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    I would recommend, based on a recent survey I had done during the purchase of my 2006 J92s: 1) Checking the shaft around the lower rudder bearing for rust/corrosion, inside the hull - no major issue, just needs serviced 2) Checking condition of the sail drive hull gasket and understanding if/when it was replaced. Mine seems to be original on a 2006 and I will be replacing it before going offshore or distance racing. Estimating a $3k professional job. 3) Check for minor corrosion around spreader fittings and ends - we buffed and tef-gelled the rigging points during assembly and will be keeping an eye on it. Overall a very solid boat. Core on mine was very dry - only monitoring area around the partners (a plate is around the partners - maybe needs rebedding). My understanding is that factory deck penetrations for hardware were done through glassed-in blocks, so no issues with moisture penetration.