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  1. Laser 28?

    Some places can repair a cracked cylinder head, if it's not bad. A few years ago I had to have some gelcoat repair work in the late fall. Since the guy didn't get the work done before the snow came I asked him to winterize the engine. He either didn't do it or did a lousy job. The head cracked. A machine shop just outside of Toronto specialized is this type of repair.
  2. Laser 28?

    I do remember a boat in Toronto that had replaced his Bukh with a Yanmar. Given the age of the boat and the difficulty finding a replacement engine, I wouldn't mind if an owner replaced a broken Bukh with anything similar.
  3. For the last 3 years, a handful of Laser 28 boat owners on Western Lake Ontario have been getting together for a few regattas to create our own series. The last 2 years we've had 3 regattas on both the Canadian and US sides of Lake Ontario. On February 10 at 11:30 we will be having a planning meeting in Grimsby, ON at the Casablanca. All Laser 28 sailors are invited to join us to share a few beers and help set up the schedule for 2018. Anyone interested in the Laser 28 is welcome. Bob CAN 217 Below is part of the fleet at the Cornucopia Cup in Port Dalhousie in 2015
  4. Laser 28?

    I don't get the idea of the modification. The cockpit is crowded enough with helm, main trimmer and jib trimmer. Moving the winches back would put the jib trimmer on the main trimmer's lap.
  5. US Navy ship stuck in ice until...

    I lived there for 5 years. I won't say they're prettier than other places; they just have the right attitude. Some places where I've lived, if you were looking at a girl's ass, they would be looking for a cop claiming you were assaulting them with your eyes. In Montreal, they would smile and say, "Thank you. I worked hard to get it to look like this."
  6. What boat to buy?

    I heard there may be an Esse 850 for sale in Toronto.
  7. Help me name my boat!

    Boaty McBoatface
  8. Toronto boat show 2018

    There's been zero sailing porn for last 5 or 6 years at least. But, if you're interested in the latest Bayliner, go for it...
  9. Pyewacket T-Boned at Campbell Cup?

    You probably avoid black cats and ladders.
  10. VOR 17 18 Game

    What about the running aground feature?
  11. .

    Spot on.
  12. There is an R boat in Toronto that made the change. Bit of a "resto-mod". She had a cruising interior that they stripped out and pulled out the diesel and fuel tanks. I know the current owners are happy with the change. No details about motor size or the number of batteries; but, the boat is for sale.
  13. Rope pens

    It sounds like a write off for her.
  14. British Car Guys On Here ??

    US$10,000? Way too much for a '79. Realistically, US$5,000-7,000 in good condition. If it's in Boston, there is a good chance of rust. Then, lower. I have a '69 that was restored in the 80s. I'd be lucky to see $10,000.
  15. Dirty pool?

    The sail numbers are clearly seen.