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  1. Diarmuid

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Solatube! (Joking, but in bitterness as I just spent part of Saturday scraping old sealant off curbed glass skylights on our house. After 17 years, original sealants fatigued and they have begun to leak -- as skylights do. Wish I knew about 3M 5200 in those days. Also wish I'd installed tube lights instead of skylights.)
  2. Diarmuid

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    A lovely young woman, Bahamian beaches, and the consensus-worst boat dog breed ever (Italian greyhound or whippet). It's all very nice, very dull.
  3. Diarmuid

    It's not a bug, it's a feature

    Grew up in Canandaigua, windsurfed a bunch on that lake. It's sort of crap for sailing -- surprised a major class would hold Nationals there. Mostly known for drunk and douchy powerboaters. (Our family had cottages on Cayuga Lake, a couple Fingers to the east. It's twice as wide and three times as long. Still sort of crap for sailboats, tho you get pretty good at tacking. One mile across, bang the corner, one mile back.... )
  4. Diarmuid

    Cushion Questions

    It can cause contact dermatitis in many people, yes. But if you don't directly touch latex, it is actually healthier than most foams because it is less likely to host the molds and dust mites that trigger many people's allergies. Put the mattress in a cover, it's fine.
  5. Diarmuid

    Cushion Questions

    Latex has some advantages for boat cushions. It's naturally mildew resistant, hypoallergenic, has 'cooling channels' (artifacts of production method), is extremely durable, and it is more progressive than urethane or memory foams ('progressive' in the sense of springs -- resistance increases evenly as you compress it) so it is less prone to bottoming out. The support is remarkably even, similar to a good thick memory foam, but not nearly as hot. Latex is heavy, relative to urethane foams. We have a 3" thick latex topper on our bed at home, and it's a major upgrade. Very different feel than urethane or memory foam. Liked it so much, we got two more (one for guest room, one for boat). Our cabin cushions will be 3" of medium latex over 2" of firm HD urethane. We bought our latex toppers here. Good company, nice prices. These folks will custom-make you latex mattresses for your cabin. With any indoor foam, you can protect against mildew by wrapping the foam in an EMA film like Sailrite's Cushion Wrap Silk Film, which acts as a moisture barrier & also helps with inserting the foam into the cover. a drainable/breathable fabric on cushion bottom is helpful, too.
  6. Diarmuid

    DO NOT let the Moose Lick your Car

    This Fall, girl and I were up scouting firewood cutting locations in the mountains to our west. Moose have been pouring into Wyoming from North Park, CO. We pulled in by a little reservoir to sit on a bench and look at the lake, and two cow moose (one older, and possible daughter) strolled in front of our car and into the willows. We sat on the bench and watched them from a safe distance of about forty yards. (In my experience, cow moose are pretty mellow. Have literally bumped into them a number of times, as in "Oops, sorry to step on your tail Miss".) I said to girl, "Thing to worry about is the bull, if any are nearby. They are a little ... possessive." Just at that moment, we heard this jowly huff and snort from the dense woods behind us. Up we got and double-timed it into the car. Never did see the beast who made the noise -- but it was close, and it was large. (All those woods are ashes, now. Fire started a week later, burned 200k acres.) Favorite moose story is from a friend who did seasonal ranger gigs in the Yellowstone area. One of his fellow rangers was walking the trails one day, and he heard a person call out: "I could use some help over here!" A young bull moose had pinned a hiker to the bole of a tree. Wasn't hurting him -- just bracketed the guy with his antlers against the tree. Moose would take a step back, guy would try to run, moose would pin him to the tree. So the ranger said, "Keep still. I'm going to try something. Be ready to run like hell." Ranger walked up beside the moose, reached around with his can of bear spray, and unleashed a full dose of capsicum right up the beast's nostrils. Moose took two steps back and sat flat on his ass, while the two men booked it for the trailhead.
  7. Diarmuid

