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  1. Clipper

    Youth America's Cup

    The keel?
  2. Clipper

    Emirates Team New Zealand.
  3. Clipper

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Start of White Island Race last year (3 weeks before it blew up). Live Sail Die photo (I have purchased also)
  4. I agree. The vest is extremely visible when bright side out. Has got me a few comments. But yeah the black jackets seem the wrong colour. Goes for a lot of wet weather gear too, why is hard to find dayglo orange jackets? That would be my choice, I have black and gray. Who thinks that is a good idea...?
  5. I have one of these: and for warmer days, one of these: love them both, the big issue is that the jacket is too warm when you get a bit active, but for long legs on cold days, amazing.
  6. Clipper

    Most egregious cheats?

  7. Clipper

    EPIC: Full Plane Bitches

    Not sure if the linking will work. Early in the month during the 2 handed RNI (Round North Island) race we did on the family cruiser. And heading north to North Cape
  8. Clipper

    Round the North Island 2020 . NZ.

    Pretty good wrap video/doco put together by Live Sail Die
  9. Clipper


    I was having a few rums on the motorboat on sunday after RNI and there were a lot of positive words about alcatraz floating around.
  10. Clipper

    Round the North Island 2020 . NZ.

    I didnt see many mods for sh racing, looked like the foil was still on, not even hanks!
  11. Clipper

    Round the North Island 2020 . NZ.

    1 week tomorrow we are off! Been cooking up some curry and a chilli to keep us going if the wind is light.
  12. Clipper


    Eric have too many nice beers...?
  13. Clipper

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Someone should start a thread to copy all of spasticdaddys dumb predictions to, so he looks a right fool when he is proven wrong in about 14 months. ETNZ needs to learn to foil mist be one of the most special comments from this dropkick
  14. Clipper


    Hope it wasnt your dock fender i saw owha molesting yesterday. It was right in front of your boat.
  15. My guess is ETNZ NYYC INEOS LR