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  1. avantgardaclue

    Sailing in India? (Mumbai/Chennai/Goa etc.)

    certainly going back a few years Enterprise sailing/racing was pretty big in India.. https://www.sailingtimesindia.com/2011/06/09/national-inland-enterprise-championship-2011/
  2. avantgardaclue

    Looking for current opinions on the Bongo 15

    If you were in England then the K1 might be right
  3. avantgardaclue

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Here's how to hike! Nick Craig, amongst many many world, european and national titles, here sailing a D-0 Try hiking like that up a 20 minute beat! Guess that's why he's 5 times world OK champion
  4. avantgardaclue

    Whoa - Classic 1947 International Fourteen

    Quote... Below is the somewhat famous photo of the kingpin of the early Southern Californian USOD fleet, Dick Fenton, in his Douglass and McLeod number 116 (note the caret symbol under the 14 insignia - designating this 14 as a one-design), sailing with a reef in the main. http://cbifda.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/us-one-design-classic-internatonal-14.html + http://cbifda.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/us-one-design-classic-international-14.html
  5. avantgardaclue

    Whoa - Classic 1947 International Fourteen

    Only a small one but why the shallow upturned V under the 14 on the sail and not a horizontal line like the UK 14s?
  6. avantgardaclue

    The VX Evo

    Think the K1 is doing quite well...
  7. avantgardaclue

    rs aero

    Kid Rigs training at Oxford...
  8. avantgardaclue

    rs aero

    Interesting that there appears to be a Rooster 8.1 rigged laser in the background of that photo. Would have thought that flogging those rigs out there would be easy, or not!
  9. avantgardaclue

    rs aero

    Hope it's different enough to the Devotti D Zero because I'm guessing that is going to be the serious buyer's choice and that at £5400 will be tough to beat