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Interesting question, there. Is a person living aboard a boat they own homeless? How about a family living in their Toyota Camry? Not a retired couple boondocking in a $250k Class A motor home, of course. But how about a teacher moving her Scamp between parking lots, because studio apts in her district run $2000/mo? There are extended families is Colcutta who have occupied the same bit of sidewalk for 200 years. Are they homeless?
  8. Diarmuid

    Don't climb solo

    I was one of possibly 10 million indignant climbers to berate AP for failure to check basic facts on that story. Emily Harrington is approximately the FOURTH woman to free climb one of El Cap's major aid routes in under 24 hours. Lynn Hill's 'Nose Free in a Day' is legend, and she did it in 1994. The very cool and badass Steph Davis sent Freerider in a day, 2004. AP promptly corrected their lede, but other news outlets keep repeating the original (wrong) claim.
  9. Diarmuid

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    If you like stripes but worry they might feel overpowering, maybe look into stripes that either 'pixilate' or offer multiple shades of the same color value, semi-randomly assorted: If you break the color transition into multiple, smaller steps, or if you blend the transition edge, it's easier on the eye. We chose two fairly bold colors for our upholstery (cinnamon and lime), but the cinnamon stripe is much blurred out and the lime has kind of a tweedy brown toning it down. Both are busy, but busy in different ways.
  10. Diarmuid

    Vacuum Cleaner recommendation

    Sigh. I just paid Festool's service techs $175 to completely rebuild my LS130 linear sander. Which is outrageous, and I'll do it again in another four years, and again four years after that. Hard to explain how a thing can be both stupidly overpriced and worth every penny, but Festool stuff is all that. Electrolux makes/made the best household vac I've ever used, but they share all the negatives of canister designs. We have a Hoover 'wind tunnel' upright which is okay, but not much more than okay. No consumables, which is nice.
  11. Diarmuid

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Which is a bit odd, since it is fairly normal for even identical panels to output differing volts and amps, due to orientation, shading, fade, etc. If the array is paralleled before hooking into the controller, I'm not sure exactly how the MPPT *knows* you are using mixed panels. Array voltage and amperage work out their issues at the common bus; the result of that negotiation gets fed to the charge controller as a single DC input. As a rule, MPPT is highly flexible about input voltages and takes amps as it finds them.
  12. Diarmuid

    building a door: which gets tongue/groove ?

    Hey now. As someone who grew up one mile downwind of the Boones Hill Farm factory, I can aver the formaldehyde keeps it shelf stable for decades. Nothing like watching rail cars of raw ethanol unload at the dock to stir a 15 yr old alcoholic' s soul.
  13. Diarmuid

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    More new content from the Avocet kids. They made it as far as the Channel Islands. Seem nice enuf, and she's straight outta "Insta ♥s Coachella!!" central casting.
  14. Diarmuid

    building a door: which gets tongue/groove ?

    Rail usually gets the male component, because there's a tendency for a single central tongue to peel off a stile. That said, a 1/4" T&G or spline offers so little glue surface & mechanical racking resistance, it's hardly worth setting up for. (I won't even make cabinet doors cope&stick because the typical 3/8" stub tenons are so weak.) THAT said, you are halfway to a really good design that renders the whole corner joinery question moot. Core box that door! If you can tolerate a 1.25" finished thickness, just skin both sides of your 1x2 frame with ply; you can use fancy joinery on the internal 'web', or no joinery at all. Just butt the pine frame together, glue, maybe air nail the skins on, and clamp well around the perimeter. Can stuff a stick or a block or three in the middle to support the plywood spans, or to deal with any hardware like latch sets.. Core box (or 'torsion box') doors are light, quick to build, and tend to stay flat. The skins do all the structural work; frame exists only to hold those skins apart. You can also fill the interior space with foam board for insulation. Edit: just saw gptyk cross-posted same advice, but sooner.
  15. Diarmuid

    Rescue Monday off Hatteras

    Hey -- that's not fair! The USCG is able to meet its design briefs.