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  1. Hatin' life

    Doomsday Clock

    There you go, I had the name wrong. That's what loosened up the lending laws when it was tweaked by the Clinton administration.
  2. Hatin' life

    Doomsday Clock

    If you say so. Haha, you know fuck all about me steam flyer, and what I support. Thanks for trying though. Poor people should buy what they can afford. Why doesn't that make sense? Why do you want to enslave them with debt? Why do you think the mortgages were packaged up and sold off? The banks knew they were garbage. Why would they make garbage mortgages? Of course the banks came out on top. Bush and Obama gave them all your money and called it a bailout instead of letting them fail like they should have.
  3. Hatin' life

    Doomsday Clock

    Equal housing act. Forced banks to loan money to people that had no business doing so.
  4. Hatin' life

    Doomsday Clock

    Don't get me wrong, Bush couldn't have fucked the economy any better had he used his wrinkled Texas cock, but the housing bullshit that triggered everything was a Clinton sign off. I love that you folks think red and blue are different teams. You're happy to bend over and let whatever team you root for fuck you, but you cry in the shower with blood running out your ass when it's the other team.
  5. Hatin' life

    Doomsday Clock

    Continuing military actions isn't the same thing to you? What was the reason for continuing to burn resources and dollars?
  6. Hatin' life

    Doomsday Clock

    Like who? The Drunk, It certainly wasn't Obama, he rode the Bush train on fear mongering all the way to the stop.
  7. Hatin' life

    Doomsday Clock

    Has anyone alive in the US seen that?
  8. I don't know if it holds true for all, most, some, or hardly any of the schools, but the University of Minnesota football team actually makes money. Ticket sales, merchandising?
  9. If you say so. Get off the current team and be on your own.
  10. Ed- You're better than name calling. Breathing too much sawdust? Either you're saying my judgement is clouded because of neurologic issues tied to inhaling gluten free wood particles, and I'm stupid. Or..... I work so much I don't study the politics enough. Both could be true, but Jesus man, you don't have to remind me. But biggest? Really? That's an extreme statement. The first 10 presidents murdered their way to the Pacific. Lincoln burned half the country to the ground. Wilson dragged us in a big war. Roosevelt pushed us into another. Truman was pretty worthless, but what the fuck are you going to do after global combat games? Fuck with China in Korea I guess. Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon. All failures. Carter, everything points to him being a good human, but a shit president Reagan, overspending twat. Bush, overspending twat and felt like protecting some Saudis that were just going to fuck us in the ass later. Dry. Clinton, thanks for fucking the economy. Don't worry about the rape and sexual misconduct lying, no biggie. Bush, thanks for continuing to fuck the economy and bombing more people in an expensive no win scenario. The patriot act is a pleasure as well, thanks for that shit too. Obama, hey go ahead and just be a mirror image of George, and thanks for putting your cock in the healthcare system. Trump is a cunt, for sure. But he hasn't done much of anything one way or another. Basically a chair warmer. What he has done, has been signed off by the last three administrations and depending what side you think you're on, you condoned or supported it. In my lifetime, Carter was going to be the worst in history, mark their words. As was Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama. I'm not seeing the real difference, other than Donnie has Twitter, and it's likely one of the first trolls with real reach in the white house. Failure is failure though. I don't really care much why, just that it is. The economy is very fucking fragile right now. Interest rates would be higher if that weren't true. Most American's don't have fuck all in the bank and survive entirely off credit month to month. I didn't vote for that douche, and I certainly didn't vote for that psycho cunt he ran against. I was shocked in the morning the box said he won. Also torn. Real thankful Clinton wasn't elected, and really disappointed Trump was. But the good folks here are going to keep electing failures, keep less of what they earn, and be able to do less with what they do. So we've got that going for us. Would Clinton have done a better job? Doubt it. She would've done a better job covering her tracks for sure. Quit supporting a failed two party system. Quit tolerating complete cunts holding any elected position. Every fucking cycle, same shit over and over. There's no fixing it without hitting the reset button across the board. You will have to murder everyone in charge. All of them. Then start over from scratch. I don't think the US could stomach that, I'm not sure we'd come out ahead in the long run anyways. I will be seriously surprised if he isn't re-elected. (I'm not voting for him this time either.) The far left has shunned anyone with a decent head on their shoulders and have rolled out a bunch of dry turds with no real chance. I could be wrong on that, it's happened before.
  11. Biggest idiot? That's saying a lot. He's a fucking dope for sure, but the Cheeto hasn't done much of anything except piss off his fellow democrats.
  12. How's that different than any of the last six administrations eroding my rights?
  13. It has survived the last half dozen idiots. Should make it through a few more...
  14. Hatin' life

    CVT Transmissions

    It's 42ºF in Oslo right now. It's -6ºF in my front yard right now. And I'm thankful it's not 40º colder.
  15. Hatin' life

    CVT Transmissions

    I think some of it has to do with Li-ion batteries are shit in the cold. When I had to work outside, I'd carry spare tool batteries in my coat, if you didn't they had no life when it's bonkers fucking cold. That at people don't piss away a lot of money on cars when they are rusted hunks of shit in a few years. There's no status here having dope rims on your ride, you're just a dope for not paying the gas bill.