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  1. meglin

    Looking for sail loft...Ontario

    Kingston Sail Loft (613) 531-9373. Run by Andrew Soper and John Clark. Soper is a true craftsman who does traditional sails for the Great Lakes barques and brigs as well as moderns. Clark is a former Shark World Champion. They are a class act. I have used them on and off for repairs and will be commissioning a new main and headsail from them. To me having a local, knowledgeable sailmaker to deal with vs an offshore supplier is a no brainer. +1 for Kingston Sail Loft, they have done my sail maintenance for years and have always been great to deal with.
  2. I have had a WB 8 with a sail kit but without the tubes. It rowed poorly, the rowlocks are too flexible. It did tow fine. I upgraded to a Boatex 10 which was a peach of a little boat, rowed, sailed and towed like a champ.
  3. Here is another example of a stable design. I have to think that there might be an "interesting" insurance claim process coming.
  4. meglin

    Rebel Heart, rescue underway

    Sad news. I hope baby is fine and they can recover. They are out there, I am not, so they have my respect.