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  1. Another good core material for forming stiffener ribs -- one that weighs nuffin & won't ever rot -- is styrofoam. I like to glue down strips of blueboard, soften the top corners, and glass over those. Foam follows a curve really well, too.
  2. Irma

    The failure rate of GFCIs these days is staggering. Was talking to a client the other day who was moaning about how many have failed in their spanking new home. Probably because most are $8 from China rather than $30 from US or Canada, and they do seem to fail 'safe'. But still. I have noticed they don't always like the little spikes and dips that come from generator or MSW inverter power; I've lost a number of Pass-LeGrand GFCIs within a week of install due to our home's MSW inverters. Kicked repeatedly, then the 'end of service life' LED comes on and the outlet will not reset. I shipped two of them bask to PLG for testing; their tech was really interested to know what was going on, but never did hear back from them. His theory was the transient voltage/current spikes and 'ringing' that are inherent to square wave power register as current imbalance in the legs. Never could get an ArcFault breaker to work in this house, nuh uh. The electricians who wire my kitchens have started insisting on doing all GFCI circuits as breakers at the panel, because they seem to last much longer than outlets & GFCI/AFCI callbacks were bankrupting them. Even on utility power, they are hair trigger & failure prone. Automatic transfer switches for gensets run around $500 for a typical install. A manual switch that prevents grid backfeeding works for most people (if your generator does not fire up automatically, you do not need an auto switch) & you can do that for a bit over $100. Most utility professionals I know treat all wires as live anyway, and they work from insulated lifts with thick rubber gloves & boots. Backfeeding gensets are more likely to zap other homeowners or a deputy who tries to drag a wire off the wet road, believing it to be unpowered.
  3. Irma

    Video in Twitter link is fake -- archival Sandy footage presented as Irma. Gotta love Twitter.
  4. Tom Scott?

    No. Uncooperative Tom is the hardcore Suncat racer with a sketchy sheet of plywood out back. Ask him about his truck.
  5. Coolboats to admire

    As 'glamping' is the full amenities approach to camping, these folks are 'gleaving' -- reaving, raping, and pillaging in style. I hear they bite the ends of their fenders to get worked up before a SuperSoaker battle. Viking River Cruises should offer authentic sacking voyages as a premium option. Pull into a river town, and the purser says: "You have four hours in" *checks clipboard* "La Roche-Guyon to steal the altar gold & cut the priest's lungs out, burn the market down, and raid the wine stores. We'll need you back aboard with your loot & captives by 4pm local for departure and dinner, jackets required please. Enjoy your time ashore."
  6. J/29 Shopping

    Makes you wonder if Clark soaked their balsa scrim in the bathtub before construction, just to hasten the inevitable. I've completely recored one SJ deck, helped with another, and never heard of a SJ you couldn't wring out like a towel.
  7. Scanmar 33 - rebuild after dismasting

    What -- you mean this thing? trussrot1 by Robert Mcgovern, on Flickr I wouldn't call that dodgy. More like ... sacrificial. AFAIK, Scanmars have bolt-on cast iron keels, so a very different keel sump & mast step arrangement than the Ballad.
  8. Irma

  9. weight aloft

    I prefer yanking all my teeth out with ViseGrips. Weight savings there, and you can skip the toothbrush altogether! And you really only need one lung & one kidney. Why carry duplicates?
  10. weight aloft

    Many people are more sensitive to increased pitching vs.increased rolling. Its a thing roller coaster designers exploit. Maybe more divergence between what eyes and ears are telling you? And I've read studies that seasickness is often triggered by one of pitching or rolling, plus yaw -- with pitch + yaw being the worst. That nasty corkscrew motion. Weight aloft shouldn't have much effect on yawing, but it might hold the bow or stern down longer while yaw happens?
  11. Most tasteless ad copy by a Yacht Broker

    Harry Schell: "Yes I am a bottom feeder!"
  12. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Oh, now you are the gatekeeper of what is and is not a 'real' relationship? My partner and I have been together 14 years; we met in an online chatroom, flirted, eventually met in person, fell head-over-heels, and stayed that way for a couple years until she landed a job here and we shacked up for four years, Then the term position ended and she was off to another state, though our relationship was very strong. Then came the 'hard times' you rhapsodize about, with extra heavy chemotherapy. Another year living together. Wanna talk intimacy? Try changing your partner's wound dressing three times a day for several months. Now she's back at a faraway posting, and we're still tight as can be. So don't you fucking dare tell me long distance relationships are 'fantasy.' Asshole. People all over the world are forced to live apart by circumstance, and every night millions talk to their lovers on bad cellphone connections before bed, or stare at photos of their spouse from a cot in Qatar, knowing they are living apart for their future together. You can't even grasp that level of commitment, can you? Tell the soldier on his or her fourth deployment to Afghanistan their relationship with their loved ones back home isn't real, cuz they only see their family 'every so often.' Go on -- do.
  13. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Tons of couples living in the same house (or boat!) aren't having good sex, or any sex. LDRs have logistical challenges but can result in memorable weekends with lots of kissyface and pent-up need. "Let's meet in Paris! And not leave our hotel room!" Again -- depends on the people involved, but distance is no necessary bar to a happy & fulfilling relationship. Not infrequently, one partner will relocate to join the other (which is an interesting negotiation); but often this happens only after a deep fondness has been cemented and several back-and-forth trips. It's not a terrible way to build a life. Or you can just go to a bar, get wasted, fuck whatever rando follows you home, and five years later realize you married a complete stranger cuz the sex was good that first night. That's popular.
  14. Show your boat sailing thread

    Is that your lapstrake foam dinghy? I love that little design. Wish we had room on our decks for one, even if inflatables are more pragmatic.
  15. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    *shrug* Depends on the people involved. With cheap air travel and communication options today, quite fulfilling long-distance relationships can exist. OTOH, there are plenty of couples sharing the same house (or boat!) who never speak to one another. Physical proximity is neither necessary nor sufficient for a solid emotional connection. If Mads is happy, I am happy for Mads. He is a sweetheart.