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  1. Diarmuid

    Oh...No !

    Oh goddamn it, Alex.
  2. Diarmuid

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Been watching some of their stuff; it is pretty decent. But their algorithm manipulation skills must be tops if they are flooding your YouTube front page as much as mine! Also been watching some of Aldebaran/Green Coconut Run's Sea of Cortez & Pacific crossing vids. Lots of diving, fishing, and cooking.
  3. Diarmuid

    Round the world non stop on a Contessa 32...

    In honor of M. Huglot's achievement, I shall fill the cement mixer with snow and water, plug it in, and climb inside for several hours. Contessas and Albin Vegas -- they go places!
  4. Diarmuid

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Ax appears at 5:00. Basically the guy who lost the ritualized staredown contest went home and got an ax and returned to whack the winner. The ethnographers ran out of film just as the real mayhem kicked off. But preening, waving pointed sticks, and people screaming at each other is most of what goes on around here anyhow. Steel axes are for special occasions. And you hafta admit -- there are tits!
  5. Diarmuid

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Just a reference to TD's avatar ... Students of anthropology will recognize this controversial work of Napoleon Chagnon and the ritualized violence endemic to the Yanomamo, for whom randomly spearing people is their way of saying 'hello.' "The contest rapidly escalated into an ax fight." Long time Sailing Anarchy posters will also feel right at home.
  6. Diarmuid

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Dunno why the official Vimeo embed didn't work. Music video here. If your Chrome won't play that, bootleg version: (Denver-based jangly Phil Spector sound, lo-res shakycam. Fluffy, harmless.)
  7. Diarmuid

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Hrrmmm. Wonder if that Cape Dory belonged to the Tennis kids? ETA: Nah, I think theirs was a CD 30.
  8. Diarmuid

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Also occasional stepping out of the boat to haul it over an uncharted bar of dredging spoil, etc. It sounds like a punishing race.
  9. Diarmuid

    Mysterious curve in the Dyke after WW2

    What is the situation with WW2-era UXB along the east coast estuaries of Britain (plus Liverpool)? Do people still dredge up live ordinance from time to time?
  10. Diarmuid

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Well, it is located in Onancock.
  11. Diarmuid

    Is flogging "grievous bodily harm"?

    unless the master believes on reasonable grounds Interesting save-all phrasing, there. It locates belief and (to the lesser extent) reasonableness within the master's judgement, rather than in some putative 'average person/panel of judges/jury of peers' authority. Someone mentioned use of force doctrines, and indeed there is a massive difference between "a reasonable person would feel threatened" and "this particular person felt threatened." So if you plan to flog crew to the point of GBH, please make certain to convince yourself first of its absolute necessity. Then have at it. Strawberries!
  12. Actually it was a brain fart. :/ I mixed up FS, whom I used for a couple years, with US Composites, whom I mostly buy from these days. Sorry! (Both companies are very good, tho.) US Composites resin & hardener kits are lovely to work with for hand layups, but I have no idea how they do in vacuum applications. Claim 600 cps for their standard 3:1 thin epoxy. Too viscous for infusion?
  13. +1. Been using them for years. But never tried their formulas for bagging or infusion: anyone know how they perform, or what best hardener is for that?
  14. Diarmuid

    Non skid with bright finish wood stairs

    There is a certain degree of trade-off between quality of a bright finish and anti-skid properties. The smooth surface & lack of suspended junk in a lovely, warm varnish are at odds with the light-scattering surface rugosities of a durable, gritty tread. You can make a clear coat less slippery, but doing so in a way that really lasts is somewhat more challenging than with paint. This company has some products. You might also consider anti-slip tapes, which are available in cool options like clear & glow-in-the-dark. Benefits of a surface tape: stands proud of varnish, preventing 'hydroplaning'; easy to refresh or add more as needed; rest of varnish can be conventional & pretty. Just finished working on a new house where the owners put in a gorgeous winding stair with varnished hardwood treads; they wanted it to showcase the beauty of the wood grain. Now they're talking about stair runners because two people have already tumbled on the smooth, hard varnish (which was supposedly non-slip). So I guess I'd save the perfect varnish job for vertical surfaces & emphasize traction on something as dangerous as stairs.
  15. Diarmuid

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    A large percentage of constructed wooden masts -- including all the good ones -- are at least hexagonal or octagonal in cross section, very often glued up using the bird's mouth joint: Rectangular box beams are fine -- in fact very good! -- as long as they are loaded parallel to one or the other axis. Any diagonal loading creates phenomenal stress concentrations at the vertices, and the beam tends to flatten like a cardboard carton you've opened the bottom of. Some people figure they can overcome the weakness of a rectangular mast by making it really large -- as this boat apparently did. But that really doesn't change the calculus at the corners. Better hope your loading stays on axis & in column, and that you experience zero torsion, or Blammo goes the spar. People build oblong spars because it's easy, not because they are strong. (Exception: the booms on performance race boats are often tall, narrow demi-rectangles. That's to maximize vertical strength when close hauled & the beam loads are insane. Any strength lost while reaching is accepted & (hopefully) covered by the remarkable properties of carbon fiber.)