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  1. Diarmuid

    It's my world now...

    Your connection may have connections to someone with a dredge. Or a submarine. Ohio class does some burnouts in slip 5, you got your extra 3 feet.
  2. Diarmuid

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    Around here, if you are able to steer clients away from beetle-kill pine or knotty alder, you've done well. *shrug* Their house, their checkbook, their choice of wood species. It's quite attractive in a Molesworth/lodge-look sort of way, if you are into that sort of thing, which I am not, but a surprising number of people are. One advantage to hickory: if a madman attacks your cabinets with a ball peen hammer, the only damage he's liable to do is to his elbows.
  3. Diarmuid

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    South or east exposure? Nothing short of paint (or a screen door!) will protect wood that gets full UV. Stain is better than dye for that, but paint is best of all. No wait -- steel or fiberglass is best of all. One issue with anything red that gets direct sun is differential fading: the red tends to bleach out first, leaving a sort of nasty purple or orange hue.
  4. Diarmuid

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    Back home now, so a photo of the rustic hickory kitchen. Gluing up wide door panels so they feel balanced is the challange, since even if you take all the wood from a single board, it will swing from dark chocolate to margarine within eight inches. Absurd amount of tinted epoxy went into filling and stabilizing the knots, too. This stock was really raw.
  5. Diarmuid

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    Hah! Gone thru same business: built an office out of *mostly* q-sawn sapele -- but owners wanted two countertops to be extra special. So that meant custom-veneered figured khaya (Af. mahog), then finding the dye mix in customer's wheelhouse that also blended the two species perfectly. Nice looking cabinets. Lot going on in that near corner! Contrasting bullnose is a bold design feature. For your slabs, maybe just a wash color rather than anything too dramatic? Sometimes I use highly-diluted dyes to 'warm up' or pre-age a wood (usually maple or birch, occasionally cherry), or to reduce contrast between darker heartwood & lighter sap by pulling the latter toward the former. Not a lot -- just nudging the colors together a bit so they aren't fighting each other.
  6. Diarmuid

    Mo Bettah Too

    This is fun!
  7. Diarmuid

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    Rasper: whenever I do any work in hickory/pecan, I stress early and often how variable the wood is. Just finished a whole house in it (rustic hickory, no less), and our 'for approval' meeting involved solid wood and rustic MDF core samples fully 12"w by 24" long. Bit awkward to lug around, weigh a ton, but we don't want any surprises. Also, I charge extra for tool dulling. And a 'splinter premium' for time spent pulling bits of kitchen out of my hands. (Building cabinets in white oak now. Much easier on cutters; just as hard on da mitts.)
  8. Diarmuid

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    Lovely lovely shimmer. Isn't it fun to move around a piece of wood and it ripples like water, or switches from light to dark. Instrument makers really play with this effect, and they helped drive advances in transparent dyes. Alcohol based at first, now waterbased. Because cat's eyes!
  9. Diarmuid

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    Wait--you can *buy* a bow saw? The ghost of Tage Frid rattles his chains at you.
  10. Diarmuid

    Thoughts on this 27' boat

    Feisty fleet of U20s in Colorado, too. http://www.denversailing.org/dev2/fleets/u-20/ Best to get a boat with positive floatation ... Or an all-plastic interior that won't be ruined if it visits the lake bottom. Those out of nowhere, 70mph gust fronts do keep you alert.
  11. Diarmuid

    Jeanne Baret

    Witchcraft and necromancy were also expressly forbidden in France, you could get burned to death for it -- yet occultism, spell-casting, and overt satanic rituals were wildly popular in 17th century aristocratic circles. Tell me what is forbidden, and I'll tell you what people like to do.
  12. Diarmuid

    Jeanne Baret

    A goat, perhaps? Not interested in reading up because not especially interested in these "First ABC to do XYZ" records -- not least because they almost always prove false. Columbus discovered the New World, eh? Except for those vikings 500 years earlier, who found the place already occupied by people who came over from Asia 10,000 years ago, whoops make that 14,000, no wait -- appears people might have lived in Mexico 30,000 years ago.... (Almost as annoying as false etymology. "Fun fact: GOLF gets its name from a sign on the clubhouse, Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden." Uh, no. It doesn't.) Recall that absence of evidence does not equal evidence of absence, and that the historical record is as incomplete as the fossil record -- and more selectively curated.
  13. Diarmuid

    Jeanne Baret

    Baret's circumnav certainly belongs in the 'accidental' category, doesn't it? Halfway (notionally)disguised as a man; then a layover; finishes the route as a spouse on a different ship.Not exactly Dame Ellen MacArthur. Just so. Given the first (known!) RTW trip finished nearly 250 years before Baret's feat, I find it difficult verging on absurd that none of those ships contained women. Merchants often packed their wives or mistresses aboard; some ships allowed petty officers to bring their wives; there were nannies, schoolmistresses, chaperones, stowaways, crossdressers, and probably a few dozen more unique stories that either went uncaptured or were just written out of history. Yay for Google Doodle for celebrating Mme B and all, but as to her priority, I sincerely doubt it.
  14. Diarmuid

    Jeanne Baret

    Fair enuf.
  15. Diarmuid

    Jeanne Baret

    Dammit, Casimir Pulaski link did not embed from phone. Try this: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47842307