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  1. Hatin' life

    Rush Limbaugh DTS

    I'm just here for the hatin'
  2. Hatin' life

    Using Gorilla Glue on your Hair

    Aren't they both CA glue through? Maybe the liquid bandage stuff is a more flexible mix. I've avoided stitches a couple of times because of that stuff. It's like Flex Seal, for blood. "If I'm not leaking anymore, I must be fine....."
  3. Hatin' life

    Using Gorilla Glue on your Hair

    Poly glue sucks to get off your skin. I wear nitrile gloves in the rare instance I need to use it. Regular wood glue, comes off no problem. Gorilla glue is a pain to get off of anything that isn't waxed up.
  4. Hatin' life

    Christopher Plummer DTS

    I'd been wondering if he had gotten the family out of Austria. Good to know he made it
  5. Hatin' life

    What's in your arsenal??

    Shit. I meant to quote Jeff.
  6. Hatin' life

    What's in your arsenal??

    Why the polar? Where are you that is cold? Find an NRL match yet?
  7. Hatin' life

    Buckle up

    I get it. You don't care if you kill people. I'm okay with you killing people, but I don't think you are.
  8. Hatin' life

    Buckle up

    No, I am not certain. Yes, I did get tested. I can only go off of what what they told me.
  9. Hatin' life

    Buckle up

    Goddamnit I wish you would read and there you go with accepting failure and risk. If I give you a 10% chance of dying by whatever means, you're probably going to skip it. amiright???? I'm not fucking anything up. You are. nanananabooboo. lol I'm saying nobody should get it, and you are accepting people get it through inadequate means. Reducing the odds doesn't make them right, it means accepting failure. You walk into a store, give some one covid because of insufficient practices, doesn't that make you a lying dangerous cunt? Who was the completely forgettable douche that used to just say that on repeat? It is black and white. You either have it or not. I would accept it's Boolean. if/then/else. If you go somewhere, then catch the rona, else could've stayed home.... but you didn't go with else, you went with if then, and still got the rona. lol Would you accept these measure with something truly dangerous? Would you do it ebola, or something cooked up in a lab for warfare? Of course not. Why pretend it's adequate for this?
  10. Hatin' life

    Buckle up

    It is binary though. It either works. Or it does not. On or off. 1 or 0 There's certainly different levels of success/failure for most things in life. Mining truck stops running. You get it running, but it runs like shit. Sorta fixed. It still can't get back to work, but at least now you can limp the fucker back to the shed and at least not have to be in the mud and rain replacing an injection pump. (Might be a bad example, but you get my drift.) and how did I get it? I don't honestly know. I literally wasn't anywhere up until the day before I had symptoms, but the shop. Then I was at one jobsite the day before, where nothing was surviving in that air, since the painters were in a fog of gross. I was in/out in ten minutes, and barely in the house. I went more places looking for a rapid test than I did probably the previous month. I don't know of anyone I was in contact with that had it in even the remotely correct timeframe. I couldn't pin point it then, I can't now.
  11. Hatin' life

    Buckle up

    None of this is inaccurate to my knowledge. So why, with the strictest guidelines in the country, does California have this problem? Is it a leadership thing? Inadequate amount of hospitals per capita? You have the world's third largest economy last I checked, this shouldn't happen. Or maybe your mask isn't protecting anyone else or you. Maybe you if you're concerned, you stop going to into public.
  12. Hatin' life

    Buckle up

    Haha. It's funny. Somebody else makes a tough guy comment, (in this case misunderstood), is given an opportunity to fulfill it, and I'm the tough guy? lol. Wait, or am I the pussy? Hahahaha. You can't even keep your insults straight. DT can suck my cock. Biden too
  13. Hatin' life

    Buckle up

    Bullet proof, no. That has been proven. They go right through me apparently. Covid was nothing for me, and even less for most of the people I know who got it. Do I know everyone? Of course not. Do I care if I get it again? Nope. Would I rather never get sick again? Sure, but that's even less realistic the thinking buying a Powerball ticket is a solid investment. The only thing that works is staying away from it. Same as any other virus. Six feet isn't enough, masks aren't enough. Your only option is shutting down EVERYTHING. That will have side effects, very few of which will be positive. If you're genuinely concerned, you stay away from it. Anything else, you're lying to yourself.
  14. Hatin' life

    Buckle up

    Dang, look at you with the assumptive zingers based on mythical circumstances. Conversing with you brightens my day.
  15. Hatin' life

    Buckle up

    HAHA, you crack me up. The CDC says there's immunity after having covid19, just for a unknown amount of time. I get it, with your limited reading comprehension and retention skills, that it difficult to grasp.