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  1. J/125s Are AWESOME

    Earlier in this string, "blofeld" validated SPECTRE was formerly JEANNINE III from Chicago/Great Lakes.
  2. J/125s Are AWESOME

    Lat21 may be able to comment on the trailer as his HAMACHI is ex-Aunt Jessie, ex-Raincloud. I recall seeing an image of HAMACHI on a trailer; however it was not angled but flat. As an aside I believe HAMACHI is hull #6...I think the green hulled AUGUST ICE up in Lake Tahoe is #7... I did find an image of an angled trailer and a flat trailer on the Reinrag2 (ex-Strabo) website... http://reinrag2.com/photos.htm angled is image 2 of 52 flat is image 36 of 52
  3. J/125s Are AWESOME

    SPECTRE is looking very "tidy!" Was she formerly JENNINE III from Chicago / Great Lakes area?
  4. Interesting J/111 Stanchion Installation

    The black hulled #5 (Blast) is berthed at South Beach Harbor as well as #7 (Aeolus); therefore one could further vet the #1 - #6 angled stanchion situation. I may be up there this weekend; if so I'll take a look and report back.
  5. Interesting J/111 Stanchion Installation

    Here is the Tony Hodges/Yachting World J-111 review video. The boat is the US built hull #6 which was sent to the UK and originally christened ARABELLA. In the video at 1:03 - 1:07 there is a pretty good view of the V1 to top lifeline gap which would be in alignment with Ease Hike Trim's comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?_yKz-OrdwwQ Perseverance is Hull #3...
  6. J/125s Are AWESOME

    Hi Fullres, ex-SRM is named "TYR" (i.e. name of a warrior god in Norse mythology; phonetically pronounced "tier"). Sail number is 52125. Best of luck with pulling together a one design start for the 125's for BBS!
  7. Interesting J/111 Stanchion Installation

    Just a general observation... In the images above, using the piece of line tied between the V1 and the top life line (to keep the spin sheet from going in there) as a reference; it certainly looks different from our set up. Our preventer line is very slack and in a "u-shape." Additionally the gap between the V1 and the top life line on our 111 isn't much wider than the spin sheet itself. Apologies for adding to the silliness with no image...
  8. J/125s Are AWESOME

    I believe the green topsides, hull #7 "August Ice" lives in Tahoe...think she made the trek down to SF and raced BBS in 2011(?) with a few of the other west coast 125's (SF's Double Trouble & Time Shaver and Resolute (ex-Roxanne) from LA).
  9. J/125s Are AWESOME

    The J-125 "TYR" (ex - Stark Raving Mad) had a pedestal installed in a recent refit... http://www.crayivp.com/2015-StFYC-Regattas/AldoAlessio15/i-WWRsN9L/A
  10. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Assuming MENTAL is here to stay; following is the current SF Fleet # 5 J/111 list: A preliminary "inaugural" One Design regatta schedule has been published. Exciting stuff! Boat Name - Hull # AEOLUS - 7 MADMEN - 17 MENTAL - 22 TOPSY TURVEY - 39 FLASH - 54 SYMMETRY - 91 DOUBLE DIGIT - 94 TBD - 103 (March arrival)
  11. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    NEW GIRL IN TOWN? Skipper spied the red hulled, fresh water MENTAL, sidled up to MADMEN this afternoon at KKMI in Sausalito. So we have 8 J/111's on SF Bay now!
  12. J/World

    We have had the privilege of sailing and racing with Wayne and Barry over the last couple of years (SF Bay) and have nothing but the highest regard for them and their J-World program. Truly great guys, talented sailors and super coaches.
  13. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Unfortunately, MADMEN will not be able to make it out to Key West from San Francisco this January (2014). However we are seriously targeting 2015.
  14. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    MADMEN's first regatta and video...St. Francis YC Aldo Alessio. Great fun; the learning continues! Props to the owner's son Max (home from college) for video edit and production.
  15. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    We are sailing hull #17 on SF Bay. We seriously looked at NKE and it was highly recommended because of the regatta processing unit option (25 Hz), directly related to optimal autopilot functionality as we will be doing mostly short handed racing and day sailing. We had the privilege to sail with Bob Congdon (EuroMarineTrading-representing NKE - who is a great guy and scary knowledgeable) on Rag Bag's NKE equiped J-111 #4 "INVISIBLE HAND" here on SF Bay. Impressive gear, effortless calibration and very acurate data output. I am sure Rag Bag and or Bob would be happy to expand further on the benifits of NKE. We also considered Nexus gear; I think BLUR equiped his #69 with a Nexus suite and could provide insight on that fine gear. However as we have used B&G for over a decade and are very comfortable with the interface we decided to stay with what we were familiar with. We also opted for the B&G Zeus system at the nav station. In addition to the navigaton, chartplotting and instrurment repeater function it adds a "Sonic Hub" Audio Server which integrates (an OEM'd Fusion Audio) iPod/MP3/Satellite Radio and Satellite Weather functionality which is kind of cool...The B&G gear is working great for us, however I think both the NKE and Nexus gear we considered are top drawer.