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  1. Schoonerman

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check I spend $52,000 year to insure my company for liability. It's my second biggest expense after payroll. Liability insurance in the marine markets is horribly expensive...thanks to lawyers....such is life. YRA tried to host some sporties on a regular basis...not enough participation. I'd love a solid sporty class but it's not going to happen with the diminishing numbers of sailors every year. It's pretty well known in SF that waivers mean very little. Lawyers use them for toilet paper...sadly. Yes, everyone requires them but lawyers laugh them off. Yes, sailing is WAY safer than driving :-D
  2. Schoonerman

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    While I hate that logical and very safe boats aren't allowed to race PHRF in NorCal, I sorta see what you're saying Curious. Having just fought a HUGE battle finding decent liability insurance which allows me to keep my sailing business in SF it is painfully clear that lawyers are driving the bus. The 400lb Rabbit Wule is odd because it doesn't address the fart in the room...righting moment. Wabbits have trapezoidal keels with a LOT of their weight up high. I think PHRF committees are shying away from the righting moment issue as there's obviously other considerations that come into play as well. The ultimate downside is PHRF races are shrinking...hell truth be told sailing is on 2 decade long decline. In places like NorCal, there's just not much cruising ground but it's a racing mecca. It would be wonderful to be more inclusive on that front...somehow.
  3. VARAN....the J/70 fleet still has legs and will have a 2nd wave of new teams on them in the coming years. The used boat market is pretty robust (as is happens when a metric shitload of new boats get sold) and you can find well sorted boats for around $40K (not gonna find a gp program boat there though). Lot's of people are in the second wave (used boat) market. It's a fun boat with a LOT of great sailors campaigning them. It's well built (sailed loads of them in nuking breeze without failure), lots of used sails in GREAT shape out there and a solid stream of sailors who know the boat very well! You know the pitfalls with an open class so grab one and go sail the shit out of it!
  4. Schoonerman

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    You are more than welcome to attend a PHRF rating committee meeting and state your case. It's been done a dozen times over the past 5 years by me and a bunch of other sporty sailors. It definitely can NOT hurt. Call Laura at the YRA office and she can walk you through the process. Good luck! BTW....let's meet for a beer at Pedro Point Brewery. I live in Pacifica!
  5. Schoonerman

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    Hmmm....I sail a LOT on the Bay and surrounding areas including Santa Cruz (200 +/- days year). Oh yeah...surfed a lot, back in the day. The football knees don't enjoy that as much as they used to. Surf LOTS of boats on the ocean though :-) True, I don't sail much out of HMB. Live in Pacifica and drive by there all the time though! Let's meet at HMB Brewing for a beer sometime. It'd be great to meet you. Honestly I've kept my eye out for your boat. I know you've been around but have never seen you out. Really wanted to line up with you on the start line. You sail Santa Cruz regattas? I sail mostly 70's and bigger boats these days as I gotta make a living but we're reviving the Viper for the upcoming Worlds in Long Beach :-D I've done quite a few RYC regattas. They are great about being more inclusive. Very cool. FYI...M20's get a cert. They just have to add lead to the engine box. Sorry, I was unaware the VX One was an ISAF boat, which they have to be to host a 'worlds' Goofy rule though. Hope you get a chance to sail it. Are there any VX One OD races scheduled for the West Coast this year? Hope so. It's great to see new classes get started and thrive. I wish ALL classes well in the West. Sad truth is the only 'thriving' classes are for boats that are 20+ yo designs. Sail safe and have some fun.
  6. Schoonerman

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    Inperpetuity... The only Portsmouth races in the Bay are dinghy events. NorCal YRA tried it but it was a dismal failure as the few boats that can't get certificates never showed up in enough numbers to support a PMS class. RYC hosts a couple a year but as I said, dingy events. IMHO you'll tire of not being able to sail some of the YRA races, beer cans, etc. There's zero Portsmouth in HMB. The NorCal PHRF committee is hell-bent on the f'n Rabbit Wule so it's doubtful that VX/Viper/K6's will ever be allowed certs in NorCal. I spent 4 years trying to persuade them otherwise and won a brief reprieve in the form of a grandfathering on the Viper as its' design predated the Rabbit Wule. They removed all grandfathering a couple years ago...sadly. As long as you're happy blasting around the harbor and bay 'joysailing' then you're good to go with a VX/Viper/K6. You're preaching to the choir. I absolutely LOVED my K6 on the Bay for the above mentioned reasons. The whole reason I started selling J/70's and now RS21's is that it allows folks to sail more modern boats in some fun ass YRA races and local cans with LOTS of other boats, albeit handicapped. Bang for the Buck? Buy a Moore 24 or Express 27 for ODCA small boat racing on the Bay. Huge fleets and awesome boats, especially in big air. I agree, they are old designs with sum kites but they VERY fun classes and 25% the cost of a new VX that you'll barely be able to race here. Don't bother with M20's as that class is pretty dead here. Hell the local J/70 class is pretty DOA too.
  7. Schoonerman

