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  1. Diarmuid

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Jimmy Buffett has a reported net worth of $550 million USD. Dreams are merchantable things, spun of candyfloss and longing and bougie regret -- raw materials both free and abundant. The skill lies in combining those ingredients in the right proportions, with a bit of novelty for leavening. Buffet had it down cold. La Vag is quite good at the "We're in paradise/wish you were here us/sometimes it sux, be happy in your cubicle" loaf; they squeeze out product with good regularity; it might not keep well, but it's tasty when fresh.
  2. Diarmuid

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    "Sometimes when a Luger and a Bayliner love each other very much...."
  3. Diarmuid

    What's going on here?

    The male version frequently gets lost but refuses admit it -- or to stop & ask directions. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, North is from somewhere in the vicinity of Ellesmere Island.
  4. Diarmuid

    Coolboats to admire

    Doozy: (Said to be shorthand for Duesenberg, the finest. May or may not be a true etymology.)
  5. Diarmuid

    Coolboats to admire

    Thomas. Thomas Crapper, who didn't invent the flush toilet (rather a late entry into the game, in fact) but who did sell a lot of them. TC gets his due a couple minutes in: ... because the Beeb makes great docus about every damned thing.
  6. Diarmuid

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Silo is the upwind mark. Water we may lack, but it's blowing 25 out there right now. Just waiting for the lake to get above 45F....
  7. Diarmuid

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Oh no, I'm aware of both their virtues and their shortcomings. A light-air ghoster designed for tooling around Union Lake was maybe not the best choice for a place where 60mph wind events are a common thing, but we haven't died yet. We very much enjoyed dragging it out to SoCal a couple times & taking it around Catalina Island. A moderate ocean jaunt feels adventurous in a 1400lb boat. I rather like the looks of the Mk1 (doghouse) model; it has a pugnacious, Dutch scow attitude. The flush deck versions are more practical but look like the unloved runt of the Cal litter. They are nice boats to learn on.
  8. Diarmuid

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    The SJ21 is for sailing now. The Ballad is for working on, and dreaming.
  9. Diarmuid

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Still my Platonic ideal of sailboat shape. The Albin Ballad is very consciously modeled on its lines, especially from that angle:
  10. Diarmuid

    Coolboats to admire

    What it lacks in maneuverability it makes up for in noise production. It's like someone said: Let's study everything that makes a motorcycle perform well: high power-to weight ratio; forward seating posture with low, narrow handlebars; multiple small displacement cylinders with a smooth power stroke and 15,000 RPM redline; high side clearance ... let's take all that, and do exactly the opposite! Let's make the slowest, least efficient, least ergonomic, worst-handling motorcycle in the world! Because stupid is cool! (Says a person who like sailboats. *sigh*)
  11. Diarmuid

    Coolboats to admire

    Fun fact: varnish is simply paint without any pigment added. In terms of adhesion, flexibility, flowout, and most physical properties, varnish (or clear lacquer) is superior to paint, all else being equal. The addition of pigment -- finely-ground dirt -- kinda messes with the formula. There's some evidence overlapping 'plates' of pigment as the film draws down may slightly improve an opaque finish's resistance to water migration (all plastics are more or less permeable.) There's tremendous evidence that clear coatings allow a broad spectrum of light to penetrate all the way to the substrate and to attack the substrate/first coat bond, and all the coats above it simultaneously. Pigment is a damn fine visible light and UV blocker, rendering the top coat something of a sacrificial layer while protecting the bond & matrix of all the finish beneath the immediate surface. I suspect your observation that varnished topsides get rekt is accurate: not because varnish is initially softer or less-waterproof than paint, but because a clear coat will begin breaking down faster than paint, releasing its bond with the substrate, losing film elasticity due to UV, and developing microscopic cracks which allow moisture to invade all the way down to the wood & then spread laterally. If I were planning to clear-coat topsides, I might look into some of the 2-pack clear LPUs available, maybe with extra UV blockers added. It's Awlgrip minus the colorants. But I've had to deal with way too much destroyed clear-coated wood here at 7200' to even consider that. People are like, "How can we stop our south-facing front door from splitting apart?" & My answer is, Paint the damned thing. Better yet, buy a steel or fiberglass door and (if you care) paint it to look like wood. tl;dr Varnish starts off better than paint but degrades faster. Glide paths cross about 6mo-1yr into service.
  12. Diarmuid

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    The suppression of the Vendee was nasty. By that point, the ideals of the Revolution had pretty much descended into localized shitshows, with lots of public & private scores being settled & rule of law giving way to the local butcher with the loudest voice. We focus on Paris & Versailles, but the street fights & reprisals & tribunes of the countryside were in many ways more intense than in the capitol(s). (Much like the English Civil War was maneuvering power blocs in London -- but red murder out in the shires or in Ireland.)
  13. Diarmuid

    1983 buhk starts - but not well

    Scotia 4: Rough Wooing. (Anyone who thinks the world was simpler in olden times ... nah. Dorothy Dunnett is a great antidote to that belief.)
  14. At $8 an hour? (see JGB's earlier post) That's about what I earn also, and we'd need to work & save roughly 16,000 years before buying something Bristol. When your time is cheap and your skills exceed your earning power, a slow & scroungy refit is a viable path to the boat you want. Hell, I only have a house because I built one. But it's exactly the house I wanted, & it's vastly better than most of the crap being sold at four times the cost. "These two hands" may not rate as assets to a bank loan officer, but sometimes those are the best assets you have. Give me some raw materials & room to swing them, I'll add the value. Not everyone's path, not for the innocent, but not automatically stupid. JGB seems to know his business, so it's down to weighting materials. Item: hull (one), steel. Value: ???
  15. Lead's down to $0.75 from its peak around $1.10, but I confess to viewing that as equity of sorts. If Maine Sail was eyeing a beater C&C 40, wouldn't you have to say:" No better person to buy that boat. I'd be an idiot to try it, but MS? That's what he does."