but I am not at all sure if there is a clear owner or a prospect of any new builds. There is a Saga 43 at Bruckmann's that is in need of a rebuild, I am sure they could rebuild it like new or better for a lot less than $600K.
  5. steveston marine counter prick

    I find The Chandlery in Ottawa very good on price, beating everyone on 90% of my purchases and they are very pleasant to deal with. http://www.thechandleryonline.com/
  6. Saga 43

    I have not seen her, just reading the ad. Keith Reynolds might have some history, he likely sold the boat. You can find his email on the mailing list on yahoo, He is always happy to chat, though he is on his boat for the next couple of weeks. He is posting to the list so he has email access.
  7. Saga 43

    Sounds like Cecil, nice boat and she has at least 2 of the big jobs done, the keel shoe and maststep.
  8. Saga 43

    Thanks Bob, yet another piece in the puzzle. I wish I could get you and Keith in a room and let you both riff on the history of Saga, I am sure there is a book or at least a good article waiting to be written.
  9. Saga 43

    My boat is 19 off the line and the fit and finish is good, much better than a Beneteau 400 of about the same vintage I sailed a few weeks ago. My boat has a lot of sea miles and the interior seems to have stood up very well. I have heard rumours that the last 2-3 boats that were finished at Pacific Seacraft are not as good as the boats finished in St Catharines as they we rushed out the door as they went under in 2007.
  10. Saga 43

    Happy Saga 43 owner here. Although there are only about 50 in existence, there is a strong owners group at: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Saga_Yachts/info The boats are not without issues but the fixes are there and the community is great about sharing information. Bob advised on our purchase and his advice was very helpful Keith Reynolds, a former Saga dealer is also generous with his time in helping prospective buyers. We are leaving for the Caribbean in the fall and we are documenting our experiences here at 2 Bikes and Boat Quite a few 43 owners have blogs, there is a list on my site. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or post here.
  11. I have had a WB 8 with a sail kit but without the tubes. It rowed poorly, the rowlocks are too flexible. It did tow fine. I upgraded to a Boatex 10 which was a peach of a little boat, rowed, sailed and towed like a champ.
  12. Here is another example of a stable design. I have to think that there might be an "interesting" insurance claim process coming.
  13. Rebel Heart, rescue underway

    Sad news. I hope baby is fine and they can recover. They are out there, I am not, so they have my respect.