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    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Surely the other Challs will want a round - at least BAR will want one in the Solent and NYYC one in Newport. This IS the America's Cup!
  2. mariantic

    When does pass to TNZ

    And there it all is - the boat, the protocol, here we go 28 September 2014?? Mariantic
  3. mariantic

    When does pass to TNZ

    Signs of life at last
  4. mariantic

    When does pass to TNZ Take a look today - just the closing down sale!
  5. Pretty sure I remember the domain passed to ORACLE (or ACEA) from SNG after the 33rd Cup Am I correct in this and how long after the event did it happen? If so I guess it will be passing over to TNZ? mariantic
  6. mariantic

    Team UK

    Thanks, where did this come from? I have looked for a source but am yet to find it. Seems to be a private Instagram account related to STJ Mariantic