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  1. billseagull

    Seascape 27

    The outhaul attachment on the end of the boom (rigged through the clew back to an eye) looks a bit extraneous. Why force the outhaul line 180 degrees around the clew of the main? That will be loaded up, and end up rubbing right through the line.
  2. billseagull

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    4 J111s in PHRF1 at BLOCK - lets hear some feedback.......
  3. billseagull

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Main reefed - so its likely they needed a reef to keep her on her feet upwind prior to flipping over to get the downwind footage? So she can't stay on her feet in 20 knots? Just pouring a bit of kerosene on the embers here....
  4. billseagull

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    No offense but I can see why you're a boat salesman and not a rocket scientist. To discount performance opinions with sales figures wouldn't even fly in high-school debating mate, it's not the same topic. Lada's are slow but people bought 'em. Maybe about 10 people on the planet have sailed a J111 granted but I have faith there are lots of experienced nerds on the site who crunch key performance indicators (SA/Displ, chute size, upwind SA, LWL, BWL, draft, disp:ballast, etc.) and current J-Boat owners who can do some reasonable extrapolation of this coupled with the pictures they saw. I know that's what I did. It was light airs and I agree the boat a) sits quite low in the water compared to the out-of-water shots, and b ) didn't look like it had long legs. They're predictions, just like baseball, we've seen the team on paper, it's now spring training, it looks slow and overweight and not especially high performing, do we think it'll win the world series like we're led to believe in the press? Excuse us for having an opinion. Lastly luck you that you get to sail one, but what the fuck else are you going to say about it besides the obvious? Your wife will leave you if you don't make your sales target. Agree with the bulk of the 'constructive' critique here. One thing to note is that every shot was taken from the leeward side, so its going to appear settled in the water.