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  1. Harvey Weinstein

    Oh. My. God. Women exchanging their snatch for something, I've never heard of, nor scarcely could believe such rhetoric. Where's that pink font button....
  2. OK, I'm convinced

    That's fucking funny right there.
  3. Eugenics

    Sign me up as one who would flush a defective fetus/child. I find it unfair to bring fuckupedness into the world. I blame that thinking on my parents. My mother was almost 40 when I was born. At the time, that was old to be having another child. My father once told me had anything not come back squeaky clean in the tests, my angry ass would've gotten composted. Honestly, most days I would've preferred it.
  4. Bump Stocka

    What about not needing the stock to make it bump fire? So everything that is semi automatic should be reclassified as fully automatic? Kinda seems silly. You can make anything with recoil bump fire, and do it without a stock. Pistols may require a certain willingness to shoot yourself though.
  5. Bump Stocka

    Exactly! Useless! In five minutes that should've been at least 500 dead and 4-5,000 injured. At least.
  6. Bump Stocka

    I have a couple of friends that have the bump stocks. They're entertaining for a couple of magazines. After that? **yawn** Full auto with any kind of caliber is a bitch to keep on target, it's borderline impossible with the bump stocks since you have to hold everything just right to get it to work and battle the muzzle rising. Should they be removed from the shelves? Nope. Do I understand why anyone would purchase one? Nope. The pictures I saw, he had the 100rd Surefire magazines. Has anyone ever gotten those things to feed well or consistently? They're worthless too.
  7. Heating the new workshop, options?

    You could cook a lot of meth in there!
  8. Bump Stocka

    The accuracy of a bump fire stock is horrific on the best of days. Full auto is pretty much useless for anything other than suppressive fire. If this dude was thinking straight and wanted to do damage he would've picked a better round, a better rifle, and (if the pictures are accurate), better optics. I'm pretty confident the rhythm and discipline of a bolt action rifle would've served him better if his intent was to purely kill people. The room was poorly prepped, smashing the glass out was an idiotic move for attracting attention, and not masking his location. With some thought he might not have been found for half an hour. At a 5 second cycle time, he could've put down accurate fire and been much more effective.
  9. used 4 seat convertibles under 8k?

    That's pretty good. Most broke while still there.
  10. Gun Recommendation

    Get a 1911. It's a good pistol. .45 is a good round. The downside is there's a zillion 1911's ranging from excellent in quality to horseshit. I have a match grade Springfield I'm happy with, but I wouldn't take that as a recommendation.
  11. How much extra fuel do you burn with your headlights on???

    If you do it right, all of them
  12. Turn signals; why are they installed? Nobody uses them

    Who hasn't been stuck behind a vw bus at some point? I'd have a what the fuck look on my face too.
  13. Turn signals; why are they installed? Nobody uses them

    I was trying to zipper onto the interstate in slow traffic in Birmingham Alabama. I had the pickup and three beach cats stacked up on a 20' flatbed trailer. This one fucking cunt didn't like the zipper and she floored it to close the already small gap. Too fucking bad sweetness, I'm coming in. She pulled a little too far forward and didn't leave room for the trailer. She got a trailer dragging across the corner of her explorer for her cuntiness. I pull a trailer constantly for work. The signal isn't a maybe, it's a certainty. If you punch it to cut me off, it won't work in your favor.
  14. McGregor v. Mayweather

    Without grappling, McGregor is fooked I think. Mayweather is going to watch, learn the pattern, then proceed to beat the piss outta McGregor I'd bet If it were an mma fight, Mayweather wouldn't stand a chance.
  15. Heating the new workshop, options?

    Before I got the floor poured in my shop, I had a 75k heater just like that sitting on a shelf on one end. It kept a 60x132 building with a 16' sidewall above freezing with fans running. It never shut off, but I kept the frost from really digging in. With no floor, all I had was frost blankets shored up around the bottom of the overhead doors to keep the cold out(ish). I can't remember the numbers but my walls are 2x8, and I want to say an R19 in the walls. The ceiling we blew 16" of cellulose in, and I think the required minimum is R39, 14" would've gotten us there. Insulation pays off in the long run. I wanted to spray foam the whole thing, but I didn't have the extra $40k it was going to cost to make that happen.