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    Disclosure: I've got no bone in this other than I own a Viper and will do the Worlds. I was the previous Viper rep west of the Mississippi. I rep the J/70 (all J/boats) in NorCal and my company is now repping the RS21. I hate to say it but think the VX will go the way of the K6. A couple of hot local markets but destined to not be the victor. I loved my K6 but NorCal PHRF hated it (and all other sporties with less than 400 lbs of keel :-( The VX shares some of the kool stuff from the K6. S/T jib, easy two up sailing, light, well made, fun and fast. Problem on both boats is you really need either two LARGE sailors to go uphill or most just sail 3 up. Kind of the same issue with the singlehanded sporties. They have to wick down the sail area to go uphill without being hercules and that leaves the stick too short for downhill dominance. I preferred the K6 for the Bay as the boat handles big air very's not dependent on form stability (50% ballast ratio), has a rig adjuster that you can use on the fly, is super robust and the controls were laid out so you REALLY could singlehand the boat (or more importantly sail with someone who's never sailed before). Bottom line is the market has voted with it's checkbook. The winner? Yup, J/70. No real surprise here. The boat had a shitload of dealers who bought a few then had to sell them...AKA, Must Market. The family did a great job gaining rapid momentum and this translated to sales. The sailmakers jumped in..large regattas happened seemingly overnight. Still the best bang/speed for the buck? Melges 24 IMHO. The VX vs Viper? It's the same old story. The VX is more evolved than the Viper, given it's a much newer design by the same guy. I'm with you, the VX is very cool with many nice features but the numbers rule with the Viper. Rondar keeps cranking out boats and now that some of the weirdnesses of the Viper (weird ass rudder rake, stupid keelbox system) are completely updated, the Viper will rock on for many years to come. Look a the f'n Cal 20's in SoCal. SO many WaterRat rudders that are worth more than the boat! I'd still rather be sailing with 10 boats on the line than 5. That's why the J/70 momentum swung so on the line! The Viper is the new Gulf Yachting Assn OD boat. This was after a long selection process. I think it added up to the Viper was a bit more forgiving, was basically the same price and has a robust used boat market. Not sure how many boats Ovington is cranking out...I here not many. No idea on Mackay's numbers. Both are GREAT builders, as is Rondar! If you're looking for ODCA racing, Viper will rule SoCal for many years to come. It's as fun to sail as any boat out there, fast, MUCH cheaper to get into via used boats, well supported and, oh yeah, there's a worlds coming :-)
  8. Schoonerman

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    RS 21 Demo Day _ Join Us! Spinnaker Sailing - Pier 40, South Beach Harbor, San Francisco Saturday January 5, 2019 - 10am- 4 pm (please RSVP 415-543-7333) Come try the new RS21. Truly a revolutionary boat that's perfect for family sailing, local PHRF Bay Racing NorCal Rating Cert is 114 :-) and even traveling to some great sailing locations like Lake Huntington and Long Beach Race Week. Here's what the Sailing Press is saying about this great little boat! "New Kid on the Block" - Sailing One Design "New Boat, The RS 21" - Sailing World "New RS21 to help bring popularity back to keelboat racing" - Y&Y "Premiere Sailing League USA Chooses RS21" - Great Lakes Scuttlebutt "RS Sailing tick the box with RS21" - Sailweb.UK "European Yacht of the Year nomination for the RS21" - Marine Industry News
  9. Schoonerman

    It Doesn't Matter

    Great testament to the M24! An enduring design
  10. Schoonerman

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Solid breeze with various storm fronts. The Holiday dashed our efforts to get out in some decent wind but we'll make this happen soon.
  11. Schoonerman

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    It's here. First impressions. G and I looked it over. Fit and finish is quite good...very J/70-esq in that department. Nothing cludgy from first glance. Keel crane is Alloy versus some other boats which give you steel. Lots of thought put into this boat indeed. LOVE the Beer Locker next to the stick! We're going to rig it up and hopefully sail it in some breeze over the next week. More to follow.
  12. Schoonerman

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    I agree...from the pic the kite sheet looks a bit goofy...will sail and report back.
  13. Schoonerman

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Storm going in Weds....might try to get her out in the breeze...working on GoPro availability now :-)
  14. Schoonerman

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    UPDATE: RS21 should be landing at our shop (Spinnaker Sailing - SF) on Monday. We'll likely be sailing her on T-Giving Weekend. If you want to check her out, call us at 415-543-7333 for email
  15. Schoonerman

    Boat search..

    The US West is a big place. Specifically where are you sailing? In the $18K price point: Long Beach = Viper (worlds in 2019) SF Bay = Melges 24 (fast) Moore 24 or Express 27 (both have awesome classes and each are very well built/designed boats) San Diego = I don't know (probably M24)