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    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    it was definitely not me
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    Words of Wisdom

    Credit to Anarchist Point Break.
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    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

  4. i have suspended troller for crossing way over the line on the racist/bigot scale. there comes a point where enough is enough. my instinct as well as BJ Porter's instinct was to immediately flick this asshole on the spot. but i decided on a suspension while the management team decides on a proper course of action. the racism and bigotry around here has gotten out of hand lately and it was getting bad even before trump. there is a policy change being considered but it is still under discussion as to what and how to enforce it. we do not want to stifle any discussions about race or other sensitive issues and generally PA has worked well to let the inmates run a but wild. but there comes a point where the hatred and bigotry get out of control even for a place called "anarchy". while this potential new policy is being discussed internally, we welcome your inputs as to what crosses over the line. we do not want to be censor nazis here because frankly none of us wants the hassle and waste of time. but there is a limit. As BJ said, this place will not be allowed to turn into some of those radical sites like stormfront and such. if you want to spew your hatred, go somewhere else.
  5. Woody is going to go sit in a corner for a week for being an ass and spamming the board. A few times is somewhat funny. ^^ ^^ was not.