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  1. Clipper

    Team NZ

    And I also cant post photos from iphone
  2. Clipper

    Team NZ

    Just jumped on boat and headed out. Sails down, off the container wharf down mechanics bay way
  3. Clipper

    Team NYYC

    ETNZ has a main up
  4. Clipper

    Team NZ

    yes, shall i take the boat out and see if they go for a spin?
  5. Clipper

    convert ocean racer to shorthanded

    Most of us in nz just go sailing with 2 people and deal with it. some of the more serious do a few mods, but aside from APs, not many significant changes made. Might be different in 40’+ boats.
  6. Clipper

    175 two handed boats in Auckland

    4 topics down.... Ans there is 178 boats. Just amazing Entrants here:
  7. Clipper

    NZ Shorthanded Series

    17 Pied Pipers is an amazing achievement.
  8. Clipper

    NZ Shorthanded Series

    Record entries for a SSANZ race - 175!
  9. Clipper

    Team NYYC

  10. Clipper

    Trimaran "wings"

    That is a hell of a story!
  11. Clipper

    Team NYYC

    This may sound stupid, but are we looking at the bow or stern.....?
  12. Clipper

    Tornado in Westhaven Marina (NZ)

    Its been on front page for a few days. Obviously no one looks there!
  13. Clipper

    NZ Shorthanded Series

    Yesterdays race had over 40knots at times. Did my first Chinese.... Race video from Live Sail Die
  14. Clipper

    NZ Shorthanded Series

    151 Entries!