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  1. Hatin' life

    why are you such a failure?

    It's already built into almost every toilet, you just have to mount it backwards. Sheesh, amateur hour Yeah yeah yeah, you gotta take your pants off. Sacrifices must be made in the name of progress
  2. Hatin' life

    Dodge 1000 HP Hellephant Engine

    In a 69' Camaro it's not that fun. Modern car, modern suspension, and computer gadgetry keeping it from cartwheeling through the ditch might make it better. I've never driven anything close to that much power. 650 hp in a buddies camaro, that was a handful, and scary. I've driven a older Z06 Corvette that was I think 505hp, that thing was a cupcake. BUT, that's a far cry from 1000hp
  3. Born and raised in this frozen, dark nightmare.
  4. Hatin' life

    Is it ok to fire someone because they're whiners?

    Fucking A. I always do the shit work first, otherwise I'm just dreading it and I'll do just about anything to avoid it. Get it done, nothing to avoid.
  5. Hatin' life

    Add one word.

    American History X Rated
  6. Hatin' life

    Add one word.

    Weekend at Bernie's Utopia
  7. Hatin' life

    Add one word.

    Lubrication Gone in 60 Seconds
  8. Hatin' life

    Add one word.

    Men in Black latex II
  9. Hatin' life

    Add one word.

    Pride & Ethnic Prejudice
  10. Hatin' life

    Add one word.

    Good Will Hunting Children
  11. Hatin' life

    Add one word.

    Seven Years Raping in Tibet
  12. Hatin' life

    Add one word.

    Superbad Diarrhea
  13. Hatin' life

    Add one word.

    Dick In Tracy
  14. Hatin' life

    Add one word.

    Bail Bond 007