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  1. Reaching out to the Brethren to see if anyone knows of a SC27 mast that might be bought. Ballinger has a 6 month lead time these days :-(
  2. This one has a custom kelp cutter that my client does not want to fuss with. Agree 100%...Blur videos are AWESOME!
  3. Yup....we're in search for yet ANOTHER used J/111 for a buyer in SF Bay. If anyone's thinking about selling, I've got a guy VERY interested. Ping me a message please.
  4. Third J/88 arriving in Chicago this week, with a fourth on order. And there's at least one somewhere north of Chicago (maybe Milwaukee?). Three in SF Bay now with more coming.
  5. AGREED!
  6. Well, truth is we beat two J120's last friday night at the beercans. Both 120''s went the wrong way on a Bay tour course. The Elan 40 is sort of a gift rating at 69 (as everyone gives them shit about it...the owner is a great guy who happens to sail the boat quite well). Having said that, the 88 won't sail to a 69 on the Bay with average sailors aboard. I'm thinking 75 is doable. Have to get the owner to make the arguments and stick with it.
  7. NorCal PHRF's argument was "The J88 HAS to be faster then the J105 (78) so we rated it accordingly" Ok, if it's faster give it a 75.....69 is damn hard to sail to without some loooooong downwind planing legs to offset the uphill battle. The boat owner will make the argument. Still building results data. Dr. Laura had a VERY high talent level on her boat..probably not representative of the boats 'normal' sailing capabilities.
  8. Sailed a beercan Friday night against a well sailed Elan 40 that rates the same 69 as the J88 does locally. That is one hard boat to beat in non-planing conditions, especially with the 12 foot spot. Convincing the owner to go do the argument at the local PHRF rating meeting. He should get some relief...thought not sure. This is the same PHRF committee that has the Wabbit Wule banning any boat from PHRF NorCal racing that doesn't have a minimum of 400 lbs of lead. We shall see.
  9. We have a new J88 available for Demo at the shop in Alameda, should anyone want a test sail. Feel free to call me 415-867-8056
  10. +1 Your vids rock!
  11. The UK article is pretty nice. I wonder just how close the Selden spars are to the Halls. It'll be interesting when the J70 worlds come to the USA and see the Seldens in comparison with the Southerns. It's just a matter of time and production until the J88 gains world status. OK... I have to know...is the Volvo saildrive well received over in the the EU? Hate them hear because Volvo charges WAY too much for parts in the USA. Yanmars are dominating over here.
  12. I admit LH...she's crazy as a jackass in heat...just saying, she does keep the talent pool employed.
  13. Crazy 88 (Dr. Laura) did well in the Tower Race, too well I guess, PHRF SO CAL gave her a 6 sec rating hit. Dr.L has some talent on the boat. She's not a bad stick and surrounds herself with outstanding sailors.
  14. Only one way to find out....come to RBBS in Sept. We're at 10 J111's so far. Breeze On! Great graphics on the newest J111 in the Bay...#103 "Bad Dog"
  15. There are finish results of 23 races for the j/88: so far I haven't seen anything to justify a 69 rating in any condition: Sail Newport 2013 Sail for Hope Regatta: 1 race, 4th place behind a Quest 30. 2013 Garmin-Hamble Winter Series: 8 races, beaten by a J/105 three times. J-Fest Southwest Regatta 2013: 6 races, marginally faster than a J/92 (except for one race it was marginally slower) 2014 Key West Race Week: 8 races, was out sailed by an Olson 30 in six of those races I've heard all the excuses: boat is new, sail ripped, went the wrong way, bad wind shift, etc: same excuses that all of their competition had. Correct me if I'm wrong, but all the boats were crewed with notable sailors, crews that have sailed with each other before. I'd like to hear the Nor Cal PHRF Committee's justification for the 69 rating, let me guess: we've been doing this for years, we know what we are doing, we have yacht designers we consult with, they know what they are talking about, we'll let them sail with the 69 rating for a while, ... if it's wrong we can always correct it, no big deal JBoats has a fabulous marketing department. The PHRF committees only hear terms like: speedster, composites, fast, performance, planing, optimized. Then they overlook the more mundane phrases: seats with backrests, smallest jboat on the market with an inboard engine, comfortable to overnight in, another classic J-boat. Essentially the Nor Cal PHRF committee bought the marketing hook, line and sinker. Apparently their yacht design consultants are better than Rod Johnstone, Designer. ( see J-Sailing PHRF Performance Sailing Analysis ) BSP...that was frickin hillarious. Wonder if waving dead chickens or Ouija boards are also part of the calculation. I spoke to one notable member of the PHRF committee who commented "we're doing you guys a favor, if the 88 rates slower than the 105 you won't sell any boats ;-)" How does THAT work? Maybe they were looking at this pic? In any case, we've just wrapped up the Strictly Sail Boatshow over the past weekend. Had TREMENDOUS reception for the 88. We're clamoring for boats now HUGE interest. We're delivering a new boat to an owner next week...another sold one coming in May...first available boat we have is August. After this weekend I now have no doubt that the 88 will become a great OD class on the Bay. It checks too so many boxes on sailors wishlist. Best news was that we'll get access to one for Demos starting May 15 :-) We'll be roadshowing it at several beer cans throughout the season.