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  1. Pyewacket T-Boned at Campbell Cup?

    You probably avoid black cats and ladders.
  2. VOR 17 18 Game

    What about the running aground feature?
  3. .

    Spot on.
  4. There is an R boat in Toronto that made the change. Bit of a "resto-mod". She had a cruising interior that they stripped out and pulled out the diesel and fuel tanks. I know the current owners are happy with the change. No details about motor size or the number of batteries; but, the boat is for sale.
  5. Rope pens

    It sounds like a write off for her.
  6. British Car Guys On Here ??

    US$10,000? Way too much for a '79. Realistically, US$5,000-7,000 in good condition. If it's in Boston, there is a good chance of rust. Then, lower. I have a '69 that was restored in the 80s. I'd be lucky to see $10,000.
  7. Dirty pool?

    The sail numbers are clearly seen.
  8. Mr. Hockey DTS

    Just heard. Gordie Howe @ 88. RIP
  9. Kidnapped Yachtsmen Murdered

    And what pray tell, would be your solution here? nuke the Philippines of course. and guam, just to make sure. Nuke them with what? The underfunded military he kept promising to revitalize, but didn't in his entire time in office?
  10. Crew Sharing

    We're all good friends. That's why we stayed together for so long. Half the fk ups in the spring are mine.
  11. Crew Sharing

    I've sailed with most of my crew for over a decade. At the beginning of every season, it's like they've never been on a boat; but, a few fk ups later, we're all good.
  12. Coolest spinnakers?

    A sailmaker once told me that white spinnakers are the best for light wind. The ink weighs it down.
  13. Rob Ford

    As I understand it, all the way from the west coast, he cleaned up, a lot of, the many, many, years of the established city of Toronto political gravy train, that was sucking on and wasting the tax payers hard earned money... and he basically, pissed off all of the political status quo by doing it. Hard to find a politician that will do that.. or that wants too..... "The rest of the story" was really only about his personal issues. Cleaned up the gravy train? He created his own. His old buddies got jobs as his driver and security and got paid stupid amounts to do it. He his staff help him coach the high school team he coached. He forced the TTC to empty a transit bus so it could transport that football team. Do you consider road maintenance as gravy? He stopped that. If you lived in the city, you had to dodge massive pot holes. He created the impression he cared about it when he created a photo op of him filling pot holes in his ward. I actually considered sending the city bills for my car's alignment. He cut spending to transit. Because of him, I had to spend $20/day to park because the TTC was too crowded. I had to wait for 3 streetcars just to get on this made me close to 30 minutes late for work. This is the tip of the iceberg. Just 2 years with a new mayor, funding is restored to the TTC and city hall is working together to get things done. John Tory is trying to get the councillors to work together as opposed to fight them.
  14. 8 bells - Ian Bruce

    I just heard the great man passed on March 21. Star sailor, Olympian, father of the Laser, Officer of the Order of Canada. One of Canada's greatest sailors and boat builders. I'll miss him.