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  1. There's a cloverleaf I used to hit way too hard in the wrx I had. You had to be in the power because the entry was so tight, but that car pushed like a dump truck on the power, and and slid around off the power. Applying a little brake made the ass step out a freckle, and you could hammer through that corner.
  2. Braking while under power is a pretty common tactic trying to get a vehicle to rotate in a turn. Especially on awd.
  3. Hatin' life

    What's in your arsenal??

    I'm really anchored. Family, business, friends. I've almost moved a couple of times, but I don't know where I'd go that is really any better. Winter can be horrible, when you get ten hours of daylight, and it isn't gotten above zero Fahrenheit for a month, it really tests your resolve. Summers here are usually amazing. It's so green, and so alive. It can get stupid hot, but not for long and rarely above 100ºF. Shot the October NRL event today, froze my balls off. 8th place again. One of the other competitors is a vudoo, mpa, and vortex dealer. It was an expensive day.
  4. Hatin' life

    What's in your arsenal??

    Dead Air, Mask HD. The place I bought it through filed the paperwork and the prints electronically. It's almost winter here, (currently 19ºF), so if it takes 5 months, I'll be happy. If it takes a year I'll be sad. Might order up the rifle this coming week. I'm waiting for some fuckers to pay me so I can breathe again. The rifle has a 15 week lead time I think they said. I'd like to have it before March/April when my world starts thawing out again.
  5. Hatin' life

    My tomb

    Dying? Or disposing?
  6. Hatin' life

    What's in your arsenal??

    Bought a can for a rifle I don't own today. Now for the year long wait for the paperwork to work through the system.
  7. Hatin' life

    My tomb

    I want whatever costs the least. Wrap me up in a sheet, drop me in hole. Paying for anything past that is retarded. You can donate your corpse you a number of causes, that's likely cheaper than a sheet. There was a book I read maybe fifteen years ago called "Stiff" that covered all sorts of uses for a bag of human meat
  8. Hatin' life

    What's in your arsenal??

    #6 fastener
  9. That was shitty sentence structure on my part. Way more options having a van and a pickup as far as the versatility of use, versus having one midline pickup with four doors, and a bunch of useless gadgets that cost too much.
  10. I had to order my pickup. Mostly because I got a standard transmission. Hindsight, I would've done it differently. I would've gotten a strip down, vinyl floor, AM radio, crank windows pickup. Regular cab, regular box one ton. And a van. Slightly more money, way more options.
  11. Suppose they'll have a regular box option and a gooseneck?
  12. I don't know how to drive an automatic. I also don't know how to get an automatical to rev up and also the power on in third gear when my options are, wait for a tow truck, or pound on the pickup briefly to get unstuck on a jobsite. Driving an auto is also terrifying in slippery conditions. Driving an auto in traffic is miserable as well. JFC, I have to hold the brake the whole time? Modern autos go straight into freewheel as well, so there's no engine braking. Give me a standard transmission, an exhaust brake, and a diesel any day of the week. There's so many more options to manipulate the vehicle.
  13. Hatin' life

    What's in your arsenal??

    I'm seriously close to ordering a vudoo. I think if I do it piece by piece I can trick my wallet into not knowing I spent $5k on a rimfire rifle.... As a side note to that, my change bucket had $514 in it. Almost enough to pay for the can. Yeah, I got bored that other day.