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  1. Beer fueled Mayhem

    Night Runner is on the market

    Looks like my ten year daughter was aboard!
  2. Beer fueled Mayhem

    creaky floorboards

    I've used teflon tape with some success. Holds up pretty well to boot.
  3. Beer fueled Mayhem

    Picture Sharing From Your Boat

    Looks like my dock neighbor!
  4. Beer fueled Mayhem

    Retirement Planning

    Thanks man. You too! Just want to see my 9 year old graduate college or HS. Whatever makes her happy.
  5. Beer fueled Mayhem

    My Big Mushy Boat Listing - Selling a Boat in Motion

    My buddy Scott took his Tartan 37 solo from New Zealand to Friday Harbor in one fell swoop. 70 days. Just sayin'. He got a bit stir crazy about 40 days in. Kept saying "we" when it was just him on board. I would refer to the boat as a person as well I suppose. They just bought a Sceptre 41 to do the islands again...
  6. Beer fueled Mayhem

    Retirement Planning

    Sorry about your news as well. My CT scan is next week as well. Good luck with your scan!!! Agreed about the medical team. My second opinion is the one that saved my life I think. The doctor grabbed me and said "You are going to fucking beat this!" Totally changed my attitude from woe is me to Fuck cancer! My radiation oncologist is another one who, well, I tear up when I think about it...he is an amazing doctor.
  7. Beer fueled Mayhem

    Retirement Planning

    This is me! Stage 4 rectal cancer at age 47 (no family history other than helping my dad sand the blue bottom paint when I was 10...) diagnosed right after we got back from one year in Mexico on the boat. Did one year and then came back and started working again. Two months later, I am having radiation, chemo and major surgery. Go NOW! We are all one CT scan away from some horrible news. I know this shit will kill me but I'm still socking money away for a "maybe" retirement. You never know. Maybe I will beat the odds.
  8. Beer fueled Mayhem

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    This is my buddy Alan's YouTube video. His son made it from all the old film accumulated while doing this trip (all Super 8 I think). The guys on the boat are/were all engineers of one sort or another and worked with my dad at Fermi Lab in Chicago. Alan also helped make one of the lunar landers and put a message on it. Damn if I can remember WTF he wrote. Alan was navigator on Cheetah which won their division in the 1985 Swiftsure. This video is from the early 60s and while there isn't a ton of sailing, I think there might be a bit of historical content. There are six parts. I marvel at how they used a bridge in Florida to raise the mast.
  9. Beer fueled Mayhem

    Here Comes The Night

    Kinda a sunset...Poulsbo with my monkeys in the rigging.
  10. Beer fueled Mayhem

    Show your boat not sailing

    I'll look for you! I'll have my parasites as well!!
  11. Beer fueled Mayhem

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Lee does a great job. I broke my arm patting myself on the back. We double-handed for the win. Sometimes things just line up!
  12. Beer fueled Mayhem

    Show your boat sailing thread

    New motor in and sorted. Took her up to Port Townsend for the Wauquiez Rendezvous. Had a beer can race on Saturday. Took first. Amazing what a clean bottom can do. And a good start... Photo by Lee Youngblood
  13. Beer fueled Mayhem

    Show your boat not sailing

    We are leaving for Desolation Sound on the 4th! But first a stop in Poulsbo on the 3rd for the fireworks!
  14. Beer fueled Mayhem

    Show your boat not sailing

    Here is my boat not sailing. As a fuck you to cancer, I went and bought a new Yanmar 4JH57 to replace my smoking Perkins Prima 50. This is us hoisting the new one into the boat!