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  1. ride2live

    Deck hold-down @ Mast

    I was responding to a post that discussed deck hold downs for deck stepped masts.
  2. ride2live

    Deck hold-down @ Mast

    On a deck stepped mast, why would you need anything but the mast pushing down on the deck?
  3. People just run lots more iterations now to make it last as long and cost as much....
  4. ride2live

    opinions on mainsail trim

    That might help the fold at the end of the battens, but with a reportedly very stiff mast and as much draft as that sail has there are no good cheap solutions.
  5. ride2live

    opinions on mainsail trim

  6. ride2live

    Finngulf 44 Cruising

    I sailed on a friends a few yaeas ago. It was a very good boat in pretty much every way. Very nicely finished, well thought out and sailed well to boot.
  7. ride2live

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    Given that we don't know the exact failure mode/cause we really can't say the design was inadequate. It could also have been a materials or manufacturing defect that caused it. Likewise we don't know someone cut corners. They very well might have but we just don't know that, for sure, from the limited information available.
  8. ride2live

    How Good A Bond Is Epoxy?

    Beat me to it!
  9. ride2live

    Gulf of Mexico rescue 250 SE of Corpus

    No way you get that much spreader droop from a missing backstay, especially with in line spreaders. And if that amount of droop was from something being loose the mast would no longer be standing because everything would be loose. I am always amazed when I see boats sailing with seriously drooping spreaders. How can a guy look up and think "That looks good"? In one of the pictures in the article it looks to me like the backstay is probably still there. Wish we had a fly on the wall so we could know what went wrong to get them to abandoning a boat with apparently serviceable sails.
  10. ride2live

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Or you could just not watch the videos.
  11. ride2live

    How tight do you make your reefing lines?

    There is at least one wrong way, and that picture is it.
  12. ride2live

    The Zombie Fleet

    Must be the missing half from the other thread.
  13. ride2live

    Why not an outside passage race to Alaska?

    While Juneau is drier than Sitka they have the, "rain for days on end" thing down pretty well too.