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  1. argus tuft

    Half a mast

    I'm good mate, still stooging around the bay. I see you from time to time when I'm getting a retiree latte at la mer.
  2. argus tuft

    Half a mast

    While visiting at Bondi today about midday I saw what looked like a 40-45 foot yacht making its way north towards Sydney Harbour a mile or more offshore. It was carrying a jury-rigged orange storm jib and from that distance it looked like it had lost its mast above the hounds. Any thoughts from here about who or what it might be and how it ended up in that condition?
  3. argus tuft

    ID this fastener

    Running dead square under spinnaker in about 15kts apparent, line abreast with two other yachts with us in the middle, about a boat length between each of us. Suddenly there's the sound of a small metal item hitting the foredeck. Crew runs forward and eventually finds a shackle pin. Much urgent discussion as to where it could have come from. Then skipper of the boat on our starboard side yells "SHIT! get that kite down. You're going to lose it". The first reaction was to do just that, but reality sunk in and with it the knowledge that we don't use shackles with pins on any of the spinnaker set up or on the mast/stays. The crew in the other boat p*ssed themselves laughing, as did my crew. Justice prevailed as it cost us no time and we finished ahead of the other guy. Made a good yarn for back at the club.
  4. argus tuft

    "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    HCW - just watched the video. Loved the song. Hoping the event keeps on keeping on. Argus
  5. argus tuft

    "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    HCW - congratulations on your event and on the fund raising. From someone who is involved in regatta organisation - top effort. You didn't have to have there to see how well it went - the comments here are sufficient. Someone said to me the other day that they thought there was nothing too challenging about a 24 hour race, especially compared to longer offshore races. I disagreed wholeheartedly with him and harked back about 15 years ago when we used to have the Moreton Bay 100, treated by some as a dry run for the Brisbane to Gladstone. Sailed within Moreton Bay and over a set distance of 100nm this event took some yachts best part of 24 hours when it was a light year. I've done 10 or more Gladstones in a range of conditions and in none of them was I as buggered at the finish as I was at the end of the Moreton Bay 100. The reason is probably pretty obvious - in a 100nm race no-one was off-watch and everyone worked for the full race - no sleeps for anyone. I would say that's the case in the HCW 24-hour as well. Well done and good luck for next year. Argus
  6. argus tuft

    "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Sounds like a good weekend. It would have to be something else again to out do Marley Point (as it was a few years ago) but by the sound of the numbers behind organising HCW anything can happen. How many entries this year? Well done. Argus
  7. argus tuft

    "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    St Helena Cup handicaps are put on the wall on Friday night so when skippers come in for sign on for the regatta they will see the list. To the HCW organisers - good luck & have a great weekend. As an old marley point veteran it gives me a buzz following this forum. Cheers Argus