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  1. FT 10M

    Oh, and my boat doesn't smell like shit like every J105/109 I've ever been on. What do they put in the bilges of those things?
  2. FT 10M

    My hull #71 had no issues with build quality. 9 seasons later it shows little wear and tear. Why "so many" for sale? Over 110 were built, most sold between 2007-2009. Mine's for sale because my sailing needs have changed after 9 years (OPB's work well when you're working too many hours). So out of 110 there are what, 5 on the market? As a portion of boats built I bet there are more 105s for sale.
  3. 25'-30' Sprit Boat For $75k

    FT10m hits most of those criteria. Don't be a slave to the J Boat machine.
  4. Flying Tiger

    Found it - here's the schematic from Mr. Perry's office. Way back when, I asked the CST guys (who built the masts) if they built it to this design, and for liability reasons they wouldn't make a commitment one way or the other. We checked my mast (hull 71) and the reinforcement is exactly where it was drawn. It sounds like you found the sleeve in the same spot too - so you should be good to go. FT10 fraction spin halyard.pdf
  5. Flying Tiger

    Bingo - that's the block. Will look for the drawings this weekend, but if you can "feel" the sleeve, you have a pretty good idea of where to cut.
  6. Flying Tiger

    The masts were all built with reinforcement where the headstay attaches to the mast - enough reinforced / sleeved area to cut and put in a new halyard exit block. If I can find the PDF with the mast schematic I'll post it. But bottom line - you can cut a hole for a fractional halyard no problem.
  7. Tragic youth sailing accident

    Ditto at my program
  8. 30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    In my experience, the FT handles slip better than many boats - the narrow entry and overall narrow hull get thru chop and handle nastier sea state far better than fat boats. So when you're slugging upwind in 25 on open water, the crew is fairly comfy and there's little spin out drama (as long as your main trimmer doesn't die on you). We race weekly against J111/109/Santa Cruise37/J120 and have a great time. In 0-10 knots we win. 10-15 it's a tough fight. 15+ we're back in it. PM me if you want more ideas-
  9. 30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    Take a look at the Flying Tiger - it sounds like it meets your news perfectly. Talk to a few owners or crew who've sailed them -
  10. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    my one engagement with PHRF of LIS was a farce where a committee member brought an ridiculously uninformed and personally biased observation to the committee (his fat "race boat" with couches didn't go DDW as fast as the FT in 25 knots of wind), and they bought it - flying in the face of very basic and simple data. This was 5 years ago, I'm sure it's better now. Sadly, I stopped paying dues for an annual cert two years ago.
  11. We've done it twice with the FT10. For 7 guys, rental house, moorings, registration, food, booze, all fees, I was in for $7k. Most of my crew is able to shoulder a portion of the cost - and I asked them to chip in $100/day each - not a bad deal for a glamorous week vacation. Everyone covered their own personal delivery from homes around the country to BI, I delivered the boat on its own bottom.
  12. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Awesome to see a tiny bit of the same information that's been here for about 4 months finally make it to a print magazine headquartered minutes away from the Clark's garage. Truly impressive stuff. Almost as impressive as posting on the front page 6 months after the kids went to Bermuda?
  13. Flying Tiger

    I put water proof grease in the door track, and only move the door at very slow speeds, like under 2 knots. I also put lock-tite on the hardware as I had a few of the bits get loose in our 1st season. No trouble after that.
  14. Flying Tiger

    Nice - great to hear you are on the right track. PM me if you Want to bounce ideas at all. We've had 8 great seasons with #71 - buoys and distance racing. It's been a great boat.
  15. Flying Tiger

    Ok I'll say it - get rid of those old sails. Moving to a current generation set will make the boat faster and easier to sail. Call it a move from Gen 1 (the jib that blew and the dacron main) to gen 3 or 4 from any sailmaker who knows your local conditions.