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  1. http://navigatorjoel.blogspot.com/2011/11/clothesline-anchoring-revisited.html Thanks olaf! I just had to know what to type into Google. Clothesline anchoring did the trick.
  2. My aging parents have recently bought a RIB with a console and big heavy outboard. They were having a bitch of a time getting in and out of the standard RIB and felt that a console with seats, etc. would be better for them. Now I have to tow this thing around (1 knot lost while towing) and also attempt to beach it. With the tides in the PNW and the rocky beaches, I don't want to beach this 500 pound behemoth. I was at Golden Gardens beach about two years ago and I saw a guy row his dinghy near the beach and drop an anchor and then row to the beach. He jumps out without getting wet and then he has another line that drags the dinghy out to the anchor, keeping the dinghy a bit off the beach but still retrievable without going from a swim. It was not the "Anchor buddy" or any other elastic type thing. He secured the other line to a point on the beach. I saw him do this but didn't see how he did it. Has anyone done this or seen how it is done? It didn't look complicated, it looked...elegant actually. Very nautical. Google ain't much help with the method I saw. Next time I see something that intrigues me, I think I should ask questions.
  3. I had to do this. Went to the DMV and waited while they called the main office in Olympia for guidance. Now I have the new number, no charge, but have to register it with the USCG for my documentation. That will cost my over $100 and the filling out of two forms. Or I could just let it be. No one has ever checked my hull number when I have been boarded. That includes the Mexican Navy, Hawaiian Border Patrol, Washington State Marine Patrol and the USCG. But I also heard that they are telling the US agencies to start checking the HINs. It is always something with these government agencies...
  4. Are you on the C&C 34+ owners group? They would know. I had a C&C 34+ but never had to mess with the keelbolts. A Wauquiez on the other hand, I know the location of the keel bolts all to well...
  5. Have the month of August off and heading up to the Octopus Islands and maybe the Broughtons. That is a lot to jam into 4 weeks though but never did the Broughtons. Might be worth it to jam up there. But we had a good time last year just in the San Juans sailing/drifting from place to place rather than motoring everywhere with a schedule. Had a brilliant sail through the Wasp Islands which wouldn't have happened if we were on a schedule. Like my dad says, "We are just going from one pile of rocks to the next. Might as well have fun getting there..."
  6. 1991 Wauquiez 42. The interior isn't for everyone but works for us and the bridgedeck elicits moans of complaints from less nimble crewmembers. I think Ed DuBois did a nice job designing her.
  7. Thanks!
  8. So the RT might represent volume? NT also? What's does the OC stand for? The numbers behind it? Googling these questions gets me nowhere. Maybe I'm not typing in the right phrase to get an answer. Washington state is on a tear this year getting all pleasure boats to have a 12 digit HIN. Of course no one could find the HIN on my boat when I bought it (damn French) so the state gave me one...with 11 digits. The only numbers I could find was the OC number in the bilge. But evidently that is not the HIN. I already checked the starboard aft corner of the hill. Nothing. Sorry for the highjack. The discussion on sails was much more interesting. I should have looked to see what the thread was talking about before just posting my inane shit.
  9. This pic is from the Sweden 45 link. I have a Wauquiez Centurion 42 with an O.N. number marked in the bilge. What does this number represent? Lloyd's cert or something? I think the RT is tonnes. I don't have RT following the 6 digit number but NT which I imagine is Net Tonnes.
  10. I think that is Gypsy. He is on my dock.
  11. I figured as much. For sure cost comes into it for production builders. Freeport did an OK job on their boats I think. Everything is tabbed, etc. Thanks for the response!
  12. While working on a Freeport 36, I got to thinking about the carbon cutters and how Bob is there most times and access, repair-ability at sea all seem to be high on the list of wants. We are replacing fuel tank hoses and such on the Freeport and access is just shit. Access to the quadrant is damn near impossible. You hear about boats being built around a certain feature and this boat is the epitome of that. When Bob designed the Freeport, I imagine he took into account the access to those areas but then the yard did whatever they wanted anyway? This question is by no means a slight to Bob BTW. My bud and I were just wondering who said "Fuck it. They'll never need to replace the steering cable or clean the fuel tank" and then made that entire area under the cockpit inaccessible without being a triple-jointed mini-man. Even then, getting the fuel intake line out of the tank is impossible because there is no clearance to get it out of the tank!!!
  13. hey! I've been up that river to the spring a couple of times! in a panga but still. Had one of the best margaritas at the end of that panga ride to the spring swimming hole!
  14. We used Shawn and Heather's charts from Blue Latitude Press (I think that is the company). They charts load on the iNavx program. Amazingly accurate. So much so that I had to go into the anchorages ahead of everyone and sound them out and I draw 8'!! Absolutely the best investment I made for charts in Mexico. Below is a screen shot from my iPad while we took a panga through the mangroves in San Blas to a fresh water spring. They even got the river right. http://www.bluelatitudepress.com/
  15. I have a Wauquiez Centurion 42. What a mouthful for a name. Pretty big bridgedeck on her with traveler just before the step. My 82 year old dad hates it but does manage to get down into the cabin but every year, it gets harder. Here is me last year. IMAG0584.jpg I loved the security of it while we went down the Oregon/Califonia coast and to Hawaii and back but while living on the hook in Mexcio...UGH. It is really nice to have the feet and legs in the cabin with the hatch slid closed and being protected by that awesome Iverson dodger. That works well. I have a fly between the bimini and the dodger but I have to pin the mainsheet off to one side or the other to use it. Always liked those boats BFM, pretty boats. My father in law ended up moving the traveler to the cabin top on his Praetorian so he could canvas up the boat for Caribbean cruising. The mainsheet on the bridgedeck didn't allow that. Thanks Joli! I like your boat as well. I use to have a C&C. A C&C34+. Good boat. I can't move the traveler to the cabin top. The vang attachment point is almost where the dodger starts. The hatch is quite forward on the C42. Boats are compromises.